PC Update Friday 3/7/03


Port Charles Update Friday 3/7/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Elizabeth tries to get Rafe and Alison to admit that they're onto something having to do with Caleb. She knows that Rafe won't rest until he gets him. Alison insists she doesn't know what this is about. She sticks to the story that they're on their way to meet Ian and Lucy for dinner and a movie. Elizabeth doesn't believe her. She begs them to let her work with them to get Caleb. Alison wants to know what makes her think they're doing anything to bring Caleb down. Elizabeth says to call it a mother's instinct. When Rafe points out that she hasn't exactly shown a lot of willpower when it comes to Caleb, Elizabeth insists that doesn't have that kind of power over her anymore. Alison doesn't believe that her mother's sire no longer controls her. Rafe gets an idea and takes Alison aside to talk. He says to trust him, but she's clearly skeptical. Rafe explains that he's going to ask her mother to listen to the five notes and see whether the music does anything to her. He wants to know whether all vampires react the same way or whether Ian's reaction was a fluke. He won't tell her everything. He's only going to give her enough information to keep her from being suspicious.

While Alison and Rafe talk, Elizabeth thinks about her meetings with Joshua to plot against Caleb. She's soon rejoined by the others, and Rafe makes his request. He explains that he's been listening to the music a lot and has always had a very hostile reaction to it. Alison, on the other hand, has a very good feeling when she hears it. Rafe wants to see how it affects vampires. Elizabeth consents and puts on the headphones. After listening for a bit, she removes the headphones and claims not to have seen or felt anything, but it's obvious that she's lying. She makes up a story about forgotten dinner plans with an old friend and says she really has to run. Alison points out that she doesn't have any old friends, but Elizabeth rushes out. Alison and Rafe both know that she saw something when she listened to the music. They don't know whether it was the same vision that Ian had, but the only way to find out is to follow her. They're pretty sure they know who her "old friend" is.

Ian confirms Lucy's fear that Caleb just locked them inside. As always, he and Kevin are antagonistic, and when he tells Kevin to get a life, Kevin reminds him that he used to have a life until Ian decided to take yet another wife away from him. Kevin realizes that Lucy is getting claustrophobic, and she blames him for making it worse. When he demands an explanation of what this place is and what they're supposed to be looking for, Ian and Lucy exchange a conspiratorial look. As they crawl through the cave, Kevin points out that they still haven't answered his questions. He saw the map that his drawing helped them figure out, and it's obvious that they were looking for something. Ian says that they're not a team and never will be. Kevin informs him that he simply wants to get Caleb, just as they do. Panicking, Lucy tells them to stop. She can't breathe. There's no air! Kevin tells her to whistle, and she does. It helps because it gets her mind off her fear. Ian and Lucy both thank Kevin for his help. Kevin suggests that they keep looking, and Lucy suddenly points out a light. They all start crawling toward it.

Pleased with herself, Elizabeth is determined to find "him" and tell him what she knows. Alison and Rafe peek out from around the corner. Alison is disappointed. For some reason, a little piece of her heart always hangs onto the hope that her mother will change. Rafe points out that Caleb is her master, and as long as he's alive, Elizabeth will serve him. Alison knows that, but there's something else. Her mother still loves Caleb.

Caleb gets his bed ready for Tess, who is wearing one of his shirts. After thanking him for everything, she gets in bed. Caleb tells her to make this her home. He doesn't want her to worry about anything. He just wants her to feel safe and secure. He kisses her forehead before settling in on the couch. While Tess awake in bed, Caleb has a nightmare about the night he became a vampire. He wakes up with a jolt and sees Tess looking at him with concern. She was worried because he seemed to be having a bad dream. She says that sometimes it helps to talk about them. Caleb admits that he was dreaming about the night he was turned. He went for many years without thinking about it, but since meeting her, it's been haunting him. Tess says that it's touching him. When he understand, she tells him that he wants to be the man he used to be before becoming a vampire. As for Tess, she wants to be loved by that man, but not in the way he loved Livvie, or the way he has loved since being turned. She wants to be loved by the man who turned his back on evil all those years ago--the man who left his home and his family in search of a better life. "I want the best part of you to make love to the best part of me," she says softly. She now believes that he was brought back to love her and that it was destiny. Caleb admits that he wants to be the man he once was and love her as only he could. Tess tells him that he can be that man right now. He made her for this moment. She can feel it in her heart. They kiss tenderly, and Caleb carries her back to his bed, where they make love.

Elizabeth starts to knock on Caleb's door but changes her mind, preferring to surprise him. She can't wait until he hears the news. She lets herself in and gets a surprise of her own. She sees her husband in bed with another woman.

Kevin, Lucy, and Ian are getting closer to the light. Ian forges ahead and tells the others to keep digging. They begin to hear what sounds like running water, and the light seems to be getting somewhat brighter. Suddenly, Ian breaks through, and the light is too bright for their eyes, which have been in the dark too long. Ian goes through the opening first, then helps Lucy into the cavern. They found the hot spring. They walk to the other side. Kevin comes through and looks around in amazement. He doesn't understand how this can be underground in the middle of Port Charles. Looking at the others, he realizes that they knew it would be there. He wants to know what this place is and where they are. Lucy says that they can't tell him. Ian adds that they can't tell him because they don't know. To him, it feels as if there are answers here. Lucy has a different feeling, as if something is just a little bit off. Suddenly, the cavern fills with the sound of moaning, and something odd is happening in the water. "What in God's name was that?" Kevin asks. "I don't know, but I don't think we're alone in here," Lucy replies.

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