PC Update Monday 3/3/03

Port Charles Update Monday 3/3/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Kevin tells Tess that he was just coming to find her. She pulls away and apologizes for bothering him, but he asks what happened. She doesn't want to talk about it. Kevin persuades her to tell him what's wrong. She says that Jack doesn't want her anymore. She falls into his arms again and cries on his shoulder. Changing her mind again, Tess asks to be left alone, but Kevin insists that she shouldn't be alone right now. He wants to take her somewhere to talk. He realizes that he got off on a bad foot with her, but now he wants to help her. That's what he does; he helps people. As he comforts her, he remembers the incident at the overlook, when the music box brought Livvie back. After sending Tess to his car, he picks up the bag that contains the music box.

Rafe orders Ian to turn off the music or be killed. Ian doesn't understand that. He tells the slayer to listen to the beautiful spring. With a battle cry, Rafe attacks the fledgling vampire. Ian tries to bring him back to reality, but it's no use. Alison comes in and sees what's happening. She tries to get Rafe to back off, but he yells at her. Ian tells her to turn off the music. She does, and Rafe immediately backs off. With difficulty, Ian sits up. Rafe is disoriented, not expecting to see Alison. Ian explains that she saved them from the music. Rafe always knew he hated it, but he never expected this to happen. When he heard the notes, he was filled with anger and hatred for vampires. He didn't see Ian for himself; all he saw was a vampire. Alison asks Ian what he saw. Ian replies that he saw a place, and he was being called there. It was white and cold, and there was a hot spring right in the middle of it, with steam coming out. He heard voices. Some were calm and at peace, but others were screaming with pain. He also heard the sound of muskets. Rafe didn't feel any of that. All he felt was danger. Ian thinks this has to be part of the puzzle. Rafe wants to know what it is about those five notes that makes slayers and vampires feel so differently. Alison wants to listen to it for herself, but Rafe won't let her. She argues that millions of normal people but Caleb's music. She wants to see what happens when she listens to it.

Kevin gives Tess something to drink while hiding the music box behind a cushion. He tells her to drink, take a deep breath, and tell him what happened. He's met with silence. Kevin asks whether this has something to do with what happened at the overlook, adding that what they did to her wasn't right. Tess says that she had to help Caleb. She brought him back to life, but she didn't realize how Jack would feel about it. He told her that he never wants to see her again. Having gained her trust, Kevin says that he understands why she had to help Caleb. She couldn't turn her back on him the man who created her. Tess wishes that Jack understood. She sits back, allowing Kevin to comfort her. Kevin says that she has a special bond with Caleb, and he knows that she would do anything to help the people she cares about. So would he. He pulls out the music box and opens it. As the music begins to play, Livvie emerges.

Caleb and Lucy are getting hot and heavy. Lucy tells him there's nothing like the passion of a vampire and a slayer together. Caleb doesn't see her cringe. When he puts his lips to her neck, she pulls away. "Oh, now, Lucy, you disappoint me," he states. She tries to cover, but it's too late. "Sorry, Lucy. As sexy as you are, I have a little rule about sleeping with people who try to kill me repeatedly. I'm not stupid," he points out. Lucy assures him that she knows he's not stupid. He's powerful, and she wants to be with someone as powerful as he is. Isn't he curious about what they'd be like together? She is. Caleb tells her that he'd love to hear more, but no deal. It's too bad, because they could have had fun. Lucy thinks that Tess was wrong about him. She doesn't think it's possible to save him, because he doesn't want to be saved. She warns Caleb that if he kills her, he'll lose Tess--and any chance of getting Livvie back. Caleb informs her that he doesn't want Livvie anymore. He and Tess have an understanding. While he talks, Lucy grabs the silver arrow from the floor. She tells him to take his best shot and she'll take hers. As they have their little standoff, Caleb suddenly turns, sensing that something is wrong with Tess. Lucy calls him a coward and tells him to face her. He turns around and gives her an evil look before vanishing.

Kevin and his daughter are overjoyed to see each other. Livvie also wants to see Caleb. She's really worried about him. Kevin ignores this and tells her that they'll be going away. He already has the plane tickets. Livvie wants to stay in town with Caleb. Kevin says that she's still in shock. She has to find a way to make sure she doesn't go away again. When she again tries to talk about Caleb, Kevin loses his temper and tells her to forget about him. Tess is weak now, from losing Jack and all her friends. Now is Livvie's chance. Seeing Caleb appear in the room, Livvie goes to him. "It's me, Livvie," she tells Caleb, who is holding the music box. "Not anymore," he states, closing the lid. "No!" Kevin shouts.

Rafe is afraid of what will happen to Alison, but she points out that she won't be alone. Rafe wants Ian to back him up, but Ian agrees with Alison. They know what happened to them, but they don't know what happens to other people. Rafe reminds them that millions of people have heard that music, but Ian points out that they don't hear just those five notes being played over and over. Alison insists that she's going to do this. She puts on the headphones and has Ian turn on the music. Almost immediately, Rafe tells Ian that it's time to turn it off again. Ian doesn't agree. Rafe asks Alison several times whether she feels anything. He tries again to get Ian to turn it off. Alison looks up, tears flowing down her enraptured face. Ian and Rafe argue about what to do now. Alison looks at Rafe, says his name, and lowers the headphones. Kissing him, she speaks softly and seductively. Ian turns off the music and she stops. She describes what happened when she listened to the notes. "I saw you, but I felt really connected to us and to our life together. And I feel so alive and so loved," she tells Rafe. Ian says that's how Stephen Clay's fans talk about him. He doesn't know how it all fits, but he has to tell Lucy. After he leaves, Alison doesn't want to talk about Caleb anymore. She meant it when she said that those notes made her want Rafe. He turns her down, and she doesn't understand. Rafe doesn't want to be with her now--not when the feelings started because of Caleb's music.

Kevin can't believe this is happening. Tess is confused, but Caleb assures her that she's safe now. Kevin tells him that he just saved the wrong girl. Caleb knows exactly what he's doing. He smashes the music box. Trying to put it back together, Kevin insults Caleb for his stupidity. Caleb informs him that it's over; they won't need the box anymore. Kevin orders him not to go anywhere until he gets his daughter back. He can't believe that Caleb is abandoning the love of his life. "You've just destroyed your own future. Tess will never be enough for you, Caleb. You'll just corrupt her the way you do everything else," Kevin points out. Caleb tells him not to push it. He joins Tess, who's waiting for him outside. He's ready to take her home with him. Inside, Kevin vows to push it until he gets his daughter back.

Ian comes is just as Lucy is trying desperately to reach him on the phone. Startled, she turns around, wielding her silver arrow. Ian says it's all coming together, but at the same time, Lucy tells him that Caleb was there and that he tried to kill her. They sit down to talk. Lucy says that she tried everything, but nothing was working, so she started kissing him. She thought about what she'd have to do to stop him. Ian asks point-blank how far she would have gone.


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