PC Update Tuesday 2/18/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/18/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

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Wearing fresh perfume and a very revealing blouse, Elizabeth prepares to seduce Rafe. She rationalizes her action by telling herself that it doesn't count. After all, she's only doing it because it's the only way to save her life. She answers a knock at the door, which she assumes is Rafe. Instead, it's Alison, who looks at her mother's blouse in disbelief. She goes inside and tells Elizabeth that she's worried about her. Alison knows that she wanted to see Rafe, but he had something to do. When she asks exactly what her mother wanted with Rafe, Elizabeth replies that it's "vampire stuff" that only a slayer would know. Alison offers to try to help anyway, but Elizabeth claims she doesn't feel comfortable discussing it with her. It's humiliating. Alison doesn't know why; she's seen her mother with bloody fangs, and she even helped her dispose of a body. Brushing this aside, Elizabeth informs her that Rafe is the one who has what she needs. Alison is sorry that Rafe couldn't come, but she'll tell him that her mother needs him. She thinks back to her high school days, when she was considered the mostly likely to marry a doctor, host a cotillion, or get seaweed wraps at the spa. She never thought marrying a vampire slayer could be part of the "most likely to" category. She regrets not being able to answer her mother's questions, but she would like to make things nicer for her by getting her out of the hotel. She offers to find an apartment or a cottage for her to live in. Elizabeth likes that idea, but she wants to get her life under control first. Alison asks whether she's still drinking the special water, and Elizabeth says that she is. Alison does have some good news. Although she can't give any details, Rafe is working on a plan to end all this. If anyone can do it, he can. Realizing how much her daughter loves Rafe, Elizabeth says to tell him not to come to the hotel after all. Alison leaves, with a promise to call her mother later--and a puzzled look on her face. Alone, Elizabeth congratulates herself for having a conscience after all.

Jack has called Rafe and Jamal over to his house to fill them in on the music box incident. Rafe asks for the music box, because whoever controls it also controls the next time Livvie makes an appearance. Jack informs him that he smashed it to pieces with a sledgehammer. Rafe thinks that was a bad idea. He tells Jack to get it so they can try to put it back together, because it's the key to beating Caleb. Jamal thinks that if they open the box and give him Livvie, he'll let his guard down. Rafe confirms that he's thinking along those lines. He's going to assume that Caleb has no idea that it works on Tess. Jamal thinks that's a pretty big leap, since Caleb's the one who gave it to her. Rafe points out that if he knew, he never would have let it out of his hands. The music box is the way to Livvie, who in turn is the way to Caleb. Jamal understands now. If they time it right, they'll have one dead bat. Seeing Rafe's reaction to that, he asks what the problem is. Rafe says that if they kill him, the balance between good and evil will have shifted. Jamal thinks that would be a good thing. Rafe remembers what will happen to him, but it doesn't deter him from wanting to defeat Caleb. They go outside to get the music box out of the trash, but it's gone.

Going back inside, Rafe says it's not over. The music box can't have disappeared from the face of the earth. It's someplace waiting to be found. Jamal points out that it's in a million pieces, which prompts Jack to admit that he really blew it. Rafe thinks there has to be another way to defeat Caleb. Jamal wants to know how many times Caleb has to be die to stay dead. Rafe promises that it will be different this time, because he'll be killed by a slayer. It would help if they had the music box, so they'll keep looking for it. They also need to get Caleb off his water to make him vulnerable. All three head are ready to resume the search, but Alison comes in before they can head out. They hedge about what they're really up to, and Rafe promises to tell her when it's time. Jack asks her to watch Tess, who's resting, and she agrees. However, she wants to talk to Rafe alone first. The guys give them some privacy. Alison asks Rafe to talk to her mother, who is freaking out and has some questions. Agreeing, Rafe heads out.

Just outside the studio, Ricky confronts "Marissa" about the way she's been acting. She's been flipping out on him, and he thinks that her breakup with Jamal hit her harder than she realizes. Inside, Caz and Reese complain to Joshua about the music they've had to play recently. "Newborn Heart" simply isn't their style. It's like Metallica trying to do Barry Manilow. Joshua tells them that it's important to experiment with new forms. "Oh, yeah? Well, this form is about five feet tall, weighs as much as a drowned rat, and goes by the name of Tess. I really don't know what he sees in her," Reese complains. Caz stops her by addressing the boss, who just arrived. Caleb announces that he's making some changes. He's getting rid of the new song and going back to rock and roll. This makes the others very happy.

Elizabeth regrets calling off the visit from Rafe. She thinks she's too unselfish. Looking at a photo of Alison, she wonders what to do now that she's given up her only opportunity. She's surprised by another knock at the door, and even more surprised to hear Rafe's voice. She wasn't expecting him. Rafe says that Alison told him she needed to see him. Seeing her chance, Elizabeth invites him inside.

Caleb listens as the band practices their new song. He notices a new riff and some changes in the lyrics, and he asked who's responsible. Ricky speaks up about the lyrics. Fortunately, Caleb likes them. Ricky credits "Marissa" with doing most of the work. Reese takes her boss aside to make her usual request for permission to turn Ricky. Caleb finally consents. "Knock yourself out. Make him one of us. Don't forget to enjoy yourself." Joshua overhears and doesn't like this at all. He tries to call Elizabeth, but she doesn't answer. He leaves a message saying that he needs her now.

After getting the green light from Caleb, Reese is all over Ricky. She wants to be his date for the big party they're throwing tonight. It will certainly be a night to remember. He accepts her invitation. When he's alone, "Marissa" tells him not to go. This angers Ricky, but "Marissa" insists that she has a really bad feeling about it. Ricky accuses her of trying to ruin his good time. Since he insists on going, she decides to go with him. Ricky tells her that she'll do no such thing.

In his office, Caleb recalls what Kevin told him about becoming human. Reese comes in to thank him for granting her request. Wanting to taste her gratitude, Caleb licks her skin and then feeds on her.

Jack and Jamal go through the trash again. Jamal doesn't like keeping things from Alison, but Jack points out that she's not exactly on board with the plan. They give up on finding the music box in the trash, because it obviously isn't there.

While Alison sits down with a magazine, Tess carries the music box into the living room and sets it on the table. Alison thinks she's seen it before. Tess explains that Jack wanted to get rid of it, but he must have changed his mind. She opens the lid to let Alison hear the music. Alison asks where she got it. "That is none of your business, bitch," Livvie snarls.

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