PC Update Monday 2/10/03

Port Charles Update Monday 2/10/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Frustrated with her situation, Casey sits down on a park bench. As she rehashes the kiss she shared with Ricky, she wonders how to keep her hands off the guy she's supposed to be guarding. Nobody ever taught this in Angel School! There must be a way for them to be together. White light bathes her as she completes the thought. "Oh, man, not the white light!" She's instantly transported to Ed's office, where her boss looks at her disapprovingly from across his desk. Casey insists she hasn't done anything wrong, but Ed sees things differently. "What did we discuss before I sent you down there?" While acknowledging that she's not supposed to have sex with Ricky, Casey insists that she wasn't even close to that point. Ed doesn't agree with that at all. "You're supposed to be protecting Ricky, not falling in love with him." Casey reminds him that she's already in love with him. Ed knows that, and he remembers when she said it made her uniquely qualified to be his guardian. Ed warns that there are a lot of problems down there, and things are getting worse. If Casey can't separate her work from her feelings, she'll earn herself a one-way ticket back to paradise. Casey protests, trying to get Ed to listen to her, but he already knows what she'll say. He's heard it all before from Rafe. Casey pleads for another pass back to earth. She really loves Ricky, and she's the best angel to protect him. Ed doesn't want to hear it. He knows the score, just as everyone who's ever been a parent knows the score. Although Rafe and Alison did get back together, it wasn't easy. It was hell, and Rafe broke every rule in the book. When Casey tries to speak, he stops her. "Don't you dare tell me the one about the rules being messed up." She raises her hand for permission to speak. She knows she's a screw-up, because that's what she's always been, but Ed shouldn't punish her friends in Port Charles because of it. Ed accuses her of laying a guilt trip on him. Her friends do need her, but he needs her to remember who she is. Casey explains that ever since she died, all she wanted was to be a guardian angel. When she was sent back to protect Marissa and then Ricky, it was a dream come true. For a long time, she wasn't sure that she had what it takes to be a guardian, but lately, she's been thinking. She hasn't even been in Port Charles a month yet, and she's already saved two lives. She also saved Ricky's life before she was even a guardian. In her opinion, that's a pretty good track record for a funky, messed-up guardian in training. Smiling, Ed admits she may be right. However, it's her job, and that doesn't mean she's good enough at it yet to stay. Casey knows she's not his daughter, and there's no way she could ever be as good a guardian as his son, but she's really trying. Is he really going to stop her now, right when she's starting to figure it all out?

In the clearing, Caleb stands in front of Caz and Reese. "Vampires, all. Come and hear my commands. Come closer," he orders his progeny. Ian watches from the bushes, determined to fight the call and do something about this. Also watching from nearby, Elizabeth is confused about how she got there. "You're free, my friends, to turn their souls. Feast, and give this town its darkest hour. Turn them all, as many as you can," Caleb orders. This is what Caz and Reese have been waiting for. Hearing what Caleb has planned, Ian runs to find Lucy, and Elizabeth is horrified. Tess, who is also hiding in the bushes, is determined to stop him.

At Rafe's request, Jack repeats what happened to Tess. The two of them were planning to leave town, but then the lights went out and she disappeared. Rafe is certain Caleb won't hurt her. Lucy comes in; she had a feeling that Rafe needed her. She would have come sooner, but she was at the jail. Rafe stops her to say that Caleb has Tess; he thinks the vampire's out for some serious payback. They decide to look for Tess wherever Caleb could possibly be. Jamal heads out to check the park, and Lucy urges him to check Caleb's loft as well. Just as Rafe points out that there too many places to look, Ian bursts in and goes straight to Lucy. Rafe notices he doesn't look good and asks what happened to him. Ian says there's no time to explain, because Caleb is calling out the vampires. He's going to let them loose in Port Charles. He's summoning his whole family and telling them to turn as many people as they can. The others are stunned. Jack and Alison want to know how he got close enough to hear that, but Ian says it doesn't matter now. Caleb will let them loose unless they can stop him. Rafe accuses Ian of being one of "them" to be let loose. Lucy tries to stop her cousin, who says that's how Ian managed to get so close. Jack and Alison think this must be a sick joke, and Lucy continues to try to get Rafe to stop, but Ian admits that Rafe is right. "I'm one of them." He admits it wasn't Caleb who turned him, but Lucy doesn't want him to say anything else. Ian promises to answer all their questions later, but right now they have to stop Caleb. The last time Ian saw him, he was at a clearing in the woods. Ian didn't see Tess there, but he believes that if Caleb finds her, she'll be the first one he turns. Jack takes off to find his wife, and the others follow.

