PC Update Wednesday 2/12/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/12/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Ian picks at the breakfast Lucy prepared. In spite of how bad the eggs are, they're not the reason for the way he's acting. He's discouraged. He thought he was doing better, but last night he was pulled into the woods like a mindless animal. He can't live that way, with someone like Caleb having control over him. Lucy reminds him that when Caleb called out all his vampires, Ian was able to resist. That means that inside, he's still Ian. A knock at the door signals a special delivery that Lucy has been expecting. It's Tim, with Danny. Ian's face lights up when he sees his "little man." He hesitates at first, but Lucy tells him that it's okay. When Ian reaches for his son, he starts having flashbacks of his life as a vampire, and he can't do it. He orders Tim to get Danny out of there. This was a very bad idea. Lucy doesn't agree, because she knows that she can't hurt Danny. Ian doesn't want his son to see him like a monster. Lucy assures him that he won't, because that's not what he is. Taking her words to heart, Ian holds his son for a few minutes. He hands Danny back to Tim, and after they leave, Ian tells Lucy that this was exactly what he needed.

Grabbing her coat, Tess steps outside to talk to Alison. She's confused by Alison's change of heart, because she--along with everyone else--has been warning Tess to stay away from "Stephen." Alison has been thinking about that a lot, and the bottom line is that she believes in miracles. She's seen proof of them. She doesn't believe that the souls of Stephen and her mother are lost forever. Neither does Tess. Alison points out that the healing power that Tess possesses allows her to perform miracles. It was certainly a miracle when she got Caleb to call off the vampires. She obviously has a special connection with Caleb, because she's able to get through to him. Tess says it's because she can see the good inside him. It's there and it wants to come out. Alison thinks she's right. Tess thanks Alison for believing in her. No one else understands that this isn't just what she wants to do; it's what she has to do. It hurts her when people are in pain. Stephen has more pain than anyone, and he needs her. Alison thinks she should go and try to heal him. Tess leaves to do just that. "I hope you can heal us all," Alison says quietly. Jack comes out of the house and finds her standing on his porch. She tells him that she just had a nice little talk with Tess, who went to run an errand. When she hedges about the nature of the errand, Jack becomes suspicious. He wants to know where his wife is. Trying to break the news gently, Alison says it's really not as bad as it sounds. She finally tells Jack that Tess went to try to heal Caleb. Alarmed, Jack starts to go after her. When Alison grabs his arm, he accuses her of putting his wife up to this. He knows she's in danger, and Alison had better hope nothing happens to her.

At Kevin's request, Caleb visits him in jail, "where the amateurs end up." Kevin isn't amused by his remark. He expects Caleb's help in getting released from jail. He reminds the vampire of his usefulness in giving him access to Tess. Caleb informs Kevin that he no longer needs his help, because he and Tess have formed a little bond of their own. One might even say they've become friends. He wants to know why Kevin's friends don't help him, and Kevin admits that they refuse to help, including his own father. "Bummer. I guess they all figured out you're nuttier than a fruitcake." He turns to leave but Kevin stops him. He still thinks they can help each other, and it has to do with Lucy, the vampire slayer. Caleb asks whether Kevin is offering to kill Lucy for him if he gets out of jail. Kevin replies he didn't say a word about killing her. Caleb knows how it feels to want vengeance. Kevin says that how he deals with his wife and her lover are his business. He doesn't elaborate on how he can help, so Caleb tells him what he wants. Kevin is to keep Lucy distracted and away from him. Kevin thinks it sounds like Caleb is protecting her. "Well, to be honest with you, even though she's a slayer, I am much more fond of Lucy than I am of you, Doc," Caleb admits. Kevin agrees to keep her away from Calev, who has one more requirement. Sometime in the future, he will ask a favor, and Kevin must do it without question or hesitation. Kevin agrees, and they strike a deal.

Reese is in the park, where she soon has a confrontation with Casey. Believing she's Marissa, she informs her that Ricky is off limits. This tells Casey that he's in even more danger than she realized. "Listen, slut-cakes, Ricky Garza's got more sense than to waste his life on a skanky garden tool like you," she tells the vamp. Angry about these insults, Reese makes a move, but Casey causes a tree branch to trip her. Reese is on the ground, bewildered--but no more so than Jamal, who's watching from the bushes. Reese wants to know how "Marissa" made a branch come out of nowhere and knock her down. "Marissa" accuses Reese of being klutzy or wasted. They trade a few more insults and threats, after which Reese storms off. Casey looks up and apologizes to Ed. She's aware that the "bite me" line was a little too much. "Who are you talking to?" Jamal asks. Caught off-guard, "Marissa" at first says she wasn't talking to anyone, then claims to sometimes talk to the clouds. Jamal knows that his former girlfriend doesn't talk to clouds. He calls "Marissa" on her recent dress and behavior. She's nothing like Marissa, but he knows what's going on. She's really Casey.

When Kevin gets home, he picks up Lucy's crystal ball from the top of the dresser. He "sees" Lucy and Ian's future, and it's not pretty.

Casey denies the accusation, but Jamal admits that he's been following her. Casey thinks that's just great; Ed's going to kill her. Jamal says he thought she was already dead. Casey informs him that she's been dead ever since they've known each other and that she's a guardian angel. She doesn't understand why he's not shocked. Nothing shocks Jamal anymore; he lives in Port Charles. When he asks about Marissa, Casey informs him that she sent her sister away because she was going to get herself killed. He wants to see her, but Casey explains that it's too dangerous. Jamal asks whether Ricky knows, and Casey says he doesn't. He agrees not to tell his friend. He informs Casey that she's doing a bad job of playing her sister. He offers to give her some pointers.

Tess goes to the studio to look for "Stephen." She calls out to him, but there's no answer at first. Joshua emerges and informs her that they have some unfinished business. Tess looks around for a chance to run, but Joshua stops her. He says he won't hurt her, but Tess reminds him that he tried to drown both her and Livvie not too long ago. Joshua expresses regret over that mistake and asks her forgiveness. Tess doesn't believe him. She knows that he's a very bad man. Joshua tries to explain that he was wrong. In fact, he doesn't want her to stay away from "Stephen." He thinks she's exactly what he deserves. Tess still wants to get away but he won't let her. Jack and Alison burst in, and Tess runs to her husband's protective arms. Alison is stunned to see Joshua alive. After they leave, a very displeased Caleb makes his presence known to Joshua. "Can you give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?"