PC Update Tuesday 2/4/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/4/03

By Suzanne 
Pictures by Juanita

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Chris tells Jack that Livvie has DNA.  Jack can't figure out how that happened.  Chris doesn't know why Jack isn't happy about it because it means that no one can hurt Tess now for being a freak.  Jack wants to know what happened.  He points out that Tess just played Livvie's favorite song on the jukebox.  Chris says she's nothing like Livvie and leaves.  Jack thinks about when Tess said that she was a part of Livvie.  Jack tells her that they need to go home.  They do, and Jack asks her to remember when she said that she was part of Livvie and they were close, etc.  She gets more upset as he continues.  He says that she has DNA now.  She says that Livvie is safe inside her.  He reminds her about when she cut herself and Livvie bled.  She is reluctant to discuss this for fear that he won't want her or that he will hate her.  Jack says he knows that Livvie is really inside of her and not just figuratively.  Tess tells him how she and Livvie became one person in the water and says that Stephen made her from Livvie.  He realizes that's why Caleb has been hanging around, because he wants Livvie back.  She thinks he will hate her now, but Jack assures her that he will always love her and couldn't love her more if he tried.  They kiss, and he picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

Elizabeth goes to Stephen and says she should hate him but instead she still wants him.  She wants to pick up where they left off, but he says it's over.  She begs and pleads but he says no, so she asks him to kill her.  He says he won't kill her now, she is part of his family.  Elizabeth knows it's because of Olivia.  She begs him to turn her back so she can be human again, but he says sadly that it doesn't work that way.  She asks him why Olivia is so special.  He tells her how he feels and says he married her to try to forget Olivia, but it didn't work.  He tells her that he'll always take care of her, and they hug.  She says to let her take care of him since Olivia is gone, but he says that she's not gone. 

Later, she is outside (her house?) and hears something.  She turns and calls out, thinking it might be Stephen.  No answer, so she turns back, and finds Joshua waiting on her doorstep, saying "murderer".

Lucy tells Ian to come back to her (he's in full vampire mode and trying to bite Kevin) and then kisses him, so he does go back to being normal.  Kevin wakes up but the police arrive and want to know what the noise is all about.  Kevin tries to cover by saying that he and his colleague Dr. Thornhart were just having a disagreement, but Lucy says that's not trie--Kevin kidnapped her.  Kevin still denies it and tries to claim that his wife and her lover are making things up, but the cops become convinced when Lucy shows them marks on her arm from when Kevin grabbed her.  Ian gets angry but Lucy holds him off.  The police read Kevin his rights as they arrest him.  Ian sympathizes with Lucy but she says that wasn't hard. It would have been hard to send her Doc away to prison but that wasn't her Doc.  Lucy tells him that she was really scared and she's glad that he got her message.  He doesn't know about any message and isn't sure how he found her.  She's so glad that he's in her life.  They kiss.

Caleb remembers when Livvie offered herself up to him and he turned her down.  He calls himself a fool and says he'll get her back.  He says he'll save her.

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