PC Update Friday 2/7/03


Port Charles Update Friday 2/7/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

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Lucy comes home where Ian is working on the vampire problem.  He tells her that their cells temporarily work to counteract the problem.  Ian says it could take a long time to fix the problem.  Lucy is optimistic but says they will work however long it takes.  Kevin phones Lucy to say they have some things to work out, then he hangs up.  Ian wants to go with Lucy but she says he can't, in case he gets angry and does something terrible.  Lucy says Kevin is not the man she married; not just to her but to his family and friends.

Lucy goes to his jail cell and tells Kevin that she is pressing charges for kidnapping her.  She also says she took out a restraining order.  Kevin is very sarcastic.  She tells him that she doesn't want him in her life any more and he should stay away from her and the children until he gets some serious help.  Kevin tells her that he no longer loves her but he's not through with her; he intends to pay her back for what she's done to him.  She gives him back her ring before leaving in tears. 

Jamal & Alison watch Stephen's house on the monitor, worried that Tess and Rafe will not arrive in time to save Jack.  Caleb has him by the throat.  Then they arrive and Tess yells at Stephen not to bite Jack.  Rafe tells Tess to take a good look at the real Caleb Morley.  She is horrified and asks how he could do that again, then she runs out.  Jack follows her. 

Jack tells Tess that he didn't want to hurt her, but she had to see him for what he is.  Tess doesn't understand how one human can hurt another like that.  Jack replies that he's not human, he's a dead soul and there is no good left in him to save.  He wants them to leave town to get away from the vampires.  She reluctantly agrees to go away with him. 

Rafe says Caleb's game is over and says Tess won't look at him the same way now.  Caleb says that what she saw was just one part of him and she'll get over it, but Rafe doesn't think so.    He points out that Tess was disgusted by him.  He suggests to Caleb that he has nothing left in Port Charles so he should just leave town.  He promises that he won't follow him.  Rafe leaves, knowing Caleb will not take his deal.

Rafe goes back to where Jamal and Alison are watching through the camera.  Jamal tells them that Stephen has been losing it ever since Rafe left.  Rafe knows they just pissed him off and he will want to retaliate.

Stephen/Caleb remembers Tess saying he has great love and how she looked at him when he was holding Jack.  He swears that they will all pay.  Then he spots the hidden camera and tells Rafe and the rest through it that he's not leaving Port Charles because he has some "unfinished business".  He takes out some dusty, mystical-looking book (it has a pentagram or something in the front) from a hidden place in the wall and opens it, saying "Forget the war, Rafe...this is gonna be a massacre". 

The lights flicker and go out all over town, including Kevin's jail cell.  When they come back on, Tess is gone from Jack's side.  He tells Rafe and the rest what happened.  Rafe tells them that Caleb's revenge is beginning.  Caleb prays to "Hades, king of vengeance" and calls out all the vampires to come to him.  He is transported to the park (or some clearing) where the two vampire band members appear.  Ian is hiding in the bushes.  They all chant "Against the righteous, condemn the blood."

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