PC Update Tuesday 2/25/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/25/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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At the overlook, Alison panics when Rafe isn't where Lucy thought he was. Taking her aside, Lucy tearfully tells her that he meant to call her, but everything happened too fast. He was on a very brave mission, and he was determined to do whatever it took, despite any personal sacrifice. Alison doesn't want to hear this. She won't go through this again! Suddenly, Rafe comes up behind her, and she throws her arms around him. He was just trying to call her. Alison tells him that she was really scared, and she won't let him leave her again. Lucy is relieved to see her cousin. Ian tells Lucy that Caleb is gone, thanks to her. He knows she was nervous, but she did it. She saved everyone. Lucy admits that thinking about how badly Caleb hurt Ian is what gave her the strength to do this. Now Ian has his life back, and they have a chance at a life together.

Tess begs "Stephen" to open his eyes. Jack tells her he's not worth her tears, but she blames Jack for this. She just needs some time to heal her friend. "The pain and fear inside him is too much to bear," she weeps. Jack tells her that she can't heal him now, and she never could. He pulls her up by her armpits. Tess tells Jack that never even tried to understand him. She accuses Lucy of shooting him in cold blood. In her defense, Lucy says that Caleb would have eventually destroyed them all. Jack wants to take Tess home now. He tells her that this is the way it's supposed to end. Lucy adds that maybe now Caleb can rest in peace. After Jack and Tess leave, the others gather around Caleb's body. Ian carries a torch for light. Rafe announces that it's time to finish what they started. They're going to put Caleb's body to rest for eternity. Lucy hands him the sacred cloth of Neer, which has been passed down for centuries through their clan of slayers. After Rafe covers the body with the cloth, they all carry it away.

Tess sits in front of the fire, inconsolable. Jack reminds her that they're supposed to be together forever, but Caleb wanted to destroy them. Jack couldn't let that happen because he loves her. "How can you love me? You lie to me," she accuses. Jack claims he was trying to protect her because she couldn't see how dangerous Caleb was. He asks her to understand why he did this. Every time she walked out the door, he was terrified that she wouldn't come back and that Caleb would turn her into a vampire. He promised to protect her; he would give his life for her. Tess turns away from him and looks at the fire. Jack asks her not to shut him out. If she's angry, she should yell at him or something. She begins to hum, and Jack tells her not to hum that tune; it's one of Caleb's. Realizing that she's freezing, he goes out for more firewood. When he returns with the wood, Tess is gone.

Rafe, Alison, Lucy, and Ian carry Caleb's body into a tomb or crypt. After they perform the ceremony, the body must be left in solitude, so they'll come back later to dispose of it. Ian tells Rafe to send Caleb to hell for good this time. Rafe begins the vampire burial rite. Using myrrh oil, he makes an omega sign on Caleb's forehead to signify the end. They're sending his spirit back to eternal darkness. Then he closes his eyes to seal them to the world forever. Before the actual ceremony begins, Alison wants to say something to Caleb. She hopes he rots in hell for the things he's done. After Lucy gets in a few words, Rafe begins the ceremony. "The wheel of life has come full circle as we lay this being back to the dust. No longer is life welcome in this being. I banish the sins of his clan, the brotherhood of destruction that seeks to take over the world with the fires of inhumanity. The spirit is now rendered powerless by the forces of light." Ian hands Rafe the stake, which he drives through Caleb's heart.

Back at Ian's loft, Lucy washes her hands, trying to wash off what she did. Tired of darkness, Ian turns on the lights. Lucy doesn't think she'll be able to close her eyes or sleep for at least a week. Ian points out that even though everything looks the same, it feels as if a cloud has been lifted. Lucy admits that she expected something big to happen when she killed him, but nothing did. She just feels so empty and drained. Sitting her down, Ian says that she did what she had to do. His life was in her hands, and she saved him. He feels great--no pain or hunger. He'll be going back to his "bossy, stubborn self." Lucy says that even if tonight had turned out differently, she would have stayed with him. She'll always love him. Ian knows that, but he wouldn't have allowed a life like that for her. Lucy just wants to get rid of tonight. She wishes there were a way to wash away the memory of what they did. Ian thinks there may be a way.

At Rafe's apartment, Alison chatters about getting something to eat. Rafe stops her, knowing she's trying to hide what she's feeling. Alison was afraid that they would never be safe again. She was thinking about what he said about the balance of good and evil, and she had a nightmare. Rafe admits that he thought about it. He really didn't know what would happen, but he put those thoughts aside, deciding to focus on their faith and love. Alison points out how hard that is to do. So much has been thrown at them. Rafe can almost guarantee that it will get tougher, but he doesn't think life can be bad when he's blessed with someone like her. That's what gets him through. They lie down on the bed and cuddle. Rafe scares her when he knocks a glass off the nightstand. Alison can't stop thinking how Tess was trying to bring Caleb back to life. Rafe hopes tomorrow will be a nice, sunny day. They can have a picnic by the lake, and he can kiss every inch of her body. Alison doesn't want to wait until tomorrow.

Ian and Lucy enter the shower stall fully clothed. They undress each other and make love.

Tess knows exactly where to find Caleb's body. She goes to him and pulls out the stake, then notices his blood on her hands. She throws down the stake and cries about her failure. She promised to take away all his pain, and she did try, but she failed. Now she wants him to feel her heart reaching out for his, as well as her prayers, hopes, and wishes. She's so sorry she failed him. She lays her head down on his chest, her hand on his heart. Tess says that she should have let him have Livvie. She saw how desperately he needed her, and how he was dying with love for her. Standing up, she tells him that she would save him if she could. A tear falls from her face and lands on Caleb's cheek. The wind howls, blowing through the crypt. Caleb opens his eyes. Tess smiles, and so does Caleb.

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