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Port Charles Update Thursday 2/27/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Rafe returns to the overlook, frustrated about the latest turn of events. Looking upward to talk to Ed, he points out that he did everything he could and Caleb still came back. If they have some big master plan up there, now would be a good time to tell him. "Hello?" He doesn't get a response, and this exasperates him. Casey arrives in time to witness his little tantrum. "Dude, I gotta tell you, no joke intended, but your attitude bites." Casey is impressed that he recognized her right away. Rafe says that although she looks like Marissa, she has an entirely different aura. Something else is different about her, but he can't quite put his finger on it. Casey proudly informs him that she made guardian. Thrilled for her, Rafe gives her a big hug. Casey says that she came back to help Marissa and Ricky. She got rid of her sister and took her place. As for Ricky, he's clueless--and still as gorgeous as ever. It's so hard for her to keep her hands off him, but she has to follow those stupid rules. Rafe admits that he was never very good at following them. When he asks about Ed, Casey says he's his "same old slave-driver-with-a-harp self" but that he misses his son. Rafe also misses his dad. Casey tells Rafe that in spite of Ed's tight schedule, he called everyone in to watch his son's wedding. "And trust me, we all cried like babies when you and Blondie called it off," she adds. Rafe tells her that he and Alison are back on track now. When Casey mentions the fact that the "big bat" is back, Rafe points out that so is she. He thinks there must be a reason for that. She must know how to get rid of Caleb for good.

Jack throws his photos of Tess into the fire while drinking one beer after another. Alison lets herself in when he doesn't answer her knock. Sitting down in front of the fireplace with him, she asks whether he's okay. Jack says that he passed "okay" six beers ago. He points to his eyes and says they're bloodshot but open, and they're going to stay open. Caleb can have both Tess and Livvie, because Jack is done. He tears up some more pictures and burns them. Alison doesn't believe his claim that it's over just like that. Jack insists that it's true. It's over because of what Tess did. She brought Caleb back and left them to deal with the misery to follow. Alison points out that Tess doesn't see it that way. Jack congratulates her on being right about their idea to use Tess as bait. He tells her to pat herself on the back. Alison doesn't think that's fair. She didn't want to be right about that, and she never dreamed that Tess would bring Caleb back to life. Jack bitterly describes his wife as sweet, innocent, and full of love until she turned her back on everyone. He finishes a beer and throws the glass bottle over his shoulder. Alison doesn't think Tess did this to hurt Jack. Jack says she was never really his. If she loved him, she wouldn't have betrayed him. Trying to reason with him, Alison points out that he betrayed her. Jack defends his behavior; he did it for her sake. Alison tells him that Tess made a mistake. She's his wife, and he loves her. He probably always will. Is he really prepared to just leave her for good? Jack doesn't know, but he does know that he has to do it. This isn't about one mistake. Love is blind, and he's been blindly in love with the same person for the past three years. He always finds his way back to her. The problem is that Livvie and Tess both want Caleb. Alison doesn't agree with that; Tess wants and loves Jack. Jack says that maybe if her life were her own, that would be true, but it isn't. She can't help being drawn to Caleb. That's why Jack is done. He can't keep trying to break through this brick wall. It hurts too much.

Caleb tells Tess that he wants her, not Olivia. This makes her uncomfortable, and she sits up. So does he. He explains that he wanted Olivia for a very long time, but he was wrong. Tess saved him; against all odds, she listened to her heart, and when she poured her love into him, it changed him. It changed everything. It means that they were meant to be together. Tess doesn't know how he could believe that, because they both know that he loves Livvie and she loves Jack. Caleb reminds her that Jack tricked her into doing something she wouldn't have done on her own. He doesn't think that's how love is supposed to work. Real love isn't filled with betrayal. He says that when he looks into her eyes, he sees unconditional love. Tess argues that she helped him, but she doesn't love him that way. Caleb believes there's more to what she feels than just a desire to help him. She brought him back, not knowing whether or not Jack would forgive her. Tess believes that he will forgive her if he loves her. Caleb thinks that the "if" is important; he doesn't think she can be sure. Tess argues that she knows she loves Jack. When Caleb talks about unrequited love, she gets up, uncomfortable again, and he follows. She wanted him to be honest, so now he's asking her to do the same. By bringing him back, she proved that she loves him. If she's honest, she'll realize that she loves him and that Jack means nothing to her. Tess slaps him and orders him to stop.

Even if Casey knew how to stop Caleb, she couldn't tell Rafe, because he's not an angel anymore. He can't have any inside information. Rafe explains that he's tried finding out on his own, but it's not working. Caleb keeps getting closer and closer to everything he wants while Rafe gets nowhere. It's hard to have faith when everyone is counting on him and he's out of moves. Casey tells him to fake it. That's what she does. Rafe tells her a story about the village of Turmistan, where the last battle of the great war between slayers and vampires was fought. The vampires won. Most of the slayers and villagers were killed. When Rafe was still in training, he was obsessed with this battle, because he couldn't understand how all the bad guys could win. It just didn't seem possible. Now he understands. It's a question of balance. The bad guys have to win sometimes. Casey tells him he's right. She doesn't know who will win in the end, but she does know one thing. "Angels and slayers exist because you-know-who up there believes people down here are worth saving and worth fighting for--man, worth even dying for." She's glad to have a place in the fight and a job to do. Rafe wants to take her presence in town as a good sign, but she won't say one way or the other. As she walks away, Rafe asks what it's like working with the band. She replies that it's just like they say: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. A warning crash of thunder stops her.

Tess apologizes for striking Caleb, but he has to understand. She married Jack, and she knows what's in her heart. Caleb apologizes; he shouldn't have said those things to her. She clearly feels something for Jack, but it's gratitude, not love. She's grateful to him for being so kind and taking care of her. The thing is that she's not the same little girl that he found in a cave. She's a woman with a mind of her own. She fought for the man she loves and wouldn't let him die. That's love, and if she'll search her heart, she'll know this is true. Caleb strokes her cheek. She pushes his hand away and tells him to stop. He's confusing her. That's the last thing he wants to do, so he won't say another word. They sit together, and she touches his face. She can see that he believes what he's saying, and that he doesn't want to hurt her. She just doesn't belong to him the way he wants. She's married. Caleb tells her that Jack married her to keep them apart, but it didn't work. She chose him the minute she put her hand to his heart and saved him. He kisses her finger, then softly kisses her mouth. She returns the kiss, but as it begins to intensify, she pulls away and flees.

When the last pictures are gone, Alison thinks it's her turn to lecture Jack. Loving Tess means taking care of himself, Tess, and Livvie. Tess is really the Livvie he used to love. He gave her a home, protected her, and nurtured her. Because of him, she grew stronger and more independent. However, she's still vulnerable. Alison isn't sure that Tess will be able to survive without Jack if he turns his back on her. Jack doesn't care. He can't. Alison understands, but she asks him to take some time and think about this first. Jack says that he can't save Tess; he's just trying to save himself. After a hug, Alison leaves him alone again. Seeing the doll, Jack picks it up and thinks about how simple it all started out. They loved each other, or at least he thought they did. He throws the doll into the fire just as Tess speaks to him from the doorway.

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