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Port Charles Update Thursday 2/13/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Panicking, Alison rushes over to Rafe's apartment to give him the awful news that she saw Joshua. Rafe doesn't believe her at first, but she manages to convince him, and he doesn't like this one bit. It can only mean one thing. Elizabeth didn't kill Joshua after all; she turned him. Rafe always knew this was a possibility. Alison thinks there's some good news in all this. It means that her mother didn't make a kill. Alison knows that when the head vampire dies, all his progeny will revert back to normal unless they've killed. Now Rafe won't have to kill her mother. Rafe insists that he would have found a way around that anyway, because destroying Elizabeth would destroy Alison. They discuss their disagreement about Tess. Alison still isn't convinced that her plan isn't worth a shot, but Rafe is still very skeptical. If there were any chance that Tess could restore Caleb's soul, he would be right there cheering her on, but it's simply not possible. Rafe's fear is that instead of healing Caleb, Tess will be corrupted by him. He understand that Alison still believes in miracles. Alison informs him that she has every reason to believe. Rafe was born into a world of darkness. Fighting evil is his birthright. He knows it's all new to Alison, and it just proves how brave she is. Alison admits she's not as brave as she pretends to be, but Rafe has something to say about that. "Here's the thing. Being brave, having courage--it's not always about slaying dragons, or in our case, vampires, and being able to stand up against them unafraid. It's about knowing when you are afraid, and standing up against them anyway. You know? It's about doing what you know is right. It's about doing what's in your heart. And that's what you do. You do that every day. So like it or not, you're my hero." When she asks, he admits that sometimes he does get scared. He was afraid when he thought he'd never see her again, as well as when they didn't get married. Alison knows what their revenge should be. They're going to forget all about Caleb for a few hours. They're going to pretend that creepy forces and evil vampires don't exist. She lights some candles and takes him to bed.

A very somber Jack sits down to have a little talk with his wife. Tess points out that he's been very quiet ever since they left the studio. Jack admits that something is bothering him. Every time he turns his back, either Tess is running off to see Caleb or he's coming to see her. He just doesn't know what to do about it. Tess knows she can save him, but she doesn't know what else she can say to make Jack believe that. Jack would like to hear anything that makes sense, so that he's not worrying about her constantly whenever she's gone. Tess tells him not to worry, but Jack doesn't understand why she's doing this to their marriage. Isn't she happy with him? Or is Caleb the one she really wants? Tess doesn't want Jack to ever doubt that she loves him, but Jack believes that there's also a part of her that loves Caleb. She's not the only one who can sense things. He's been down this road before, with Livvie. Tess counters that she wants to help Caleb, whereas Livvie wanted to be with him. She was blessed with a gift, and although she doesn't know where it came from, she doesn't question it. Jack tells her that Caleb isn't like them; he doesn't have a heart. Tess says that's what he wants everyone to think, but it's not true. He shows her who he really is, and she doesn't judge him. She's tired of arguing about this. She turns around sadly, and Jack goes to her. If this is what she wants, they'll do it her way. Tess is glad that Jack believes in her. It means everything to her. Jack promises to do things her way from now on. She invites him to join her in the bedroom now, because she really misses him. Jack likes that idea, but he has to run an errand first. He tells her to put on some music and wait for him there. He leaves the house, hoping she'll forgive him someday for what he's about to do.

Joshua doesn't think a death threat is any way to greet an old friend. Caleb points out that they're not friends; Joshua is his employee. He demands to know what Joshua said to scare Tess so badly. Joshua says he was merely trying to explain that he had misjudged her. "You're scrambling, Joshua. Not a very attractive quality for a vampire," Caleb states. He sensed Joshua the moment he walked in, and he knows it was Elizabeth who turned him. Joshua tries to explain that she overreacted to a misunderstanding with Alison, but Caleb doesn't understand why he was incompetent enough to let Rafe, a slayer, go along on the trip to Capri. As far as he's concerned, eternal life is too good for Joshua. Elizabeth should have drained him and tossed him away. Joshua produces a particularly deadly looking dagger and tells Caleb to use it. Caleb informs Joshua that if he ever decides to kill him, he won't need a prop. It was a dramatic gesture, but Joshua obviously knew he wouldn't do it. As for the band manager's return, Caleb admits that there were some ways in which he was missed. The band has become unruly in his absence, even accusing Caleb of going soft. Assuming he's referring to the new song, Joshua says that "Newborn Heart" is brilliant and one of Caleb's best. Caleb tells him that he wrote it for Tess. He needs her to trust him and believe that he's changed. He hasn't given up on bringing Olivia back, but he had to change tactics. Forcing Tess would never work. It would just be killing her softly. Joshua compliments Caleb on the way he's handling Tess. It was a brilliant move to use her goodness against her. He presumes that calling off the big feast was part of the plan. Caleb admits that he was almost angry enough to go through with it, but he restrained himself. Now he has Tess exactly where he wants her. She thinks she's changed him. Joshua questions why he doesn't just pull Olivia out of her and be done with it. Caleb informs him that this plan requires a certain amount of subtlety and finesse, because Tess is fragile. Joshua asks whether he's sure that Olivia is really the one he wants, and Caleb replies that he was born to love her. She's in his blood. Tess is merely along for the ride. Joshua offers to help, now that he's stronger, but Caleb informs him that being a vampire doesn't make him his equal. Caleb can end this for Joshua at any time. He leaves the manager alone in the studio. Joshua is pleased, convinced that Caleb has indeed gone soft. Caleb thinks he knows him, but he really has no idea. By the time he finds out, it will be too late.

Elizabeth goes to the studio and asks Joshua what he wants. She's agitated because she needs some water, but Joshua doesn't have any. He prefers a more traditional feeding. "Call me old-fashioned," he adds. Elizabeth can't believe he would suggest a mutual feeding, especially considering how much they dislike each other. Joshua thinks her neck looks particularly lovely. Telling her to give in to it, he paws at her and then feeds.

After making love, Alison says that the bad feeling in her stomach is gone. She suggests doing this as often as they can. Rafe wants to take her out on a date. He even knows what he wants her to wear. Alison assumes it's some sexy little outfit, but he pulls out her engagement ring and places it on her finger again. She's very happy to get it back where it belongs. She hands him the watch she gave him as a wedding gift. Suddenly, someone is pounding on the door. Rafe jumps up despite Alison's efforts to stop him. The pounding continues, and Jack identifies himself. Rafe opens the door to let him him. Jack rants about how he set up Tess. She thinks she can heal Caleb, so he lied and told her he believed her. He can't let Caleb destroy her the way he did Livvie. Caleb will destroy them all if they don't do something. Jack wants to be the one who drives the stake through his heart.

Tess sets the mood for romance, unaware that Caleb is watching her through the window. When he materializes behind her and takes a few steps toward her, she has no idea.