PC Update Monday 2/3/03

Port Charles Update Monday 2/3/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Ian struggles in vain to fight off the symptoms of vampirism. Falling to the floor, he yells out Lucy's name, and the wall mirror shatters from the sound. Realizing he can't fight this, he bolts from the cabin. He makes his way through the woods, but the hunger is too strong. He falls to his knees.

In the hotel suite, Kevin tells Lucy that he hopes she's not thinking about Ian. Lucy replies that she wishes they hadn't stranded him at the cabin, but Kevin believes that Ian can take care of himself. He also believes they can get back what they had, because a love like theirs never dies. He wants tonight to be perfect. All they have to do is spend some time together, and they can reconnect and build on what they already have. In Kevin's opinion, they can be even better than they were before. He has another surprise for her. He's brought her favorite dress, as well as a red teddy with black lace.

Jack leaves Rafe a message to thank him for the heads-up about Caleb. He and Tess are at the Recovery Room; Caleb won't come after her with people around. Jack rejoins his bride, who is excited about going out to eat. She wants to know what's up; the way Jack rushed her out of the house, something must be wrong. Jack tells her that she's right. It was wrong of him to have waited this long to take her on an official date. Dates are an important part of making her feel special, safe, and loved. Tess really enjoys their date, and she gets tipsy from the champagne. Jack wants to take her someplace fancy next time, but she doesn't need that. When she comments on how much she loves the music that's playing, Jack asks her to dance. The music stops, but Tess doesn't want to stop dancing, so Jack shows her how the jukebox works. Tess selects a song, and Jack is somewhat unnerved that it happens to be Livvie's favorite. Chris comes into the pub, and Tess hugs him and says that they're family now. Chris already knew, and he's really happy about it. Jack gives Tess four more quarters for the jukebox, and the two brothers step aside for a private conversation. Chris has some interesting news. When Tess was in the hospital, some lab tests were run on her, so he intercepted the results to keep anyone else from finding out that she doesn't have any DNA. The latest tests show that now she does have DNA.

As Caleb prepares to bite the sleeping Alison, he's suddenly thrown across the room by an invisible force. When he sits up, he sees Rafe staring at him defiantly. Waking abruptly from the commotion, Alison sees Rafe, mentions having a nightmare, and kisses him. "You know, that is illegal in forty-six states--locking lips with your brother," Caleb says, smirking. He wasn't going to bite her; he knew that Rafe would show up. "You're just mad because you took the bait--and in record time, I might add. So I guess there's no secrets between us anymore," he continues. Rafe confirms that they do know the truth, including the fact that Caleb set them up. "You set up Alison and Rafe?" Elizabeth says from the doorway. Alison bawls out Caleb for going after her entire family; he turned her mother into a vampire and killed her father. Caleb knows they would like to blame him for all their little family problems. When Rafe tells him to stop pretending, Caleb tells him to do the same. He wants to know what happened to Joshua. Rafe maintains that he didn't kill the man, so Caleb turns to Alison to see whether she says the same thing. To Caleb's astonishment, Elizabeth announces that they didn't do anything; she's the one who killed Joshua. Elizabeth explains that she had to kill him, because he was going to kill Alison. She did what any mother would do. "Most mothers don't have fangs," Caleb points out. "Oh, you did a bad, bad thing, Elizabeth." Alison defends her mother to Caleb, but he's not interested. Elizabeth knew what would happen if she bit someone. "Now you've done it. I told you I'd have to hurt you." Rafe stands between his enemy and his future mother-in-law, but Caleb vanishes and reappears behind Rafe. Grabbing Elizabeth, he seems about to bite her neck. Instead, he kisses her. Rafe breaks it up, and Caleb asks whether a man can't kiss his wife. He tells Elizabeth that she's just full of surprises. Killing Joshua was a bold move, and she admitted it to him, even knowing the consequences. He didn't think she had it in her. Rafe yells at him to get out. "You know, you need to find ways for him to release his tension," Caleb advises Alison, who politely asks him to leave. "But we've all gotten so close. Getting all this stuff out in the open--I know I feel better. Ciao," Caleb says before disappearing. Needing air, Elizabeth goes outside, where she has flashbacks of becoming a vampire, biting Ian, making her first blood kill, and being haunted by Joshua. Inside, is relieved that she and Rafe don't have to hide their relationship anymore. For his part, Rafe is worried about what Caleb might do next to get to him, but Alison assures him that together, the two of them can do anything.

To appease Kevin, Lucy changes into the dress. Kevin reminds her that she wore the teddy on their wedding night, and he's hoping she'll wear it again tonight. Nervously changing the subject, Lucy says she wouldn't want any of the food to go to waste. Kevin agrees, and they sit down at the table, where Lucy's favorite foods await. While Kevin is busy with the food, Lucy sneaks her cell phone out of her purse. When she expresses the desire to take another look at the view before they eat, Kevin doesn't object. He thinks that dancing in front of the view would be even better than looking at it. He happily takes her hand to dance, but he discovers the phone. Angry, he throws it against the wall. He's furious that Lucy would want to call Ian. All he wanted to do was make her happy. Lucy explains that she's tried telling him over and over again, but Kevin is equally frustrated. He knows he's changed, but it's for the better; she just won't give herself the chance to see that. Lucy points out that she's given him plenty of chances and begged him to get help. Kevin insists that he doesn't need help; he needs time with his wife. All he wanted was one night! Lucy accuses him of kidnapping her, and he asks whether it's really that terrible for her to be around her husband. Lucy says that the man she married wouldn't act like this. He's scaring her. Kevin accuses her of being the one ruining everything. He won't let her throw away ten years. He'll fight her until she sees just how wrong she is. Lucy begs him to let her leave. If he really loves her the way he claims, he'll let her go. Kevin stares at her coldly. Lucy walks past him and opens the door, but he grabs her arm and jerks her back. He refuses to let her get away. Suddenly, the door bursts open, and Kevin is knocked across the room. A very angry and desperate Irish vampire steps inside.