PC Update Monday 2/17/03

Port Charles Update Monday 2/17/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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The waiter is confused when Ian and Lucy tell him to return the bottle of champagne that Kevin sent over. Deciding to take care of it personally, Ian goes to the bar and tells Kevin to stay away from them. When Lucy reminds her husband of the restraining order, Kevin politely states that he was in compliance until they approached him. It's not his fault they're standing too close to him now. Frustrated, Lucy tells Ian that it's time to go home. As soon as they're gone, Caleb sits at the bar, unaware that Kevin is a few seats away. When Kevin speaks to him, Caleb can't believe his bad luck. He becomes even more annoyed when Kevin moves to sit next to him. Kevin wants to talk about Livvie. He reminds Caleb of his promise to bring her back. The problem is that Tess is the only one around. Caleb must be losing his touch.

The music box plays as Livvie touches Jack seductively. He's suspicious of her behavior but can't quite put his finger on what's wrong. Looking toward the Valentine's Day card meant for him, he sees that Livvie was the one who signed it. Livvie tells Jack that he doesn't look happy to see her. Tess is back inside, where Livvie used to be, and she won't be coming back out. Livvie is the one Caleb wants, and he's been calling her. Seeing the music box, Jack slams it shut. Tess returns with a jolt. She's confused about what just happened, but then she remembers that she was going to play the music. She tries to lift the music box lid again, but Jack stops her. Tess is still confused, and Jack apologizes for scaring her. When Tess admits that Caleb gave her the music box, Jack says that he uses it to make Livvie do bad things. Tess doesn't think it's a problem now. He gave it to her because he doesn't need it anymore. He even played it for her and it didn't affect her at all. Knowing that she's wrong, Jack wants to get rid of it. He claims not to want it in the house because it brings back bad memories for him. Tess agrees, thinking she can return it, but Jack takes it from her. He takes it outside and uses a hammer to smash it to pieces. Then he throws it into the garbage can.

Standing in Ian's loft, Elizabeth reads the research notes about how making love with a slayer improved Ian's condition. She's excited to think there may be a cure. Ian and Lucy return, still talking about Kevin. They linger outside the door, and by the time they go inside, Elizabeth isn't there anymore. Lucy doesn't think Kevin wants to hurt her at this point. She thinks he just wants to mess up her life. There's a knock at the door, and Ian jerks the door open to see whether it's Kevin. It's Elizabeth, who tells Ian that she was worried because he hasn't been by to get any of the special water lately. Ian informs her that he still has plenty. Elizabeth then says that he's obviously stronger than she is. She asks whether he's been feeding on anyone, and he tells her not to be ridiculous. She points out that she's been lonely since leaving Stephen, and Ian is one of the few people who know what she's going through. Lucy tells her off for putting him in this position in the first place. She informs Elizabeth that she's been helping Ian and taking care of him. Elizabeth wants to know how that's possible. Ian says that he's fighting it, and that she should do the same, until they come up with something else. Elizabeth accuses him of already having something and not telling her about it. She begs him to go somewhere with her and "talk." Lucy orders her to keep her hands off him. The situation is getting out of control, and Ian ushers Elizabeth out the door just before his phone rings. While he talks, Lucy goes out to have a little talk with the vamp. Elizabeth points out that she and Ian have desires that can only be satisfied by their own kind--at least that's what she was led to believe. She wants to know how Ian could be doing so well without feedings or the special water. When Ian comes out to check on them, Elizabeth tells him she's glad he's doing better. She leaves, and the others go back inside. Ian tells Lucy that she should be more compassionate, because Elizabeth doesn't have anyone.

Caleb and Kevin have moved to a table. Two young women recognize "Stephen Clay" and ask for his autograph and a picture of him with them. Caleb asks whether a kiss will do. He kisses each of them on the cheek, which more than satisfies them. Kevin admits that he does have a way with the ladies. "They always love the bad boys," Caleb points out, adding that Kevin's daughter certainly did. Kevin doesn't like the fact that she chose him, but it happened. He hasn't given up on her, but he thinks Caleb has. He thinks that Tess is getting to him with her innocent brown eyes. She's sweet, and she challenges him in a way most women don't. In Kevin's professional opinion, Caleb is obsessed with her. Caleb listens to Kevin's evaluation with feigned interest. He points out that Kevin can't read him, because he doesn't operate like anyone Kevin has ever known before. "Is that so?" Kevin challenges. He doesn't think it matters whether it's Livvie or Tess; Caleb is obsessed with the love of a woman, to the point of forgetting almost everything else. Caleb gets up; Kevin's psychobabble bores him. Kevin says that Caleb is around people so much that he's becoming human, adding that there's nothing wrong with being human. He thinks Caleb has convinced himself that he has everything under control, but that deep down, he knows it's not true.

Convinced there's a way out, Elizabeth is excited about the prospect of getting her normal life back. All she has to do is sleep with a slayer. Getting out her cell phone, she gives Rafe a call.

After having to deal with both Kevin and Elizabeth, Lucy thinks the Valentine's Day feeling is gone. Ian doesn't think so, because they're alone now. He tells Lucy that she doesn't just make his symptoms better. She makes his whole life better. He has a theory. He doesn't think his improvement has anything to do with her being a slayer. He thinks it's because she allows him to love her, and there isn't a feeling in the world that can hold a candle to that.

Jack and Tess sit on the porch swing. Tess can feel Jack hurting, but he tells her that he's fine now that she's in his arms. When he looks at her, it's hard for him to believe that anything could be wrong. After he carries her inside, the music begins to play from inside the garbage can.

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