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Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/26/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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The show opens with a musical montage set to "Newborn Heart" as Tess brings Caleb back to life. Also during the montage, Rafe wakes up just after midnight, sensing that something is wrong; Jack waits anxiously for Tess to come home, and then rushes out; Ian feels the vampire symptoms returning while he's still in the shower with Lucy; and Tess and Caleb kiss tenderly.

Alison sleepily reaches for Rafe and instead feels an empty space next to her. She calls to him and then finds a note that he left her. It says that he had to go check on something and that he'll be back soon. Alison thinks he's so cute. Someone starts pounding on the door, so Alison puts on her robe, turns on the light, and opens the door. It's Lucy, who's looking for Ian. She explains that he took off after getting a weird look on his face. Alison thinks that's odd, because Rafe also went to run some mysterious errand. She shows Lucy the note. Lucy is really hoping she's wrong, but she believes that something strange is happening. Someone else bangs on the door. This time, it's a very upset Elizabeth, who wants to know how this can be. She's wearing sunglasses and ranting about how Rafe could possibly let this happen. They were all gone but now they're back! Having no idea what her mother is talking about, Alison tells her to slow down, but Elizabeth sees Lucy and assumes she had something to do with this. Lucy wants to know why she's wearing sunglasses at night. She grabs them off Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth tries to conceal the truth, but it's no use. Her eyes are glowing, just like when she was a vampire. Lucy can't believe that Caleb is alive. She killed him! Adding insult to injury, Elizabeth asks what kind of slayer can't tell whether a vampire is dead or alive. Lucy tells her to shut up. It's not about Elizabeth; everyone is in danger. Elizabeth points out that Lucy doesn't have to live with this the way she does. She begs the so-called slayer to do anything she can to end Caleb's life and just make him disappear. After having her mother sit down and insisting that she drink some of the special water, Alison asks Lucy why this is happening. Lucy doesn't know, but she's going to find out. She makes sure that Alison is safe with her mother, and then runs out to find Ian.

At the crypt, Rafe looks at the bare slab in disbelief. Ian comes in, and Jack is right behind him. They want to know where Caleb is. Rafe says that the body was already gone when he arrived, and the stake was on the floor. They argue about whether or not Caleb is really dead. Jack tells the others that Tess is also gone; Caleb must have taken her somewhere. Ian thinks the opposite is true. He believes that Tess brought him back to life. Rafe points out that they don't know for certain that he's alive, but Ian does know. He proves it by letting them see his glowing red eyes. Ian tells Jack to face it. Caleb is back and Tess is responsible for it. Jack refuses to believe that; Caleb took Tess, and he has to find her. Tess is his wife, and she loves him. If she's with Caleb, she's in danger. Ian says that if she's with Caleb, she's where she wants to be. Jack is ready for a fight, but Rafe intervenes. He tells Jack that if Tess is with Caleb, she's smart enough to find a way to reach her husband. Jack agrees with this. He decides to go home and wait for her. Before he leaves, he has some angry parting words for Ian. "We're not finished," he vows.

Rafe confronts Ian about saying those things to Jack. They all know what happened; Jack just isn't ready to face it yet. Ian thinks they all need to face the fact that they can't beat Caleb. Rafe refuses to accept that. This angers Ian, who shouts that Rafe doesn't have a demon living inside him. Rafe won't let him give up, but Ian doesn't think there's any hope. Rafe tells Ian to give him the word when he's ready to give up Danny, Lucy, and everything else. When he's ready, Rafe will put him out of his misery; he'll even give him a few minutes to say goodbye to all his loved ones. Ian backs down. He doesn't want that. Rafe admits that he doesn't know what Ian's going through, but he does know what it's like to lose hope. He and Alison got it back very briefly, and now it's gone again, but they'll get it back. They all will.

Caleb opens his eyes and asks Tess where they are. She tells him that it's a secret place that not even Jack knows about. Wiping the blood from his mouth, she tells Caleb not to worry, because they're safe there. He points out that she actually called him "Caleb." Tess explains that he's Caleb, not Stephen, just as she's Tess, not Livvie. It was Caleb who made her live, and it was her turn to save him. Caleb is in pain, and Tess thinks that he should rest. Caleb wants her to rest. She lies down with him as he talks about what happened. He was dead, and everything was darkness, but then she brought him back. He doesn't understand why she did that. Tess tells him that she's always been able to heal people. Caleb wants to know why she healed him after all he's done. Tess says simply that it was the right thing to do. His life is just as precious as anyone else's is. Caleb thinks there's more to it than that. Tess admits that she was very upset by what Jack and the others had done. When she saw him lying there, she knew she had to bring him back. Incredulous, Caleb asks whether it's possible that she really does love him.

Lucy is back at the loft when Ian returns home. Looking at her, Ian realizes that she knows what happened. Lucy hugs him and apologizes for failing him, but Ian doesn't blame her. Lucy won't give up; they'll think of something. She loves him. Ian says that her love is the reason he still exists. Lucy wants to make him feel better by making love to him, but Ian won't go along with that.

Just as Alison coaxes her mother to sleep, Rafe comes back home. Alison tells him that she knows what happened, and she doesn't understand this. Rafe tells her that Tess must have done it. He did everything right this time, including all the slayer rituals. Alison thinks that Jack must be going out of his mind, but Rafe informs her that he's in a state of denial; Jack doesn't want to admit how much of a hold Caleb has on Tess. Alison starts wondering whether the whole thing could be a lie. What if they were so worried about setting Tess up that they didn't realize they were the ones being made fools of?

Jack looks at a photo of Tess and realizes that she's not coming home. She brought Caleb back to life, and now they're together. She was never really Jack's. Maybe she was never real after all.

Tess says that of course she loves Caleb. Did he think she was lying when she told him she did? Caleb just thinks it's hard to believe. Tess says that she couldn't have saved him if she didn't love him. Caleb is amazed by her power. It's beyond anything he's ever felt. Describing his death, he says that he took in his last breath and felt a certain kind of acceptance. He just knew that this time, it was over, and there was nothing he could do except embrace the darkness forever. Tess thinks she also felt that moment. Caleb says that suddenly there was a little sliver of light, like sun breaking through the clouds, and he heard her calling him back. Before this, he had heard about unconditional love, but he'd certainly never felt it. He knows about the sacrifices she had to make, but Tess states that she had no choice. Caleb points out that Jack will be very angry with her, but she doesn't want to talk about Jack. She doesn't want to think. She's tired. Caleb tells her to rest and let him be her strength. When she asks why he's doing this, he replies that he wants to. She knows that, and it makes her very sad that he is using her weakness to get to Livvie. Caleb admits that he deserves her distrust. Tess says it doesn't matter anymore. She doesn't want to fight about it. She's tired of pulled being between him and Jack. She would be very happy if she didn't have to hurt anymore, and if neither of the two men had used her. She's made a decision. Caleb and Livvie win. They can be together, and she's going to rest. Caleb holds her hand. "But I don't want Livvie," he admits. "I want you, Tess. I want you."

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