PC Update Friday 2/21/03


Port Charles Update Friday 2/21/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Casey observes nervously as Caz steps up to defend Ricky. Jamal tells Caz that this has nothing to do with him, but Caz maintains that if Jamal has a beef with a band member, then Jamal has a beef with him personally. Although Jamal challenges Ricky to take this outside, Caz is the one who takes him up on that. Jamal pretends to go along with this but then throws Caz a sucker punch. Her eyes glowing, Reese says quietly that he'll wish he hadn't done that.

Still in her mother's hotel room, Alison tries repeatedly to reach Rafe. She's worried because he hasn't called her back. He didn't say where he was going, but she thinks he's gone after Caleb. Elizabeth doesn't think she should worry about Rafe, because he knows what he's doing. Alison admits that she wants to get rid of Caleb as much as anyone does, but that doesn't stop her from worrying about the man she loves. Elizabeth tells her to think about how wonderful their life will be with Caleb out of the picture forever. Alison recalls the day Rafe returned from heaven to be with her, but this wonderful memory is marred by the much less pleasant one of when he explained his role in the balance of good and evil. Seeing the look on Alison's face, Elizabeth is concerned, but Alison says she's fine. Life with Rafe--and without Caleb--really would be a miracle.

Rafe, Lucy, and Ian anxiously await Jack's call. Lucy worries that something has gone wrong, but Ian reassures her. Rafe also believes in her. He wants to call Alison now, and he's trying not to consider the possibility that it will be the last time he talks to her. Lucy tells him that he can't expect her to destroy Caleb if it also means destroying her cousin. They still don't know what will happen with the balance of good and evil after Caleb is gone. Rafe doesn't want to think about that now; they have a job to do. Before he can call Alison, he gets a call from Jack. It's time to move. Lucy begs him to call Alison, but he says there's no time now. He gives her the silver gun, and the three of them head out. Kevin, who has been lurking around the corner, wonders why they're in such a hurry.

As Jack watches, Caleb asks Tess to repeat what she just said. Tess says that she does love him in her own way. Caleb shakes his head, not believing that she could love him knowing who and what he is. Tess says that's exactly why she loves him. Caleb doesn't understand her logic. He tried to get rid of her just to get to Olivia. Why would she still have faith in him? Tess says it's because he created her. She doesn't believe it was just to separate the good Livvie from the bad. She thinks he was trying to create someone who loved him for himself. Caleb tries to take a drink, and she knocks the blue bottle from his hand. Angry, he asks why she did that. Tess tells him that he doesn't need it. Caleb picks up the bottle, but it's empty. Tess tells him to stop hiding behind the water. She knows what it does. It masks who he really is--the person she's trying to reach. Being a vampire was forced on him. He didn't want it. Caleb realizes that he shouldn't have told her that, but she's glad he did. He doesn't have to go on living with this pain. She wants him to go with her. She holds out her hand. He puts his hand in hers, and she kisses it and leads him away.

As soon as they're gone, Jack comes out of hiding. He's planning to follow them, but two of the band's security guards stop him. They don't want Jack at the party, but Jack assures them that he's not interested. As he turns to leave, Jamal comes running out of the building and tells Jack that people are coming after him. Suddenly, Caz swings, Jamal ducks, and Jack ends up on the ground. Jamal grabs Caz, and Ricky grabs Jamal. The sound of police sirens isn't too far away.

Rafe and the others get to the overlook first. While Rafe goes to find a place to set up, Lucy tells Ian how nervous she is about this. She's just not sure about the outcome. Rafe returns with the news that he found a good place, and Lucy will have a clear shot. They scramble to get in place before Tess arrives with their target.

While the police question Caz, Reese talks Ricky into going back inside with her, and Casey looks around worriedly for the drummer. Once inside, Ricky sits down at the drums and rants about everything that just happened. Jamal punched him, Caz got involved, Jack got his lights punched out, and the cops showed up. What's next? Reese is more than willing to answer that question. She's ready to give him the gift that keeps on giving. She's been waiting a long time for this. Not paying much attention to her, Ricky thinks about the night's events and decides that it's all kind of cool in a way. He finally feels like part of the rock and roll lifestyle. Reese is all over him, ready to turn her little drummer boy into one of her own. As she bares her fangs, Casey appears in the doorway, not knowing what to do.

Jamal apologizes to Jack, who has to get to Tess now because she's with Caleb. Before he can leave the scene, one of the officers cuffs him and begins to read him his rights. Creating a diversion, Jamal plays drunk. It works. Jack uses his vampire strength to break the cuffs. He gets away before the police have any idea he's gone.

Tess thanks Caleb for trusting her enough to come to their special place. She tells him that he can be the man he was meant to be. All he has to do is look inside and find the young man who was turned into a vampire against his will. Caleb doesn't want to hear this. He tells her that he needs water, but Tess says that what he needs is to let himself feel, and he can't do that with the water in his system. Her hand is on his heart, but Caleb pushes it away. Tess begs him to connect to that place deep inside his heart and soul that longs to live a normal, human existence. Caleb reminds her that he's not human. Coming with her to the overlook was a mistake. Tess insists that it was meant to be. This is why he created her; he's always wanted to be loved and to be good. Caleb informs her that what he wants is to get Olivia back. He doesn't want to be good or to be healed. All he wants is Olivia's love. Tess says that's only what he thinks. She tells him to look inside, but he interrupts and tells her to look inside herself, at the person lost inside her. If she really wants to give him what he wants, she'll give him Olivia. Tess says that she'll never do that.

The ambush team is very anxious for Jack to get there with the music box. They have no idea that Kevin has followed them to the overlook. Ian thinks they have to do something, but Rafe stops him. If they go out there now, Caleb will know they set him up. Lucy wants to take a shot, but the men stop her.

Alison rests on her mother's bed. She has a dream in which Rafe tells her that Caleb is finally gone, but he has to go back in order to balance everything out. He fades away in front of her. Waking up, Alison realizes that he must not kill Caleb.

Tess tries to get Caleb to say what's in his heart. Caleb wants to know what he has to do to get through to her. "The only thing in this heart is darkness, except for Olivia. She was my light." He's interrupted by the sound of the music box. This puzzles him. As the music plays, Livvie surfaces. "Caleb, my love. Finally," she says, pulling him to her. "Olivia?" Caleb asks. Thrilled to be together, they embrace. Incredulous, Kevin comes out of hiding to see what's going on. Just as he steps into the path, Lucy takes aim and fires the gun.

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