PC Update Tuesday 3/4/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 3/4/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Recovery Room, Jamal points out that Casey's order is vastly different from what the real Marissa would be eating. In addition, Marissa is polite and has manners. Casey says there's no need to worry about her arteries since she's already dead. That is exactly Jamal's point. He's afraid she's going to blow her cover. Casey knows what he means, but it's not easy being a guardian, especially since she's in love with the guy she's supposed to be guarding.

Ricky watches Casey and Jamal through the window. Reese sneaks up on him and covers his eyes to surprise him, but when he's not thrilled to see her, she tells him that he could sound more interested. Ricky excuses himself, saying that he has something to do right now. With a half-hearted promise to call her later, he goes inside the pub. Reese pouts about being blown off.

Ricky pulls up a chair for a closer look at his friends' behavior. When he asks whether they're together again, they both deny it. "Oh yeah? Then you want to explain it to me? I mean, how come one minute you're all in love, and then you're out of love for no good reason that I can see except that you go raiding somebody's closet and kind of flip out? And now you're spending more time together than when you were actually together," he points out. Casey and Jamal exchange a conspiratorial look, and Jamal "admits" that they're busted. When Ricky asks why they lied about it, they say they didn't know where it was headed and didn't want to jinx it. They openly profess their love for each other, but Ricky's not buying it. Seeing their body language, he doesn't think they act like a couple. Casey and Jamal tease him about spying on them, and Ricky explains that he wasn't spying. He has simply become an observer of human behavior. Jamal tells him to observe this. He grabs Casey and kisses her.

While Reese sits on the bench outside the Recovery Room feeling sorry for herself, Jack sits down with her. He's never seen a vampire cry before. Is she sad, or did she just run out of necks to bite on? Reese tells him to shut up. He doesn't, so she stands up, not wanting to deal with him. Jack asks whether this is where the fangs come out. He informs her that he used to be a vampire, but he didn't like it much. He congratulates her for stalling him that night to keep him away from Tess. It worked, because they've split up. Reese says that the boss told her to do it, and she does what she's told. Jack thinks she's kind of cute for a batwoman. He's had enough of sweetness and kindness. Now he could use a little "bad to the bone." Reese doesn't know whether he can handle her. Jack kisses her neck, and she giggles. She asks whether he really wants to be a vampire again. He can't think of a reason not to. He doesn't know what he'll think tomorrow when he sobers up, but for now, he's only thinking about tonight. This is good enough for Reese. She takes his hand and leads him away.

Caleb takes Tess to his place, apologizing that it isn't much. At least she'll be safe from anyone who would want to hurt her. Tess tells Caleb that she can't be with him, and he wants to know why. He realizes that she thinks they're different, but he would like the chance to prove her wrong. He won't use any tricks. He just wants her to be with him forever. This upsets Tess. She's married to Jack, and they promised to love each other for the rest of their lives. Caleb points out that Jack broke his promise, all because she defied him and saved Caleb's life. Jack obviously doesn't understand her heart. Tess doesn't know what to believe anymore. Caleb tells her to believe in herself and to trust her instincts. Tess says her instincts are telling her that she shouldn't be with Caleb. When asked, she admits that Jack accused her of spending too much time with him, and of having feelings for him that she shouldn't have. Caleb asks whether it ever occurred to her that Jack could be right. Tess tells Caleb that she cares about him and loves him, but not the way he wants her to. Caleb tells her that their kiss was one that lovers share. He knows what's in his heart. Tess accuses him of having a heart filled with revenge that makes him want to hurt the people she cares about. Caleb argues that when she saved him, something inside him changed. He had a chance to kill Lucy, but he didn't, because he sensed that Tess was in danger. Saving her was more important than hurting any of them. He chose love over hate. He won't force Tess to stay, but he hopes that she will. It has to be her decision. He trusts her to make the right one. Apologizing, Tess chooses to go to her husband.

Ian asks Lucy whether she's saying that she considered making love to Caleb. Lucy clarifies that what she's saying is that she was trying to stop him. She wasn't thinking clearly, and she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. Caleb was going to kill her, and Serena was upstairs in danger. Caleb's hands were around her neck, and he was going to snap it, but then he got a really weird look on his face and vanished right before her eyes. Ian thinks the important thing is that she's all right. He wants her to promise not to do that again. Offended, Lucy says she can't make that promise, because she will use everything in her power to protect her loved ones. Ian asks her not to put herself in that kind of situation again. This upsets Lucy. She didn't ask to be in that situation. She didn't ask to be a slayer. She did what she had to do to protect her family. She would die for Ian if she had to, because that's her job. Ian argues that it's his job to keep her safe. The thought of someone else touching her would kill him. Lucy asks whether this is about jealousy, and he admits that it is. He's jealous of every moment she's ever spent in another man's arms. He's also angry that it took him this long to find her, but now that he has, he's not going anywhere. He won't allow her to die for him, and that's the end of it. This infuriates Lucy. All her life, she's tried to hold her head up high, but she's failed at being happy. Now she has a chance for happiness with Ian, but he's asking her not to be herself. She doesn't have little notes telling her what to do. She doesn't have a list saying how to act. She has a heart, and it's telling her that her life isn't worth living if Ian isn't in it. If he can't handle that, he should get out of her house! In her anger, she knocks some things over. Ian looks at the floor, where the things landed. Picking up an open book, he announces that it's a sign from God.

Jack takes Reese to his house. As Reese kisses him, he sees a stunned Tess watching from the doorway.

Casey breaks loose from Jamal, and Ricky says that she looks surprised. Casey makes a lame excuse, then decides it's pointless. She takes his hand, wanting to speak to him privately. Jamal warns her to think about this, but she says it's too late. She takes Ricky aside, but before she can explain anything, he kisses her. Ricky smiles. He knows exactly who she is. Casey tells him to shut up and kiss her again. Ricky is thrilled to be reunited with Casey. He never thought he'd see her again after she disappeared in front of him. He can't believe it's really her! Casey kisses him again. Jamal observes from nearby. With a crash of thunder, Casey is gone. "No, no, no, no, no! Casey! Aw, man, what did I do?" Ricky laments. Jamal knows what happened. "You blew her cover. This can't be good, bro."

Ian explains that the book is open to a picture of what he saw when listening to the first five notes of "Naked Eyes." He insists that it's not a memory, because he's never been there. He saw this in a vision. According to the book, it's called "The Healing Pool," and it's a hot spring surrounded by legend. "From this pool, the dead return to life." Ian immediately associates this with Caleb.

On his guitar, Caleb plays the five notes over and over, keeping the rhythm at first and then losing it to an endless repetition of the notes.

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