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Port Charles Update Monday 2/24/03

By Beth
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Jamal tries to avoid being taken to the drunk tank, since his diversion worked and Jack managed to get away. He tells the police that he's not drunk and that he's going to walk home now. When Joshua arrives on the scene and asks what's going on, the officers inform him that they're busting up his drunken brawl and arresting Jamal.

Before Reese can bite Ricky, Casey creates a huge wind that blows through the studio and knocks both musicians across the room. Happy to have at least stopped Reese, Casey runs outside, shouting about a twister. Jamal, who's struggling in the wind, mouths the word "twister" to her in disbelief, and Casey shrugs it off. Caz and the bodyguards come outside. Thinking they'll have more important things to do because of the strange wind, the police decide to let Jamal go. After they all leave, Jamal congratulates Casey, who tries to pretend she didn't do it. She assures Jamal that Ricky's fine. She, on the other hand, is going to be in trouble for interfering. Jamal thinks she had a good reason, but Casey says there are no exceptions to the rules. It's not even the first time she's messed up with this job.

Caleb wants to know what he has to do to get through to Tess. The only thing in his heart is darkness, except for Olivia. She was his light. Suddenly, he hears the sound of the music box. He cocks his head, puzzled, and as the music plays, Livvie surfaces. "Caleb, my love. Finally," she says, pulling him to her. "Olivia?" Caleb asks. Overjoyed, they embrace. Kevin comes out of hiding to see what's going on. He steps into Lucy's path just as she takes aim and fires the gun. With lightning speed, Ian pushes him out of the way. The bullet hits Caleb. In total disbelief, Caleb touches his wound and falls to the ground. Livvie screams.

Alison feels certain that she has to stop Rafe. She tells her mother about her dream that if he kills Caleb, she'll lose him forever. Elizabeth assures her that it was just a bad dream, and Rafe's not going anywhere. He's probably out with the guys, but even if he were with Caleb, it would be a good thing. He's a slayer and he's going to come out of this okay. As she tries to comfort her daughter, she gets a funny, lightheaded feeling. They both take this as a sign that it might be happening now. If Caleb dies, Elizabeth's symptoms will fade and she'll go back to normal. Alison is still worried about what will happen to Rafe, but Elizabeth is more concerned with her own situation. She wants to know whether she looks any different. She's convinced that they must have gotten Caleb, because she feels normal again. Alison becomes frantic. She has to get out of there and find Rafe.

Kevin tries to go to Livvie, but Ian punches him out. Livvie is devastated. She can't lose Caleb again. Caleb tells her that they were set up. Livvie swears she had nothing to do with it this time. All she ever wanted was to be with him. "I know, sweetie," he assures her. As the others approach, Livvie screams at them, demanding to know why they did this. All they wanted was to be together! Jack doesn't believe that would have been enough for them. Livvie accuses him of putting Rafe up to this out of jealousy for what she and Caleb have. He's always hated her. "Murderers!" she screams. Caleb asks his Olivia to help him. Before she can do anything, Jack closes the music box.

Joshua and Caz try to figure out what happened. Contrary to what they expected, the studio is practically intact. Although Ricky is fine, Reese feels weird and lightheaded. Caz admits that he's starting to feel the same way. He likes it; it reminds him of the way he feels the day before Christmas. Realizing what this could mean, Joshua asks where "Stephen" is. Ricky runs outside, glad to see that "Marissa" is okay. Casey is also relieved to see him alive and well. Jamal apologizes to Ricky for punching him out; he and "Marissa" talked about it and they're totally over. He has no holds on her. Ricky readily accepts the apology. When Casey almost spills the beans again, she leaves in a hurry. Ricky doesn't know what that was about, but he thinks Jamal got out of that relationship just in time. Casey hides in the studio while Joshua and the others talk. Reese doesn't agree with Caz's description of what's happening to them. She thinks it feels more like the end of the world. It's as if she's in someone else's skin, and it just keeps feeling weirder. They realize that Joshua is feeling it as well. Freaking out, Reese wants to know what's happening. Joshua doesn't know, but he's going to find out. After he leaves, Reese realizes that this is how she felt before she met Caleb. She's convinced that Rafe and the others got him. Caz doesn't want to believe that. Casey wonders whether her twister could have done it.

Elizabeth is feeling the best she's felt in months. She is toasting Caleb's demise when there's a knock at the door. She thinks it must be Alison and Rafe with good news. Instead, it's Joshua, the only person on the planet who can ruin her good mood. He wants to know whether she's feeling the same thing he is. She confirms that she is. This is the last thing Joshua wanted to happen. All his plans are ruined. Elizabeth says this means they go back to being normal mortals. It also means that Joshua loses. She pushes him out the door.

Jack tries to talk to Tess. Confused, she wants to know what happened and why they're all at the overlook. Jack tells her it's going to be okay. Looking down, Tess sees Caleb for the first time. She's worried that she did this to him, but Caleb tells her that the others used her to get to him so that they could destroy him. Tess asks Jack whether that's true, and he tries not to answer, but she insists. Jack tells her that it was the only way. Tess informs him that it wasn't. She looks at him accusingly and asks why he did it.

Lucy tells Ian that Tess will never understand this. She notices that Ian's skin is cool to the touch. Ian doesn't want to jinx it, but he thinks the vampire symptoms are gone.

Jamal points out how bright the sky is even though it's the middle of the night. Looking at the sky, Ricky thinks something major is going down.

Stroking Caleb's head, Tess apologizes to him for her role in this. All she wanted to do was help him. Rafe takes Jack aside and tells him to get her away from Caleb right now.

Jack tells Tess it's time to go, but she won't leave. "Are you proud of yourself for killing a man?" she asks, tears streaming down her face. Jack points out that he wasn't human. "But I know he is loving and breathing," she counters. When she pushes Jack away, he tries to drag her away from Caleb. "Get your hands off my daughter," Kevin orders. Lucy and Ian tells Kevin to leave Tess alone. He informs them that he's getting his daughter back and they can't stop him. Jack apologizes to Tess, who doesn't want to hear his excuses. She loved and trusted him, but he tricked her and lied to her. He's no better than Caleb. While they argue, Kevin picks up the music box from the snow, hides it inside his coat, and leaves.

Tess tries to comfort the dying Caleb. "Creating you was the best thing I ever did," he tells her. With that, he goes still.

Alison rushes to Lucy, who informs her that Caleb is dead. Alison wants to know where Rafe is. Lucy assumes he's still there, but when she looks around, he's gone. She and Alison become more upset, worrying about where Rafe could have gone.

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