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Port Charles Update Thursday 2/20/03

By Beth
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Ian is discouraged and frustrated because his serum didn't work, but Lucy encourages him not to give up hope. Rafe stops by to talk to Ian, and he's glad to see Lucy as well. He announces that it's time to go after Caleb, and they're going to use Tess to get to him. Lucy can't believe Jack would go for that, but Rafe says that Jack is the one who's setting her up. Admittedly, Jack doesn't like this, but it's the only way. Ian would prefer a more direct approach. Rafe says that it would get everyone killed, because Caleb is too strong and too smart. This way, they'll make him like any other man who's vulnerable to the charms of a beautiful woman. After he lets his guard down, they'll move in for the kill. The only catch is that Rafe can't be the one to do it. It has to be Lucy.

Lucy doesn't like this at all, but Rafe tells her that she has no choice. He's confident that she can do it, although Lucy worries about her lack of experience. Ian wants to know why Rafe can't kill Caleb. The cousins exchange a look, and Ian gives them a minute to talk about it in private. Rafe tells Lucy that he doesn't want to talk about it in front of Ian. The problem is that Rafe can't do it because of the balance of good and evil, but a slayer still has to make the kill. It's up to Lucy, as the only other slayer. Lucy wants him to explain the balance thing again, and she doesn't accept his attempt to brush off her question. Rafe reminds her that he's the reason Caleb was able to come back. Lucy understands that, but she wants to know what will happen to her cousin if she kills Caleb. Rafe doesn't know. Lucy doesn't like this; if killing Caleb means killing Rafe, she can't go through with it. Rafe tells her that she has no choice. He's counting on her, and so is everyone else. When Ian comes back, he mentions their reluctance to tell him what's going on. Lucy quietly promises to tell him later. In a more normal voice, she states that Rafe's point is that Caleb would suspect him of doing something. However, he would never suspect her, because he doesn't think she's strong enough. Lucy looks to Rafe to back up her story, and he does. Letting it go, Ian asks what the plan is.

Ian and Lucy want to be sure they understand. When the music box plays, Livvie will surface, and then while Caleb takes it all in, Lucy will pull the trigger. Ian thinks it sounds too easy. Rafe points out that it's not easy at all. For one thing, the plan depends on Tess being able to get the water away from Caleb. They also have to hope that he's still as into Livvie as ever. Lucy adds her hope that she's a much better shot than she was the last time. Ian promises to be right there with her. Trying to believe that everything will work out, Lucy tells her cousin that they'll all celebrate together when it's over. Rafe wants that more than anything. Saying that he left something for her in the car, he goes to get it. While he's gone, Ian brings up the secret between the cousins again, but he figures it's slayer stuff. He realizes that Lucy is worried, and she admits to being petrified. Ian doesn't think she should be; he's seen her strength. He believes in her with all his heart, and when it's all over and he has his son and his life back, he'll have her to thank.

Jack talks to Tess about Caleb. He knows how much she wants to reach out to his good side, and he does want to help. The problem is that Caleb can hide his true self, and unless Tess can find a way to get past that barrier, Jack isn't sure that she can help him after all. Tess doesn't understand why Jack no longer has faith in her ability to save Caleb. Jack explains that he has faith in her, but not in Caleb. She can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Tess points out that he's recently changed his mind, because not long ago he believed that she could. Jack says that Caleb's water is like a drug, and it doesn't let him show his true self. If she can't get it away from him, she may not be able to reach into him. Tess never thought of that. She always knew that something was keeping him from opening up. Now she knows it's the water. She has to get him to stop drinking it. Tess thanks Jack, because she never would have thought of that. All she has to do is get Caleb to stop drinking the water. Jack cautions that it won't be easy to get him to stop. They don't want him to suspect something and get riled up. Tess agrees that it has to be done correctly. She knows what to do. She'll do it at the overlook. Now that she knows what to do now, she needs to go find him. She realizes that Jack doesn't like this, but she's more certain of this than ever. She trusts Jack, and she knows he wouldn't send her out if he didn't think she could do it. He really does believe in her. Does he know how that makes her feel? For the first time, they're more than husband and wife. They're partners. She hugs Jack, who has a very guilty look on his face.

At the studio, the party is in full swing. Reese is preoccupied, watching for Ricky, and Caz assures her he'll be there. Caleb changes the music, putting on some of their own songs. With a woman at his side, he informs Joshua that they're celebrating the return of the real Stephen Clay.

Casey tracks Jamal down in the park. She needs his help because he's the only one who knows she's a guardian angel. She's not allowed to interfere, but if Jamal doesn't do something, Ricky will become a vampire tonight.

As "The Gift" plays, Reese cozies up to Caleb. She's really glad he's back. Caleb says he was never that far away, but Reese doesn't agree. She kisses him and then see Ricky walk in the door. After making sure she still has permission to turn him, she goes to her little drummer boy. Ricky is psyched about the party. He had no idea it would be this good, and he wonders why they didn't have any before. Joshua points out that Caleb is in a better mood than the last time they spoke. Caleb admits that he should have done this long ago; he just needed to remember who he is. If Joshua didn't know better, he'd swear that Caleb has completely forgotten Olivia--or is it Tess? Caleb says that tonight's about good times. "Good times and me."

Reese is all over Ricky, who's already putting away a few beers. She wants to take him to the back room to give him a very special gift. Jamal gets Ricky's attention and then punches him out. "That's for kissing my girl, Marissa," he announces. Jamal picks a fight with him, and Reese can't believe Ricky actually kissed Marissa. Ricky is ticked off at Jamal for not giving him a chance to explain, but Jamal is ready to take this outside. Being on parole, Ricky can't do that. Caz steps in to help Ricky, who says he can handle it, but Caz is prepared to handle it for him eight here right now. Casey is watching all this, and she realizes that the situation isn't good.

Caleb is standing outside when Joshua leaves the party. It's getting too rowdy for him, and he has business to attend to anyway. He tells Caleb that he's glad to see him getting back to his old self. Alone again, Caleb thinks about the time when Tess, dressed in Livvie's wedding gown, said she could feel the goodness inside him. Then he thinks about Kevin's claim that he's becoming human. "Not anymore," Caleb vows, shaking his head. Tess finds him there and says that she wants to talk to him. Caleb informs her that it's not a good time. When she asks whether later would be better, he tells her that he doesn't ever want to talk to her. When he tells her to leave, she asks whether it's that easy for him to turn his back on her and on their friendship. Caleb replies that it's something he has to do for both of them. Watching from a hiding place, Jack hopes Tess will walk away now, but she's not ready yet. Tess tells Caleb that every time he's ever needed her, she's been there, in spite of what everyone else wanted. She did it because she believed in their friendship and the good that's inside him. Now she comes to him on her own, for the only time, and he tells her to go away. Is it that easy for him to turn his back on her? Walking away, she says she wanted him to know that in her own way, she really does love him. This clearly gets to him, and he tells her to wait.

Rafe returns with the silver gun. He took it from Lucy before, but now he's placing it back in her hands. He wants her to get the feel of it. After some initial hesitation, Lucy announces that she's ready.

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