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Port Charles Update Friday 2/28/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Kevin looks lovingly at a picture of Livvie, thinking about how the music box brought her back. He vows that when the music plays, she'll come back, and Tess will be history. He'll do whatever it takes to bring her home. With that, he heads out.

Tess is stunned to see what Jack has done with their pictures and her things. Jack informs her that he's finally letting go of the past. He doesn't hate her. In fact, he's not sure that he feels anything at this point. His wife has made her feelings for Caleb perfectly clear. Tess argues that their marriage means everything to her, but Jack doesn't know how she can say that, because he told her to stay away from Caleb. She says that he needed her. Jack counters that her husband also needed her. Although she believes that Caleb won't hurt her, Jack insists that he already has. Now that she's brought him back to life, it can only get worse. Tess informs him that it's not right to kill any living thing. Jack is tired of arguing. He knows that she wants him to forgive her and pick up the pieces, but he can't. It's over. Tess reminds Jack that he said they'd be together forever. Jack admits that he meant it when he said it, but things have changed. Looking at her now, knowing what she did, is like looking at Livvie all over again. Tess doesn't think he's being fair; she's not Livvie. Jack points out that she is, and he's going through the same thing he always does. He falls for a beautiful girl who's drawn to Caleb in the end. Tess tries to explain that she was just trying to help Caleb, but Jack feels like an idiot for trying to protect her. When Tess says that Caleb was in pain, Jack says that her being with Caleb is killing him. Tess is adamant that she would never leave Jack, but he points out that she's been leaving him for a long time. Neither one of them was willing to admit it until now. He feels sorry for her, because she can't see that Caleb is using her and that all he wants is Livvie. Tess says that's not true. Caleb doesn't want Livvie anymore; he wants her. Jack wants to know what happened. With tears streaming down her face, she admits that he kissed her.

When Rafe enters the dark warehouse, he sees someone sitting on the stairs. It's Ian, trying to figure out a way to get rid of Caleb. Obviously, killing him isn't enough. Rafe thinks he might have a lead, but it's going to sound strange. The key lies in the phrase "sex, drugs, and rock and roll." Ian isn't in the mood for riddles, but Rafe tells him to think of it as a vampire code. "Sex" refers to the way being with a slayer alleviate the symptoms, and "drugs" is about how the water masks the symptoms. Ian thinks they'd better do something fast, because Caleb is back, and he's one angry vampire. They think about this. Since Caleb can't be killed, they have to find a way to take his power away permanently. His music must have something to do with it. Caz and Reese burst in, ready to do some damage for what Rafe did to the boss. Rafe makes his move. He turns out the light and gets rid of Caz, while Ian wrestles Reese to the couch and holds her down. She can't figure out how a human could be so strong. Ian claims to work out a lot. He wants to have a little chat with her, but she has nothing to say. Ian tries anyway. He wants information about Caleb's music. Rafe wants to know why slayers are repelled by it. When she says they have no taste, Rafe grabs a stake and holds it over her. Ian tries again. Why does the music hook everyone except slayers? When she makes a joke, Rafe threatens her again. Afraid he'll go through with it, Reese admits that there's something about the first five notes of "Naked Eyes," but she doesn't know what. She swears that's all she knows. Ian releases her, and she flees the warehouse. Rafe and Ian think about this. Sex, drugs, and five little notes might be the way to bring down a vampire forever.

Lucy is unpacking some of her things when Serena arrives. Lucy is startled to see her daughter, who doesn't close the door. Serena thought Lucy sounded a little strange on the phone, so she took off when the babysitter fell asleep. Lucy isn't amused. She doesn't want her daughter running around at this time of night. Serena insists that she's perfectly safe, but Lucy is going to drive her back home. As she tries to rush Serena toward the door, Caleb peeks inside and says "hello." Serena is absolutely thrilled to see "Stephen Clay." Lucy tries to get rid of him, but Serena breaks loose from her grasp and leads Caleb toward her mother. She didn't really get to talk to him at Thanksgiving, and she's his biggest fan! Caleb asks her to give him a little help. Her mom keeps trying to run him out of town, but he likes it here. Serena turns to look at Lucy, and Caleb puts his arm around her conspiratorially. Lucy orders her to go to her old room and call her dad, but Serena isn't ready. She compliments Caleb on the band's new single, and admits to being totally into "Naked Eyes." She hums the first five notes, making Lucy angrier. Serena tells him that she actually has three copies of the CD. When he offers to sign one for her, she runs to get the one she keeps at Lucy's place. Lucy warns him to stay away from Serena, and he feigns innocence. "You really think I'd hurt your little girl? What kind of sicko do you think I am?" Squealing with delight, Serena returns with the CD. Caleb signs it, kissing her cheek before Lucy finally manages to get her out of the room. Serena can't believe he kissed her! Lucy tells her to brush her teeth and wash her face. She warns Caleb never to touch Serena again. Caleb isn't afraid of her threats. She's already tried to kill him twice. Now he's going to return the favor.

Tess admits that Caleb didn't force her, but she insists that nothing else happened. She ran home because she wanted to be with Jack. She puts her arms around him, and he tolerates this very briefly before pushing her away. Tess promises not to go to Caleb again, but Jack doesn't believe her. What if Caleb is in pain, or if he wants another kiss? Did she feel anything when she was in his arms? Tess wants to know what she can do to make this better. Jack wants her to admit her true feelings so they can go on with their lives. Tess puts her arms around him again and asks him to make love to her. She needs to feel close to him. Jack pushes her away again. They can't fix what's broken. Tess tells him that she doesn't know how to change. Jack is tired of fighting a losing battle. He can't do it anymore, and that's why she has to leave. Tess pleads with him, but he's through with her. She's free to do whatever she wants. Her tears don't seem to affect him. She runs out of the house--straight into Kevin's arms. He's on the porch, and the music box is in his bag.

Lucy wants to know why he thinks it will be easy to kill her. She pulls her silver arrow out of her bag and points it at him. Caleb admits that the last time around, he was a little cruel. This time, as Stephen Clay, what has he really done to hurt anybody? Lucy reminds him that he turned Elizabeth, but Caleb says she enjoyed every minute of it. Lucy alleges that he enjoys it even more, which means that every minute he's around, someone she loves is in danger. Since the only other slayer in town can't kill him, it's clear that one of them won't leave her house tonight. Caleb shakes his head, amused by her refusal to give up. "You know, I have a little confession to admit. I've always been quite fond of you," he says, smirking. Lucy's attention is diverted when Serena calls to her from the other room, and Caleb takes the opportunity to knock the arrow from her hand. He grabs Lucy by the neck. Trying to talk her way out of this, Lucy "confesses" a similar fondness for him. The fact that he doesn't have a soul is very seductive. She asks whether he's ever thought about having sex with a slayer. She strokes his arm and runs his finger across her lips. If this is her last night alive, she wants to enjoy herself. She suggests that they put their differences aside for one night. Caleb thinks about this and then kisses her--hard.

Rafe and Ian get a boom box and play the first five notes of "Naked Eyes" on a loop. To Rafe, it feels like nails on a chalkboard. Ian thinks that's strange; he almost finds it soothing. Rafe can't listen anymore. He tries to turn it off, but Ian stops him. "Listen. Listen to it. Do you hear that? Hear the voices? Hear the water? And in the distance, there's gunshots," Ian points out. Rafe can't. He lunges for it again. Ian demands to know what's the matter with him. This might be the breakthrough they're looking for! "Just turn the damn thing off or I'll kill you!" Rafe threatens.

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