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Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/19/03

By Beth
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When Lucy arrives at the loft, Ian is staring at a vial of liquid. He informs her that he may have found a cure for vampirism, and it's time to find out for certain. He wants to inject himself with the serum. Lucy protests vehemently, pointing out that they don't know what the risks are. Ian wants her to refrain from arguing with him just one time. Lucy feels she has to argue, because they don't know what will happen if he does this. Ian counters that he knows what will happen if he doesn't. Lucy truly believes it will be all right, because he's drinking the special water and making love to her. Ian doesn't want to turn something beautiful into a prescription. Lucy tells him that it isn't like that, but Ian wants a permanent cure. He wants his life and his son back, and if he and Lucy are going to have a future together, he wants it to be normal. He wants to grow old with her and make love because they want to, not because they have to. Lucy loves him, and she loves what he just said. She understands what he's trying to say now. She picks up the syringe and prepares to see what happens next.

As the music box plays, Alison stands up and walks over to Livvie, not quite believing what "Tess" just said to her. Livvie doesn't feel the need to repeat herself. She wants to know what Alison is doing there. She accuses Alison of always hanging around and causing trouble. Alison doesn't understand why Tess would say these things. Livvie tells her to use the two brain cells she has left--if she has that many--to figure it out. Alison should know that she hates her. Jack comes in and immediately notices that something is wrong. He observes quietly from a distance while Livvie taunts Alison for not recognizing the person she used to think of as her best friend. Now Alison understands. While she takes it all in, Jack rushes over and slams down the music box lid, bringing a very confused Tess back to the surface.

Elizabeth tells Rafe to make himself comfortable. "We're family. I won't bite," she promises. Rafe chuckles nervously and says that Alison sent him over. Elizabeth says that she needs to talk about something extremely important. Rafe tells her that he's also dealing with something important, but Elizabeth assures him that this won't take long. Complaining that it's hot, she touches his face seductively. "What the heck are you doing?" Rafe demands. Elizabeth informs him that they have to have sex right now. She tries to take his clothes off. Rafe thinks this must be a really bad joke. Elizabeth tells him to think of it as saving someone's life--and soul. It doesn't make sense to him because he doesn't understand what happens when a vampire sleeps with a slayer. All the symptoms disappear. Rafe thinks this is crazy, but she insists that he's the only one who can help her. He can either kill her or have sex with her. She pushes him down on the bed and climbs on top of him. Just in time, Alison comes in. "Mother!" When Elizabeth turns around, startled, Alison sees Rafe, who waves to her. "Hi, Alison."


Tess doesn't understand. Did something happen? Shielding her from the truth, Jack says it's just been a long day. He sends her to get some cold drinks, and Alison asks Jack what just happened. Without answering, Jack wants to know how she got the music box. Alison doesn't know, but as soon as Tess opened it, something started to happen. Jack explains that Caleb gave it to her, and although Jack destroyed it, the pieces somehow got back together. Alison compares the music box to Caleb. Now she understands what they're dealing with. She apologizes for her earlier behavior and promises to do whatever Jack needs. Jack wants her to get Rafe over to the house. She rushes out to find him, and Tess returns with some bottles of spring water. She asks about Alison, and Jack tells her that Rafe needed her. They sit down on the couch. Tess wants to know what just happened. She remembers coming into the living room and seeing Alison, then opening the box to let her hear the music. The next thing she knew, Alison was very upset. Jack tells her that it's all right now. He asks where she got the music box. Tess says it was next to the bed when she woke up this morning. He should know that, because he obviously put it there. Jack realizes that she really doesn't know what happened. When she opens the box, something strange happens that she can't remember. "It's like a dream. I'm asleep, and a part of me is still awake in a dark corner somewhere, but the other part of me wakes up and then feels like--Jack, what happens when I open this music box?" Tess wants to know why she can't remember.

Getting up, Elizabeth tries to explain that it's not what it looks like. Rafe tells Alison that her mother got the crazy idea that having sex with a slayer would cure her. Elizabeth insists that it's true; she has proof. Considering her recent suicide attempt, Alison should know how desperate she is. She was just trying to get Rafe to cure her! Alison tells her mother to shut up. She apologizes to Rafe; she thought her mother needed his help. Elizabeth says that she does need his help. She knows it's unusual. Alison tells her it's sick. Elizabeth insists that it's her last hope. "Right, for you. It's always about you. You, you, you. You need hope. This is your last thing. It's all about you. I'm so sick of that." Alison continues, but Rafe stops her. He gets Elizabeth to say she didn't mean it. Taking Alison by the arm to get her out of there, he tells Elizabeth that it wouldn't have worked, and that it was never an option. Upset, Elizabeth begs them not to leave her. She's truly sorry. She's lost everything and has absolutely no future. All she has is in that blue bottle, and it will keep her alive one tortured day after another. Rafe informs her that she's wrong about that. If they kill Caleb, she'll go back to normal. Elizabeth is convinced that will never happen. Even if it does, it won't save her. She's starting to lose her mind. "Starting?" Rafe asks. Elizabeth doesn't blame him for not caring, and she knows that Alison hates her. Alison tells her to stop. Disgusted, she and Rafe walk out. Alison tells talks about how Caleb is everywhere. She tells Rafe what happened after he left Jack's house. Caleb will never stop on his own, and Alison doesn't know what to do. Rafe tells her to follow her heart. Agreeing, she reluctantly goes back into her mother's room to talk. Elizabeth is too ashamed to look at her. Alison admits that it might take a very long time to forgive her. Elizabeth can deal with that, as long as there's hope.


Jack says that the music probably reminds her of bad memories. Livvie had one just like it, and she also felt strongly about it. Jack says that he had no right to try to get rid of the music box. Tess understands, and it upsets her to think about it. She agrees with Jack's idea to keep it himself. She really likes it, and she wants it, but something about it isn't right. She promises not to open it unless he's with her. At her request, Jack agrees to hide it. He promises to take care of her if she'll just trust him. He holds her, and she doesn't want him to ever let go. Jack breaks loose to give her a present. He hands her the shopping bag, and when she looks inside, she's awestruck. She pulls out the rag doll, which is identical to the one she had when he found her. Tess is thrilled to have the doll, and she promises that they'll soon have a baby of their own. While she plays with it, Jack answers a call from Rafe, who knows about the music box. He says that it's time. Jack realizes that this is the only way to go. As much as he loves Tess, he has to send her out alone.

Within seconds of his injection, Ian's symptoms return. He bares his fangs at Lucy, who wants to get his water, but she quickly learns that's not going to happen. Trying to calm him down, she tells him of her desire to make him feel better. He responds by putting his hand at her throat and throwing her across the room. Ian becomes even more violent. As he stands over her on the couch, Lucy gets out a knife. Ian grabs her wrist, and they struggle for control of the knife. Ian jumps away from the couch and begs her to let him go, but she refuses. They can't let Caleb win. Ian has to fight for their future together, for Danny, and for his life. He heals people; he doesn't hurt them. Lucy believes in him. Ian puts his hand to her throat again, but Lucy repeats that she believes in him and knows that he won't hurt her. Weakening, Ian falls to his knees. Lucy keeps talking to him about how much she loves him. As he calms down, his fangs disappear and his eyes cease to glow. They hold each other, relieved that the latest episode is over.

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