PC Update Thursday 3/6/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 3/6/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Recovery Room, Elizabeth sits at the bar, drinking a martini and flirting with Frank. When she asks his name, he introduces himself and extends his hand. Elizabeth is flattered to learn that he already knows who she is. She tries holding onto his hand, but he excuses himself to make a phone call. He goes to the pay phone and promises someone that he's good for the money.

Joshua snidely informs Elizabeth that Frank doesn't seem to be interested. He thinks she's had enough to drink, but Elizabeth doesn't think there's enough alcohol in the world to make her forget what they did tonight. Joshua points out that she certainly seemed to have enjoyed herself. As far as he's concerned, it's time for her to get busy. If she still wants to destroy Caleb, she should put on her best "Mommie Dearest" face and pay little Alison and Rafe a visit. Joshua follows her to a table. He wants her to focus on getting rid of Caleb. The fact that Joshua and Elizabeth have no love for each other makes them a perfect team. Together they can have it all: power, money, and sex. Elizabeth starts to get up, but he grabs her arm. This is her chance to get back some of her pride instead of ending up as eternity's prettiest doormat. Seeing their interaction, Frank intervenes and asks whether there's a problem. Joshua claims that they're just having a friendly conversation. Frank suggests that he take his hands off Elizabeth. He asks her whether Joshua is giving her a hard time, and she replies that he can't seem to take "no" for an answer. Frank advises Joshua to get out before he has to throw him out. Elizabeth says that won't be necessary, since she's leaving. She thanks Frank for being such a gentleman. As she leaves, Frank has to stop Joshua from following her out. "If you even try to go after her, I will throw you through this wall," he threatens.

Rafe tapes the staff paper to the window, trying to figure out Kevin's drawing. He and Alison talk about the strange effects that the five notes have on people. Alison takes the paper down, thinking they might me looking at from the wrong angle. They agree that if they can figure it out, they might actually be able to get rid of the vampires. Lucy and Ian burst in, talking a mile a minute. They tell the others about the book, the healing spring, and the maps. Seeing the shape drawn on the music paper, they grab it and put it over one of the maps. It's the exact same shape as the drawing on the map. Since the music has to be repeated on a loop, Ian moves the paper around to repeat the pattern. It leads to the docks, and Caleb lives near the docks. Ian asks where they got the diagram. "From me," Kevin says, coming downstairs. Suspicious of his motives, Ian and Lucy want to know why he's there. Kevin replies that he's there for the same reason they are. He wants to defang the big bat. Lucy tells Kevin that he's not supposed to be anywhere near her, but Kevin rightly points out that he came to see Rafe. He couldn't have known that she would be there with her boyfriend. Rafe explains to his cousin that he turned Kevin away, but then he drew the diagram. Ian and Lucy are suspicious that he could be working with Caleb. Kevin doesn't care. All he did was connect dots on a piece of paper. He came in good faith, because he thought they were all fighting the same fight. He thought that destroying evil might be a little more important than upsetting Lucy. Lucy asks him to go. "You have no idea the pleasure I derive from granting your every wish," he remarks before leaving.

Caleb finds a very sad Tess in the cave, and he wants to comfort her. He kisses her head sweetly, and she cries and puts her head on his shoulder. He wants to take her away from the cave because she doesn't belong there anymore. He can wait all day if he has to, because he won't leave her there. Tess mourns the loss of her life with Jack. She wishes that he had left her in the cave when he found her. She may have been scared and alone, but she didn't hurt the way she does now. She blames Caleb for creating her. "Look at me, pretending to be real when I'm nothing," she cries. Caleb tells her that's not true. They talk about how Jack has changed since he first took her home. Tess wanted so badly to be in his world. Caleb tells her it's not possible, because she's better than all of them. She has a gift inside her. She can heal. Tess doesn't know what good it is if she can't heal herself. She has a lot of pain inside that won't go away. She wants to go back to the time before she knew about love. She asks Caleb to help her go back, but he can't. She can't live in a cave any more than he can live his life without her. He holds her close. He hates to see her so unhappy, but maybe it was necessary to go through this pain in order to change. Tess says that she changed for the worse. She hates how she feels now. Caleb reminds her that he hated it when she wouldn't bring Livvie back. He probably loved Olivia even more than Tess loved Jack. He loved her so much that he never really looked at Tess, saw her beauty, or felt her touch. When he finally opened his heart, he realized that she was the one he longed for. Tess says that Jack told her that she was born to be with him. Caleb informs her that Jack isn't her destiny. "I am." He removes her wedding band and tosses it to the ground. He thinks that maybe they both needed to get lost a little in order to find each other. She brought his heart salvation. He believes that she was put on this earth to save him, just as he was brought back to love her. Looking into his eyes, Tess can see that he really does love her. Caleb says that it's the kind of love that lasts forever. Tess kisses his hand softly.

Rafe understands that Kevin really bothers Lucy and Ian, but Caleb is their top priority. Lucy agrees. She and Ian fill him in on the healing pool. If the map is correct, the spring may be located under Caleb's building. If it's not just a legend, it could be right at Caleb's door. Alison wonders whether it's a power source for vampires. Rafe speculates that it could be a trap, and Lucy agrees, especially since Kevin so conveniently handed them this clue. Kevin and Caleb could be working together. Ian thinks that's why Lucy should stay there while he checks it out, but she insists on going with him. Before they can leave, Elizabeth stops by the warehouse. Lucy hides the things behind her back, and she and Ian leave. When Alison and Rafe can't get their stories straight, Elizabeth knows that they're up to something. She also knows that it has to do with Caleb.

Frank warns Joshua not to go after the lady. Joshua scoffs at the term being used in reference to Elizabeth. He adds a few more insults and says he knows Elizabeth's type. Frank knows Joshua's type. He gets his kicks out of putting women down. Joshua thinks Frank is very noble for fighting for something he believes in. He assumes that Frank has never walked away from a confrontation in his life. He's impressed. Introducing himself, he extends his hand, but Frank walks away. Joshua thinks about his chance meeting with Frank. He's rude, tough, and quick with his fists. He also makes a good drink. He could be an asset to Joshua.

As Ian and Lucy snoop around the docks with a flashlight, they see that same pattern on a padlocked door. They hear someone coming. It's Kevin, ready with an insult. He heard there were rats at the docks. Hearing someone approaching, they know they have to get inside the door before Caleb finds them.

Caleb and Tess walk to his place. Tess doesn't know what to do or where to go, but Caleb doesn't want her to make a decision now. He wants her to get a good night's sleep. He promises that she'll feel better in the morning. Tess is afraid to close her eyes because of all the nightmares, but Caleb promises to chase them away. They stop in front of the building where Ian and the others were. Seeing the open padlock, he closes it before continuing their walk.

Inside, Ian has to stifle Lucy's urge to scream. They're locked in, and Kevin realizes that Lucy is getting claustrophobic. Small spaces are bad enough, but being stuck in there with this situation is too much. Kevin suggests that the universe is speaking to her, because they're stuck in there together.

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