PC Update Wednesday 2/5/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/5/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Elizabeth comes home and calls out for Alison or anyone else--living or dead--who might be there, but she's alone. She tells herself that the visions of Joshua are all in her head, but when she looks in the mirror, a very pale Joshua mocks her from behind. "Guess again, Elizabeth. And you thought life with Stephen was hell. Just you wait, Mrs. Clay. Just you wait."

Alison and Rafe embrace in his apartment at the warehouse. Rafe offers to take Alison out to a movie or something, but she insists that there's nowhere else she'd rather be. They're interrupted by a call from her mother, who says that it's happening again. Elizabeth really thinks she's losing her mind, and she begs her daughter for help. Alison and Rafe rush to the house, and Rafe finds Elizabeth sitting in the floor in a state of panic. Elizabeth says that she should never have killed Joshua. It will never be over. Her head is splitting! Alison sends Rafe for some aspirin while she tries to calm down her mother. Elizabeth cries and wails about wanting to die. Alison asks how long it's been since she's had any of the special water, and since she can't remember, they agree that it's been too long. That's probably what the problem is. While Alison goes to get a bottle, Elizabeth gets her purse. A shot rings out, and Alison and Rafe rush to the living room. Rafe takes the gun away from Elizabeth, who's in shock. She admits that she tried to kill herself. She even felt the bullet, but nothing happened. Rafe explains that she can't take her own life now that she's crossed over. Only a slayer can kill her, and he won't do that. Elizabeth takes this to mean that she's trapped forever. She'll never be free.

Caleb stands on the overlook and sighs about his Olivia. He's startled when Tess comes up behind him. She asks why he wanted to see her again, and Caleb replies that he just wanted her company. Tess doesn't want to play any games; she can't help him unless he's willing to be completely honest. Caleb points out that since she knows when he's lying, there's no reason for him to keep trying. Beside, for some reason, he likes being honest with her. He shows her to a blanket on the ground, and they sit down together. Tess invites him to start wherever he likes. Caleb begins by saying that the only reason he got married was to try to forget about Olivia. Unfortunately, it didn't work. He never loved Elizabeth, and although she made a lot of noise about leaving him, in the end, he's the one who left her. She distracted him from his goal, which was--and still is--to find a way to bring back Olivia. He tried everything to manipulate Tess and pull Olivia back out, but it didn't work, and that's not what he wants anymore. Instead, he wants to understand what Tess wants from him. "I want to know how you became you--how you became what you are. I want to know you for you, Stephen," she tells him.

Ricky works with "Marissa" to perfect some lyrics, having no idea that she's really Casey. "Marissa" admits she's glad not to have to face Stephen again without having nailed the lyrics. She certainly hasn't been reading her boss well lately. Ricky points out that it's not the only thing different about her these days. "Marissa" mentions her new look, giggling when Ricky admits he likes it. Aware that he's staring at her, Ricky apologizes. She really reminds him of Casey; it's as if she's turned into her sister. "Marissa" says she just picked a really great role model. Ricky admits that he's never stopped loving Casey, which makes her cry. Ricky doesn't understand her reaction. She pulls herself together, and Ricky thinks it's about missing her sister. He apologizes for talking about her, but "Marissa" tells him it's okay. In fact, she's glad that he talks about her. She attributes the tears to being a writer and a girl. She wants Ricky to keep talking, and to tell her about his relationship with Casey. Did he ever write anything for her? Ricky thinks she's kidding. He reminds her that it was his music that went with her lyrics. She's confused at first but then realizes what he's saying. She asks him to play it for her, and he resists at first because it's so cold, but she insists. Taking off his gloves, he plays and sings the first part of "Hey, Sister." He has his angelic girlfriend's rapt attention. Unable to control herself, she kisses him. Ricky is stunned. "So familiar. So right." She agrees, and they kiss again. The sound of thunder gets her attention. "Oh, damn, he saw me!" Ricky doesn't know what she's talking about, because they're the only ones around. She tells him it was a huge mistake.

Caleb tells Tess to let it go, but she won't. She wants to know about the man he was before becoming a vampire. Admitting that no one has ever asked him that before, he begins to tell his story. He was born into a family of vampire royalty going back for centuries. Becoming a vampire was his destiny, but when the time came for him to give himself over to it, he couldn't go through with it. His mother died after being bitten, and he can still hear her screams in his head, from his father's attempt to turn her. He told his father he wanted his own normal, human life. They had a huge falling-out, and his father struck him, saying that he never wanted to see him again. Even though Caleb had been banished and condemned, in the end, his father was right, because ultimately there was no escape. After being banished, he met Olivia--the first Olivia--and he loved her more than anything. He found peace with her, and in that peace, all his dreams were possible, including a family. He went back to get his mother's wedding ring, which he wanted to give Olivia to protect her. That's when he fell into the trap. "He promised me none born of our blood would ever touch me," he recalls. "I never suspected." Caleb trusted his stepmother, unaware that she had been turned. His father sent her to meet him on the bridge. When Caleb reached for the ring, she dropped it to distract him. Caleb looked down, and that's when she made her move. She bit him and turned him into a vampire. Caleb lost everything that night. When he went back for Olivia, he thought they could get through this together, but it all went wrong. Olivia died, just like his mother. He killed the only woman he ever loved. Finished with his story, he stands up and points out that he's never told this to anyone before. Tess wants to help him, but he believes it's too late. He vanishes, leaving her there alone.

At Jack's request, Jamal rushes over his place. Believing that Tess is asleep, Jack announces that he has both good news and bad news. The good news is that Tess is fully human after all, complete with DNA. She and Livvie are the same person. Although there were two of them, now there's only one. Jamal doesn't like the idea that Jack married Livvie, but Jack insists that Tess is his wife. She's also the one in control, and Jack's going to make sure it stays that way. The bad news is that Caleb loves Livvie and really wants her back. Jack won't let him have her. Although he could never beat the vampire in a face-to-face battle, he can love Tess with all his heart, and the part that's Livvie won't get any stronger. He has to hold onto that belief, because it's all he has. By loving Tess, he'll protect both her and Livvie. The guys brainstorm about their strategy. They have to get to Caleb first and defeat him before he can get to Tess. Jamal leaves, and Tess comes out to talk to Jack. She informs him that she wasn't sleeping; she was out with Stephen.