Thunder roars as Caleb continues. "Tonight you're free until dawn. Drink the blood of all you can find. Kill all you must, but turn all the rest, and once you've drank your fill--" Caleb is interrupted by the arrival of Tess, who says she heard his call. She wants him to stop this now while he still can. Caleb tells her that she shouldn't be there. Tess says she won't let him do this. Caz and Reese want to take her out permanently, but Caleb silences them. Tess says this isn't who he wants to be. She's seen his true heart and his true goodness. It's not too late to stop if he'll let her help him. Reese has had enough. She prepares to deal with Tess herself, but Caleb orders her to stop. "Don't touch her. No one will ever hurt her." Reese says that he can't protect Tess, because she doesn't belong. "Have you forgotten who I am?" he asks. "Have you forgotten your place in this family?" Turning his attention back to Tess, he asks why she's there. She replies that he brought her there; she heard his call. "Why would I call you, Tess? Why would I force myself to see that look in your eye now that you know what I am--to be reminded of that look on your face when I was so close to killing Jack?" Tess says that's exactly why he let her hear his call; he wants her to stop him. She reminds him that asked for her help. He also said that he doesn't want to hurt people and that he's ready to find the good inside. He remembers. Tess is willing to help as long as he answers her question. "Are you a man who wants to go on living this dark and soulless existence, or are you the man you told me about--the one who was turned so young, the one who longs to find the good, to find a soul deep inside? What is it, Stephen? The darkness or the light? Which path will you choose?"

"My answer is you. I choose you," Caleb tells Tess, caressing her hair. "My family, back to the shadows. The feast is no more. Go away!" Reese stomps off. She's ready to do something about Tess, despite a warning from Caz. Jealous and hurting, Elizabeth doesn't understand how Tess controls him that way. He can't have his true love Olivia, so now it's Tess. Someone grabs her, and she gasps. It's Joshua. She doesn't understand how this is possible, because she killed him. Joshua informs her that she screwed that up, the same as everything else. Now she has to quietly go with him.

Casey promises Ed that he won't regret sending her back, but he says he already has. He knows she's a good kid, though, and he knows she means well. Casey gives him a hug. Ed cautions that her job is still at risk. It's a serious situation, and she has to be very careful. She has to keep her identity unknown and keep her eye on the ball. He also asks her to keep an eye on his son, and she agrees. Ed claps his hands and sends her back to Port Charles.

Jamal walks through the park looking for Tess. Hearing a noise, he goes to investigate and sees Casey materialize. "Oh. Oh, hell, no. I know I didn't just see Marissa, not appear out of nowhere like that." She walks away, and Jamal closes his eyes. When he opens them again, he realizes that he actually saw Casey.

When Joshua gets Elizabeth to his place, he takes off her blindfold and pours himself a drink. Elizabeth doesn't want to believe it. After taking a few sips from a bottle of water Joshua gives her, she asks how he can he here. "That doesn't really matter, does it? The important thing is, what am I gonna do now?" he asks with a sinister smile.

When Tess says she's proud of Caleb, he tells her it was the right thing to do, especially after what he almost did to Jack. She admits that she hated him for that; she thought everything he ever said to her was a lie. Now she sees that he can be good. Sniffing the air, Caleb asks her to forgive him, then he disappears. Jack runs to Tess, and the others are right behind. She tells them all that she's fine and that there's nothing to worry about now, because Caleb called it off.

After leaving Tess, Caleb reappears in his loft. He gets a bottle of water, takes a sip, and pours some over his face. "Oh, you're a sweet girl, Tess. And now you think you have some kind of power over me. You think you can fix me--you can make me better. Well, if you think that Tess, here's to you, my guardian angel," he says, taking another drink.