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Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/11/03

By Beth 
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While Lucy relaxes in the tub, Ian says that he's leery of making the same mistake he made the last time he thought he knew all the answers. He almost hurt her. Lucy reminds him that he didn't. She asks whether he thinks Rafe's theory about the spring could be right. Ian doesn't know. All he knows is that they need a miracle. He's convinced that despite their efforts, Kevin and everyone else will eventually find out that he's a vampire. Lucy doesn't want him to worry about that now. She just wants them both to forget all their problems. She thinks the answer will come to him if he'll just forget about it for a little bit. With that in mind, she invites him to join her in the tub, and he accepts. After making love, Lucy tells him to lie back, close his eyes, and feel the warm water. She wants him to listen to the music and feel the water. He'll be a whole new person. Ian suddenly realizes that she may have the answer. He thinks that if he listens to Caleb's music while sitting in the healing pool, he will be healed.

As the band rehearses, Joshua criticizes Ricky's drumming, but Ricky goes on to demonstrate that he knows what he's doing. Joshua tells him to sing the lead since Caleb isn't there, adding that Ricky sings it better anyway. "Is that so?" Caleb asks, just arriving. Joshua tries to make up for his faux pas, but Caleb agrees that Ricky does sing it better than he does. He informs the band that they won't be working on any of the old stuff. He hands out some new music, passing over Joshua. Ricky sees Casey peek inside the door and goes to her. Caleb informs Joshua that there will be many more changes, including the name of the band. From now on, they will be known as The Experience, Featuring Caleb Morley. It's time to take back his name and let the whole world know who he really is.

Jack groans with a hangover, then decides that it won't hurt to have another drink. He's startled by Livvie's voice. Livvie taunts him for giving up and letting Caleb win again. Jack throws his bottle at her, and it passes right through her. Now he knows that she's just part of his hangover. Livvie asks what happened to him. He used to be her hero--the man she could count on when she had lost her way. Jack calls that a "sucker's game." He asks whether she ever really cared about him. Livvie admits that she did love him, but she changed, and there was nothing he could have done to stop it. Jack tells her to go down memory lane without him. He opens the front door to leave, but she's there now, asking about Tess and making fun of his latest failed attempt at "happily ever after." She thinks Jack is dying to know why neither she nor Tess wanted to settle for his simple little life. She believes he wants to know what Caleb has that he doesn't. She says that he will never have peace until he knows why he's never enough for the women he loves. Livvie laughs as Jack runs from the house.

Ricky is thrilled to see Casey. He thought she was gone for good! He kisses her, but she insists that they can't do that. She's not back for a vacation; she's on assignment. Ricky tells her she can't work all the time. The only thing that matters is that she's back. Casey tells him that there are rules, and they're the reason she vanished before. She can't save him if he keeps doing this. Realizing she just blew it, she tries to backtrack, but now Ricky knows that she's there to protect him. He can't believe it! He has a guardian angel, and she happens to be the woman he loves! Casey explains that the band isn't some ordinary goth rock band. They're all vampires. Ricky informs her that he knows. He's known for a long time, and he doesn't care.

As Caleb puts some finishing touches on the new song, he's approached by Joshua. Caleb assumes that he hates the idea of changing the name of the band. Joshua admits to being curious about it. The Stephen Clay Experience is a recognizable entity throughout the world. A name change won't be good for business. "Hmm. We're changing it anyway," Caleb informs him. He's tired of hiding behind someone else's name. He's proud of who he is, and he wants the world to know who he really is. As far as the vampire rumors are concerned, they can just float around. They're good for business. Joshua asks whether this newfound confidence was inspired by Caleb's newest "lady love," and Caleb informs him that it's none of his business. Joshua's business is to manage the band, look after Caleb's interests, and keep an eye on Elizabeth. He surprises Joshua by asking how long he's been sleeping with Elizabeth. Joshua says that it's a good way to keep an eye on her. Caleb warns him to make sure she doesn't get hurt. He wouldn't want her to be mistreated. As for the changes, this is his life, no matter how much Joshua would like to live it, and they are his decisions to make. "So if I want to change my name, I'll do it. If I don't want to hide in the shadows anymore, your job is to say, 'Don't do it.' Do we understand each other?" Joshua pretends to accept this. He walks away just as Jack comes to the studio. "Hey, Jack. I've missed you," Caleb greets him.

Casey can't believe her ears. Ricky tells her that he's in this for the music. A chance like this has always been his dream. Before, he was nothing, but now he has a platinum record. Maybe the band is using him, but he's using them as well. Casey reminds him that he could lose his life, pointing out that Reese would have turned him if she hadn't stopped it. Ricky realizes she was responsible for the twister that went through the studio. Casey admits that she did it, and warns that this isn't a game. Ricky insists that he knows what he's doing. The band is a means to an end. He's looking to make something bigger and better out of this. Casey informs him that he's on the road to nowhere, and he can count her out. She doesn't want to see him destroy himself. She starts walking away, and he stops her. Ricky asks her to let him finish. It used to be just about the music. It was the only dream he had left, and he didn't want to lose it after already losing her. Now she's back, and having her around makes all the difference in the world. If he agrees to play it safe, it will mean that she'll have to leave. As long as he keeps walking into trouble, she'll have his back. Casey realizes that he's right. Ricky says that this is the only way he gets to have all of his dream. He kisses her. He tells her that he's going to walk back in there, but it would be nice to know that she has his back. "I always got your back, rock star," she promises. As Ricky holds her, she looks up toward Ed.

Caleb asks Jack whether he's looking for trouble. Jack says it's none of his business, but Caleb thinks otherwise. It's his property, so it's his business. Jack tells him to get out of the way. Noticing the alcohol on Jack's breath, Caleb tells him to take it somewhere else. Caz comes in and hands his boss a note. Caleb reads it and smiles. He tells Jack to stay as long as he likes, because he's feeling generous. He leaves. Jack informs Reese that there are no more complications. She likes the sound of that. They leave together.

Lucy and Ian try to return to the healing pool, but the entrance is gone.

Caleb goes home and is greeted by Tess, who has prepared a romantic evening for him.

Jack can't wait. He wants Reese to bite him right now. She puts her mouth on his neck.


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