PC Update Friday 2/14/03


Port Charles Update Friday 2/14/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

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Looking at Ian's notes about the cure, Lucy decides they should make love more often to help him out. Even though she already arranged his visit with Danny, she has another surprise planned for him. When Ian excuses himself to get her Valentine's Day gift, she takes the opportunity to confirm her order of "A Taste of Ireland" from the Unique Gift Agency. Ian returns and hands her a small box. Lucy opens it and finds a small picture frame containing a four-leaf clover he found as a boy. It's the Irish symbol for luck, and Ian thinks it's perfect for her because that's what she is to him. A knock on the door signals the arrival of Lucy's gift to him. When she opens the door, she's confused to see a man dressed like a leprechaun. He enters the loft, turns on some Irish music, and identifies himself as the lord of the dance. As he dances, he starts stripping. Lucy is extremely flustered, to Ian's amusement. She finally manages to stop the man, who turns off the music. When Lucy tries to explain that she wanted an Irish dinner, he hands her his business card, which reads, "Adult entertainers bring the spring back to your step with a touch of the old sod." She gets rid of him, despite his protests that she hasn't seen his shamrock. Lucy doesn't want to see his shamrock! After he's gone, she tries to explain things to Ian, but he thanks her. This is the first time he's been able to laugh in a long time. He wants to take her out for a romantic dinner. He fastens the stripper's big green bow around her neck.

Sickened by Joshua's feeding, Elizabeth pulls away and tells him to get away from her. "Too rough for you?" Joshua thought she was enjoying it, but just the thought of doing that with him is repulsive to her. Joshua points out that her options are limited. Unless she has a special friend he doesn't know about, he's her only option. Elizabeth assures him that there's no one else. The only thing he stirred in her was utter disgust. Joshua says that she wouldn't be his first choice either. However, since they are allies in trying to bring down Caleb, there's no reason they shouldn't satisfy their urges every now and then. They're vampires, and they shouldn't be ashamed. Caleb and his special water obviously have her confused, but there's nothing like a good feeding. He starts pawing at her again, trying to get her to give in to her desire, but she leaves, vowing that it will never happen. Joshua is quite confident that she will, because she'll have to.

Jack really wants to be the one to drive the stake through Caleb's heart. Rafe informs him that it doesn't work that way. Caleb is a vampire. When the time comes, he and Lucy will take care of it. Alison is appalled to hear that they want to kill Caleb in front of Tess, who obviously has no clue that they're using her. The guys argue that they have to stop Caleb from doing what he wants with her, the way he did with Livvie. Alison is even more disgusted to see that Jack has a doll in his shopping bag. He plans to give it to Tess for Valentine's Day. Alison accuses him of treating his wife like a child. Becoming defensive, Jack says that it has sentimental value, but Alison doesn't like this at all. He's trying to keep Tess pure and innocent. Meanwhile, Caleb wants the evil Livvie. Tess is neither one. The two of them are pulling her apart, and they don't even realize it. Alison accuses Jack of being no better than Caleb. Tess isn't even a whole person, and neither is Livvie. They're both trying so hard to hold onto their own version of her that she'll never have a chance to be complete. Jack insists that Tess is a whole person just the way she is, and if they don't keep Caleb away, he'll corrupt her the same way he did Livvie. Rafe sides with Jack, who just wants to give his wife the best possible life. Alison is afraid the plan will backfire and Tess will get hurt. Not wanting to argue anymore, Jack takes the doll and leaves. Alison storms into another room.

Tess meets Caleb at the overlook and asks why he called her there. Caleb replies that he wrote something for her. It was important for him to let her know what she means to him. He begins to play "Newborn Heart" on his guitar. When the song is over, Tess tells him that it was beautiful. Caleb says that it's his Valentine's Day present to her. He plays innocent when Tess admits that it makes her a little uncomfortable. He assures her that it's not a trick; it's the way he feels, and she helped him get there. He's made so many mistakes along the way by trying to replace Olivia with Livvie, and then trying to reach Livvie through Tess. Now he feels as if he's been reborn, and he owes her. He bends his face to kiss her. He kisses her cheek to thank her for everything she's done for him. He also has something else for her. He gives her a music box, stating that Olivia was very fond of it. He opens the lid, and Tess likes the music that plays. She briefly gets a confused look on her face. Caleb thinks it will bring her closer to Livvie, and maybe to him as well. Tess thinks she should go before Jack starts wondering where she is. She tells him that just because he can't have Livvie back doesn't mean he'll never love again. "Don't worry about me, Tess. I'll find love again," he says after she's gone.

Elizabeth lets herself into Ian's loft, calling out that they need to talk. Talking isn't exactly what's on her mind, though. She needs him to save her from a fate worse than death: having to feed on Joshua. Loosening her blouse, she sits down on the couch to wait for him. Time passes and Ian still hasn't returned. Now wearing one of Ian's shirts, a very impatient Elizabeth takes a look at his research notes about the effects of sleeping with a slayer. She doesn't like the idea that he could be sleeping with Lucy.

At the restaurant, Ian still can't get over how funny the whole incident was. If Lucy hadn't stopped it, that man would have shown her his lucky charms. Neither of them wanted to see that! They agree that it felt good to laugh again. Lucy finally takes off the green bow as the waiter brings by a bottle of champagne, compliments of the gentleman at the bar. They look toward the bar and see Kevin lifting his glass to them.

Rafe gives Alison a dozen pink roses, but she's still upset with him. She doesn't want to be mad, but she's frustrated and scared. Rafe reminds her that they've already spent too much time apart because of Caleb. Just for tonight, he wants it just to be the two of them. She allows him to hold her because it feels good. They realize that they'll have more disagreements in the future, and they agree to always talk things out.

Still at the overlook, Caleb thinks about how Olivia always finds her way back to him. He knows she will again. It's just a matter of time.

Tess lights some candles because she wants tonight to be special. Getting out the card for Jack, she writes, "Dear Jack, the day I found you is the day I discovered love." She looks toward the music box, then continues. "You're my family, my heart." She looks at the music box again, goes over to it, and opens the lid. As the music plays, a change comes over her. She finishes the card. "Happy Valentine's Day, my love. May we always be together. Livvie." She dances sensually around the room. Jack comes home and looks at her with uncertainty. "Tess?" he asks. "Welcome home, Jack," Livvie greets him.