PC Update Wednesday 3/5/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 3/5/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Elizabeth is annoyed with the room-service waiter, who took a long time to bring her order--which includes eggs that are now cold. She sends him away without closing the door. Joshua's arrival doesn't make her feel any better. He tells her that if he didn't know better, he would think that she's trying to avoid him. He pokes a fork at her food, sniffs a bite, and lays it back down. Elizabeth admits that she has been avoiding him. Joshua realizes that she thought she was cured, but she was wrong. She's still a vampire. Elizabeth admits that she would rather be dead, but Joshua advises her to relax and enjoy the benefits. They'll never grow old, and they have an insatiable appetite for passion. When Elizabeth asks about Caleb, Joshua tries to goad her with talk of her husband's numerous lovers. She points out that she asked a simple question. Joshua says that the brutal truth is that Caleb never loved her. He proposes a chance to get even. Rafe, Alison, and the others are planning to attack, and he wants her to find out what they're up to.

Ian definitely recognizes the picture in the book. It's the place he saw in his vision while listening to the first five notes of "Naked Eyes." It's frustrating for him, because the book doesn't give any additional information about it. There's not even a title or anything printed on the spine! Lucy stops him to apologize for what happened earlier. She shouldn't have tried to throw him out. She tries to explain again that nothing happened with Caleb, but Ian stops her with a kiss. When she asks about the healing pool, he says it's another piece of the puzzle. If they can figure it out, maybe they can get rid of the curse forever. Lucy thinks she knows someone who may be able to help. They take the book and head out.

Joshua says not to think of it as spying. Elizabeth will be getting information to help her get revenge on a man who lied to her and abused her. When Elizabeth argues that it won't justify betraying her daughter, Joshua sugarcoats his request by suggesting that it will give Alison the opportunity to help her mother. Unlike Caleb, Joshua never makes promises. That way, he won't have to break them. He also claims that he never lies. He knows that Elizabeth wants the same thing he does, which is to control their own lives and the lives of "certain little insignificants" buzzing around them. If she'll do as he asks, the reward will be unspeakably sweet. All she has to do is watch Alison and Rafe and find out what they're up to, and she'll get revenge. Elizabeth likes the sound of that. Joshua hopes to get her to feed, but she refuses to do that with him. He sinks his fangs into her neck anyway.

Rafe writes out the first five notes of "Naked Eyes" on staff paper, trying to figure it out. Alison comes down from the loft to suggest that he take a break. Rafe wonders whether she's still made at him and asks whether they should talk. Alison doesn't want to talk. The fact is that she wanted him, and he turned her away. It shouldn't have made any difference whether or not the music had anything to do with it. Despite her determination to stay angry, Rafe charms his way back into her good graces. A knock at the door interrupts them, and they don't want to answer it, but the caller is persistent. It's Kevin. He knows they're trying to get rid of Caleb, and he wants to volunteer. He reminds Rafe that he has expertise in dealing with the pathology of the twisted mind. "I know Caleb's pretzel really well," he adds. Kevin will do whatever it takes to get Livvie back. He acknowledges that he doesn't want to get rid of Tess. He wants the total Livvie back, and Tess is part of the package. His daughter deserves to exist as a complete person. Rafe doesn't trust him. He says that Kevin's not exactly the person he used to be, and this could just be one big trick. Kevin takes this as a dismissal, but as he turns to leave, Rafe's music paper catches his eye. Excited, he grabs it and says that he knows what it is. There's a message in the notes.

Seeing Tess, Jack breaks loose from Reese. Tess walks out of the house, and Jack runs after her. He's sorry she saw that, but he's not sorry he did it. He's not sure what she expected after what happened between them earlier. Tess informs him that she expected better. As far as she's concerned, her husband comes first and always will. Jack says that her actions speak louder than words. They no longer have a relationship because she's with another man, and it hurts Jack too much to think about it. Tess wants to help him, but he won't let her. What they had was special. Her powers were special until she used them to help that monster. Tess argues that Caleb isn't a monster, but Jack is finished with her. He just wants to live his life without her. Tess turns sadly and walks away.

Lucy and Ian go to Victor for help. Lucy asks whether this spring called The Healing Pool rings a bell at all. Less than cooperative, he wants to know why she's asking. Ian claims to be writing a medical paper about it, and Victor stops him cold. He's spent most of his life as an intelligence agent in the field, and he doesn't appreciate being conned. Ian apologizes and admits that it's very hard for him to ask Victor for anything, but he truly does need his help. For Lucy's sake, Victor agrees to try. He pulls a book from the shelf, but another falls to the floor. Victor remembers reading that a group of badly wounded soldiers stumbled upon it after a battle during the Revolutionary War. Lucy picks the other book off the floor and becomes upset; it's Kevin's Van Gogh book. She takes her father-in-law aside to speak privately. She knows how hard this is for him because of her relationship with Kevin. She's sorry for disappointing him. Victor isn't disappointed in Lucy. It's more complex than that. He believes that she's entitled to every bit of happiness she can find. The problem is that when he sees her with Ian, he thinks about Kevin. He just doesn't know what to do. He doesn't even know who Kevin is anymore. He's lost his son and doesn't know why. He doesn't blame Lucy, though. He knows what Kevin did, and what he's still doing. As they talk, Ian finds something in the book. It mentions the Battle of Putnam's Field, which took place in 1775. Now Victor remembers. According to legend, soldiers who bathed their wounds in the spring were healed. Local lore says that's why the hospital was established in Port Charles. People used to bathe in the water and hope for a cure. Ian points out that the book doesn't give any more information. Victor thinks he may have something.

Jack sits glumly on the porch steps. Reese comes outside and tells him that he's way too complicated, and that's the last thing she needs right now. She leaves with a promise of "maybe some other time," and Jack finishes off her beer.

Tess goes back to her cave, where she lights a lantern and looks at a book. There won't be a happy ending for her and Jack after all. She's afraid she doesn't belong anywhere.

Victor pulls out some very old maps and warns the others to be careful with them. They were drawn long before Port Charles even existed. They look them over, but there aren't any pools or springs on any of them. When Lucy finds something written in Dutch, Victor says that it translates to "place of healthy waters." It must be referring to the hot spring, but there's a problem. They can't tell where it's located, because a piece of the map is missing.

Kevin connects the notes into a diagram. When he finishes, he hands the paper to Rafe. Rafe doesn't get it, and neither does Alison. They want to know what Kevin thinks this means, but he doesn't know. "The notes just jumped into my head, and I saw this," he states.


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