PC Update Thursday 1/30/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 1/30/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Incredibly happy to be back together, Alison tells Rafe that she'd forgotten how much fun it is to hold him, touch him, and tickle him. Rafe asserts that he's not ticklish anymore, thanks to an ancient slayer mind trick, but Alison calls his bluff and quickly proves him wrong before adopting a more serious tone. For so long, she didn't know it was possible for them to be together again. Now she wishes she could lie in his arms forever. She really doesn't want to go back to Port Charles and deal with Caleb. Rafe tells her that they can't run away, but it doesn't mean they can't dream about their future together. Someday soon, they will have the wedding they've always dreamed of, but for now, he has to fight. Alison understands that, and she won't try to stop him. However, the two of them make a great team, and they'll be fighting together. Unable to talk her out of it, Rafe agrees but points out that they don't have much time. As soon as Caleb figures out they had something to do with Joshua's disappearance, the battle will begin. Finally getting out of bed, they work on their battle plan. Millions of people love Stephen Clay, the rock star. Only a few people know that he's really a vampire named Caleb Morley, and it will take every single one of them to bring Caleb down. Rafe and Alison can't risk letting him find out that they're back together. They'll have to lie to everyone and keep their relationship a secret.

Thinking he's talking to his girlfriend, Jamal confronts Casey about her bizarre behavior. She called him "dude," and she's dressed nothing like herself. Struggling to come up with an explanation, "Marissa" finally says that the boring rags he likes on her were getting in the way of her creative flow. If she's going to start working with a rock star, she has to start looking like one. Jamal informs her that she won't be working with a rock star. Did she forget? "Marissa" informs him that she didn't forget; she simply decided not to listen. She has to go her own way; that's what artists do. Running off, she gives a parting, "Catch you later, bro," which really puzzles Jamal.

Caleb strums on his guitar, closing his office door when he notices Ricky watching him. Frustrated, Ricky starts banging on his drum set. It's so loud and obnoxious that Reese yells at him to cool it; he's not the only one who realizes that the band's not going anywhere. Caz says they have to trust "Stephen," because he always comes though. He just has a lot going on right now. Still in his office, Caleb tries again, but he can't concentrate. The words and music just don't come to him. His encounter with Tess at the overlook is on his mind, and he can't stop thinking about her reaction to his trickery. Saying her name longingly, he strokes the neck of his guitar.

Ian asks Lucy whether she's all right, and she replies that she will be. She can't truthfully say that leaving Kevin doesn't hurt, because it hurts a great deal. However, she doesn't want Ian to be sorry. The good part of this whole thing is being with him. It's just that letting go is never easy. Ian understands. When Lucy asks how he is, he replies that he's fine. He assures her that trusting her heart was the right thing to do. Noticing that he's getting warm again, Lucy rubs an ice cube over his face. Ian likes this very much. They make love again.

After looking at a photo of himself with Lucy, Kevin hurls the picture frame across the room. "Well, you don't get rid of me, Lucy. I get rid of you." He starts gathering her crystals, tarot cards, crystal ball, and everything else she loves. None of it can stay in his home. If Lucy thinks she can do this to him, she's wrong. Afterward, he watches their wedding video. It really was the most beautiful day of their lives; it was perfect, and Kevin really loved her.

Ian admits that his symptoms were returning before making love, but he's fine now. The same thing happened earlier. Even when he drinks the water, the symptoms are still there. Now, however, he seems to be back to normal, and he really thinks that Lucy might be a miracle cure for him. What if making love to Lucy will keep him from becoming a vampire? There's only one thing to do. They make love, unaware that Kevin is spying on them from outside the cabin.

When "Marissa" walks into the studio, everything about her stuns Ricky, who has no idea she's the woman he mourned for so long. Casey is happy to see him, but she can't reveal her true identity. Seeing the way she looks at Ricky, Reese warns her to stay away from him. As Casey walks defiantly over to her, Ricky looks to Jamal for some kind of explanation, but Jamal has none to offer. Casey insults Reese, who immediately backhands her. Fighting back, Casey slugs her. An all-out catfight erupts. Trying to break it up, Ricky grabs Reese, and Jamal holds onto Casey. Caleb emerges from his office. "Hey! Hey! What the hell is going on here?!?" Casey is still shouting at Reese when Caleb tells her to knock it off. He doesn't care who started it. All he cares about is these lyrics. She starts to take them, but Jamal grabs them and announces that she's not doing it. He takes her aside and asks what's going on with her. Casey tells him to let it go, and he asks whether she's breaking up with him. She gently says that they want different things. She knows what she's doing. Jamal doesn't agree; she wants to play music with a bunch of vampires. Caleb calls to her, and she asks for another minute. Jamal walks out, vowing that this isn't over.

Dressed and ready to take a walk, Ian returns to the cabin's living room and finds that Lucy is gone

Kevin shoves Lucy into the backseat of a car, ignoring her protests. He insists that this isn't kidnapping, because she's his wife. He gives an unknown individual the order to drive.

When Ricky asks Caleb when they're going to play another concert, the drummer is told to get to work. He should talk to Joshua if he wants to talk about scheduling. Ricky informs Caleb that he would talk to Joshua if he knew where he was. Caleb reminds him that the manager is away on business. Hasn't he been phoning in? The others inform him that Joshua hasn't phoned in since the first day; they thought Caleb knew. Caleb gets on the phone with Bruno and learns that he hasn't seen Joshua. Ricky turns around and sees "Marissa" staring at him while she's supposed to be fixing Caleb's lyrics. After hanging up, Caleb informs them that Joshua has disappeared. He places another call and orders Jimmy to find Joshua, no matter what it costs. "Marissa" interrupts to give him her lyrics. Caleb takes one look and says that her changes made them worse than they already were. He didn't even think that was possible. Reese makes fun of her. "Drop dead, sucker," Casey responds. Looking toward heaven, she apologizes for letting that slip, but she points out that whoever said this was a good plan got it all wrong. She has the personality, but Marissa has the skills. "Is there any way we can mix the two up a little?" she asks her boss. Caleb announces that Joshua is missing. However, that doesn't give them an excuse to lose focus. They have to work as if their jobs depended on it. Going back into his office, he tells himself that he should have known something was wrong. He should have felt it! Suddenly, he realizes what's happening, and his eyes glow red. "This is you, isn't it, slayer? You know what happened to Joshua. So what's next, Rafe? Are you coming for me?"

In Capri, Rafe feels Caleb's voice in his mind. "Caleb. That's you, isn't it, vampire? That's right. I'm coming after you. I am always coming after you," the slayer vows.