PC Update Friday 1/31/03


Port Charles Update Friday 1/31/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Kevin and Lucy are in the backseat of a limo. When Kevin offers Lucy a glass of champagne, she refuses and asks him to take her back to the cabin. He states his intention to keep her until she listens to him and gives him half a chance. He takes offense when she describes their little outing as "kidnapping." After all, there was a time when she would have considered it romantic. Lucy points out that it would have been in the past, before he changed. She tries the door, but it's locked. When she tells Kevin that he can't keep her prisoner, he states that she's not his prisoner; she's his wife. Lucy starts thinking about Ian, and their discovery that their lovemaking seems to be warding off his transformation. She tells Kevin that if she's really not his prisoner, then he'll order the driver to let her out now. They don't even have to take herall the way back to the cabin. Kevin refuses. They have something, and the Lucy he knows would never walk away from it. Lucy points out that he doesn't know her anymore, and she doesn't know him. She's just trying to do what's right for the girls. She gets out her her cell phone to call Christina, but Kevin grabs it away from her. There's no need to call their little girl, and he certainly won't let her call Ian. Lucy says she's worried about leaving Ian alone, because he's not feeling well. Kevin doesn't care. "Believe me, Lucy, Ian will survive without you," he says, having no idea how wrong he is. He yells at Lucy when she tries to analyze him, and being forced to yell upsets him as well, because he's just trying to do something special for her. He wants to know when she stopped loving him enough to give him a chance. Lucy cries that she never did stop loving him, and she never would have if he had gotten help. He's the one who walked out on their marriage and became a stranger. Kevin says matter-of-factly that people change and grow. She's not the same woman he fell in love with ten years ago, but he still loves her. He wants a chance to make things right between them again. "Our dream is being tested, but it's not dead. At least not yet," Kevin states.

Alison and her mother return from Capri and go straight to Alison's place. From the minute they arrive, Elizabeth is very antagonistic. When she's unable to open her suitcase, she throws it across the room. Alison gently asks her what's wrong. "I'm a vampire. I just killed Joshua Temple. Oh, yeah. Life doesn't get better than this," she replies bitterly, taking a swig of the special water. She makes an insincere offer to apologize. When Alison thinks her mother should do whatever makes her feel better, Elizabeth tells her to continue playing the martyr. Alison just wants to understand what her mother is going through. "'Hell' would be a good description," Elizabeth retorts. Taking it out on her daughter isn't making her feel any better. She thought things would be better once they got back to Port Charles, but she was wrong. Alison tells her to give it some time, because they just walked in the door. "Yeah, time for what? I mean, I am who I am. I am the person that killed Joshua. I am the one who gets treated like dirt by the man that I married. I am the one who is a hideous vampire. Right when I thought that my life couldn't get any more miserable than it was before--oh, yeah, welcome to my world." Alison promises to find a way to fix this, but Elizabeth says it's impossible; she committed murder. "Yes, you murdered me. And you don't deserve to live." Hearing Joshua's voice, Elizabeth turns, screams, and drops the blue bottle.

Rafe lounges on a park bench. "You got any idea how this is all gonna work out?" he asks, looking heavenward. "'Not well' would be my guess," Caleb replies. Rafe stands to face him. Caleb points out that Rafe has started a war, and they have their first casualty. "You killed Joshua, and you have no idea what a tactical error that was." Rafe suggests the possibility that Joshua got a better offer than being Caleb's lackey. Maybe one of Caleb's European bloodsucker friends gave him a promotion--cleaning toilets. Caleb has his own theory; maybe a slayer decided to take matters into his own hands. All he knows is that Joshua wouldn't disappear on his own. Rafe points out that he wouldn't waste his time killing Joshua, because the man means nothing to him. "Exactly how I felt about him," Caleb states. "Getting rid of Joshua wasn't about him. It was about me." Caleb likens it to a game of chess. Joshua was an expendable pawn--useful but fully replaceable. Rafe thanks him for the credit, but he doesn't kill for sport. "Ah, but I do," Caleb replies. They had an agreement, but Rafe broke it. Caleb advises Rafe to get ready, because all hell is about to break loose. Rafe points out that he's a vampire slayer; he didn't kill Joshua. Caleb says that even if he didn't do it, someone did. Alison was the last person to see him. Rafe tells him he should know better than that. "I know good girls sometimes do bad things," Caleb smirks. Since Alison is such an easy target, Rafe thinks that makes Caleb a bully. Caleb doesn't care, but Rafe insists that he would have in the past--until he lost his pride. Now he'll have to start trolling around for a new lackey, because he hates to be alone. "I'm never alone for long," Caleb says right before dematerializing. Rafe immediately calls Jack with a warning that Caleb might be headed his way.

Kevin takes Lucy to a hotel suite, where he has an assortment of goodies waiting for her, including her favorite raspberry-filled truffles. He promises that she won't be sorry. As he hugs her, she eyes the phone.

Failing to find Lucy outside, Ian rushes back inside the cabin, but she hasn't returned. His symptoms are returning. Growing weak, he falls to his knees. Worried about what happened to Lucy, Ian struggles to get up. She wouldn't leave him, knowing how much he needs her. He realizes that Kevin must have taken her. He vows to kill Kevin if he hurts her. In desperation, he tries the phone, but it's still out of order. Looking in the mirror, he sees that he now has fangs and red eyes. He collapses. When he yells out Lucy's name, the mirror shatters.

Alison slaps her hysterical mother to get her to calm down. Paranoid, Elizabeth says that Joshua is haunting her because he knows that she killed him. When Alison tells her it's all in her head, Elizabeth decides she's finally losing her mind. Alison thinks it will be fine if they just get some rest, but her mother can't even close her eyes without seeing Joshua. She enjoyed what she did to him, and he knows that. Elizabeth thinks Alison is disgusted by her, but what Alison really hates is what Caleb did to her mother. Elizabeth just wants to be herself again. Alison reiterates her promise to find a solution together. Elizabeth hugs her, but she sees Joshua looking in from outside. Concerned, Alison asks what's wrong. Elizabeth says she's right; she needs to get some rest. She heads for the bedroom, and Alison decides to sleep on the couch. As she sleeps, the front door blows open. Caleb walks in, stands over her, and bares his fangs.