PC Update Monday 3/10/03

Port Charles Update Monday 3/10/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Thinking she can surprise Caleb with her news, Elizabeth lets herself into his loft, but she's the one who gets a surprise when she sees her husband in bed with Tess. She's not happy about it, but it wasn't exactly unexpected--until she hears him say his lover's name. Elizabeth had assumed that he was with Livvie. The fact that he's actually with Tess really upsets Elizabeth, who quietly turns and leaves.

Caleb and Tess are very happy about what just happened. Tess is especially pleased that he turned away from the dark side tonight. She made love to a man, not a vampire.

Ian hears someone coming, and when Rafe pokes his head through the opening, he and Kevin help the slayer through the hole. They also help Alison, who's right behind him. Cutting off Alison's explanation for how they found the place, Rafe says simply that they followed the map. He wants to know why Kevin is there, and Kevin replies that he drew the map. Despite Rafe's assertions to the contrary, Kevin maintains that this does concern him. Alison asks where all the screams are coming from, but they stop as soon as she finishes the question. Lucy asks Ian how he's doing. He doesn't know what he feels, but he's convinced that there are some answers in this place. The screaming resumes. "Shhh." Rafe tries to stop the screaming, and it works. He says that there's a lot of pain here. Ian clarifies that there's pain and healing. That's what the screams are about. Kevin thinks they sounded like a catfight. When Lucy calls him "Doc," he tells her to watch those terms of endearment, and he and Ian get into it again. Kevin still wants to know what's going on, but no one's telling him anything. Lucy says that they don't trust him. Kevin accepts that, but he points out that they'll have to tell him anyway. Rafe still wants to know why he's there. Kevin reminds him that Caleb destroyed his daughter. He wants to get him as much as the others do, and he wants to know the truth. Ian says they'll tell him what he needs to know, when he needs to know it. Kevin hopes they realize what they're doing by shutting him out. He saw something in those notes that the rest of them didn't see. He obviously has his own connection to this place. Like it or not, they're valuable to each other. They reluctantly agree, thinking they don't really have much of a choice. When Alison asks about the origin of the freaky noises, Lucy tells the legend of the healing pool. Ian thinks the screams are coming from the ghosts of the wounded.

Elizabeth returns to her room, ranting about Caleb's latest escapades and how she deluded herself into believing she could win him back with her news. As she complains bitterly, she takes off her blouse. Too late, she sees Joshua looking at her with disappointment. He informs her that she's been a very naughty little girl. They had an agreement! She was supposed to spy on Alison and Rafe and then report back to him with what she'd learned. Apparently, she did snoop, but she was ready to deliver the information to the wrong vampire. Joshua regrets that she had to see Caleb with Tess, but he told her so. Elizabeth informs him that she's finished with Caleb. She won't shed one tear for him. "I'm going to help you nail the carcass of that bloodsucking bat to the wall, partner," she vows. Joshua grins.

Since the water is supposed to heal people, Alison wants to touch it. Rafe stops her, and she doesn't understand why he's reacting this way. Rafe points out that they don't really know what's in the water. It's just a legend. He's ready to leave the cavern, but Ian and Kevin refuse to leave without getting any answers. Rafe reminds them that they can always come back, because the spring has been around for centuries. Deciding to let Kevin in on a little inside information, he announces that they followed Elizabeth to this place, after which she went straight to Caleb. She apparently hasn't told him yet, because if she had, he would be there now. However, Rafe doesn't trust her to keep her mouth shut, and they shouldn't be there when Caleb arrives. Lucy doesn't see the harm in taking a little sample of the water back to the lab, as long as they don't touch it. Alison gives Ian a bottle, which he empties and then dips into the spring. Kevin goes back out through the opening, and Lucy warns Alison that he can never know about Ian's situation. She thinks that she's probably feeling the same thing that Rafe is feeling, but she can't quite put her finger on it. However, she knows that they'll be back.

Caleb and Tess are cuddled up on the couch. Until now, it had been a very long time since Caleb had thought of himself as a normal man. It's not a bad thing, just different--and surprising, because he didn't expect to ever feel this way again. Tess wants him to always feel this way. Caleb says that with her, anything seems possible, and she tells him that it is. He knows that now. He starts to take a sip of the special water, but she stops him. They share another sweet kiss. Back in bed, Caleb tells Tess that he wants her. "I want all of you," he says softly. His fangs out, he prepares to bite her neck, but the feeling subsides. He kisses her lips.

Elizabeth explains that while Alison and Rafe don't exactly trust her, she did manipulate them into letting her in on one of their little secrets. At Rafe's request, she listened to the first five notes of "Naked Eyes." Joshua doesn't see the significance, but Elizabeth explains that Rafe wanted to know how it would sound to a vampire. When the notes were played over and over, they conjured up a picture of an icy paradise with a hot spring. It was breathtaking. Elizabeth felt drawn to it, as if she were supposed to go to it. She believes that if they can find it, they'll have something up on Caleb. Joshua thinks that Rafe already knew about this but wanted her to confirm it. He asks whether she's up to more spying on her daughter. Elizabeth is willing, since it will lead to pain and suffering for Caleb. Joshua laughs, amused by how enthusiastic she is to work for him. It wasn't long ago that she thought of him as the hired help. Elizabeth admits that she now realizes that they might need each other. Joshua is pleased to hear that she finally understands this. They're going to bring Caleb to his knees, and love won't have anything to do with it. They kiss with the passion of vampires.

As Caleb lies holding Tess, he wakes up with a jolt. He quietly gets out of bed.

At Ian's loft, Kevin comments on the research setup and insinuates that they stole the equipment from the hospital. Lucy insists that they're borrowing it. Kevin is curious about the blue bottle, and Rafe explains what it contains. "What will they think of next?" Kevin wonders. Ian thinks he's found something. He explains that he took the spring water and mixed it with the formula that Chris came up with during his experiment. The result is what's in the blue bottles. Rafe thinks about this. The legend says that the water is used to heal, almost making people feel reborn. He speculates on what would happen if the special ingredient were left out. What if the spring water could completely cure a vampire?

Caleb kneels next to the healing pool and gazes into it.


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