PC Update Wednesday 1/29/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/29/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Elizabeth is hurt by Caleb's willingness to just walk away from their marriage with no regrets. Caleb reminds her that she's the one who's leaving. "Did you forget saying that, or was it some kind of joke?" he asks. In Elizabeth's opinion, the only joke is their pathetic excuse for a marriage, which he never took seriously. She never meant anything to him; Olivia is the one he's wanted all along. Caleb informs his wife that she's wrong. She means a lot to him, but he's never been one to beg. Walking out, he tells her that the jet is hers to take back to Port Charles whenever she needs. He stops at the door. "Oh, and Elizabeth, I will find out what happened to Joshua," he promises before closing the door. In frustration, Elizabeth throws something at the door, but it hits the wall.

In the adjoining room, Alison and Rafe have a sweet reunion after he shows her proof that they're not brother and sister. Alison points out that he never needed proof, because he knew all along that Caleb had set them up. Rafe says that he understood her need for tangible proof, and that's why he did this. Alison hugs him, then pulls away. She really loves him, but she has all these horrible pictures of the past few hours in her mind. Rafe knows she's been through a lot, but just for now, he'd like her to forget it all and concentrate on the two of them. They share some long-awaited kisses, and Alison begins to take off Rafe's overshirt. Their plans are interrupted by Elizabeth's voice. Rafe quickly hides next to the bed just before Alison's mother lets herself in and bitterly reports that Caleb left her. He couldn't get away from her--and back to Port Charles--fast enough. Even though it's what she wanted, it would have been nice if he had at least put up a fight. Alison really believes this is for the best. Elizabeth agrees; at least this way he won't be poking around here, looking for Joshua. She looks around the room, puzzled about not seeing the dead body anywhere. Alison informs her that she took care of it. Elizabeth thinks her daughter is truly amazing. Alison promises that no one will find out what happened to Joshua. Elizabeth points out that there's only one thing to do now. It's time to pack their bags and go home. She's ready to leave as soon as possible. Alison tries to stall, but her mother just wants to put the day behind her. Elizabeth admits that when she told Caleb that she was leaving, she allowed him to make love to her. She knows she shouldn't have, but she couldn't help herself. It was beautiful, but afterward, he treated her like dirt. She regrets ever laying eyes on him. Now she just wants to go home. Alison agrees to go, telling her mother to give her a few minutes to pack. Elizabeth goes back to her room to make arrangements for the jet, which Caleb left for them because he didn't need it. "Probably flapped his big old bat wings all the way home," Elizabeth remarks. Alison locks the door behind her mother, then runs to Rafe. She suggests telling her that they're back together, but he's afraid that Caleb will "romance" the truth out of her. Rafe thinks Alison should stay behind with him, and while she would like to, she's afraid that her mother will end up in Caleb's arms again without her there for moral support.

Marissa can't believe her eyes. Her twin sister is standing in front of her! What's going on? "I'm just fixing your mess," Casey says. With a snap of her fingers, Caz and Reese vanish. She sent them home to bed, and the photos are back in Reese's backpack. Marissa thinks she must be dreaming, but Casey informs her that she's her guardian angel. She's new at this, but since they're sisters, and Marissa was in big trouble, she was told to fix it. Marissa is thrilled to learn that Casey is staying forever, but Casey informs her that she's the only one staying. Marissa has to leave. Marissa wants to know what she's talking about. Casey says that she really blew it by interfering in Stephen Clay's business. She snaps her fingers to give Marissa a replay of her encounter with the two vampire musicians just moments earlier. Now, thanks to Casey, she'll go back to her parents and have a good life. She'll never remember coming to Port Charles. Marissa protests that she has a life here, but Casey reminds her that it almost ended a few minutes ago. Now she's going to take over Marissa's life and fix everything. Marissa doesn't like this at all; she has a job and a boyfriend. "If you stay, you're dead meat. So is Jamal," Casey states point blank. Her only option is to disappear. "By the way, your song, 'Hey, Sister'--it is the bomb! It got a lot of airplay upstairs." Marissa is stunned to think that she won't remember a thing about Port Charles. Casey assures her she'll have a great life, just not here. "I'll always have your back, sis," she promises. With a final snap of her fingers, she sends Marissa away.

As Tess sits alone at the overlook, she's startled to hear a noise. When she calls out to ask who's there, Caleb approaches her. He didn't expect to find her there. Tess thanks him again for showing her such a wonderful place. She came back to think. Caleb doesn't want to intrude, but Tess invites him to stay, so he joins her on the steps. He hopes he didn't get her in trouble with her husband earlier. Tess assures him that she and Jack are better than ever. She's so lucky and so in love! Caleb tells her to hold onto that, because being in love certainly agrees with her. She asks how he's doing, not believing his claim to be okay. She really wants to know what's wrong. He tries to leave, but Tess insists. Giving in, he tells her that his wife left him, admitting that it was only a matter of time. When Tess asks whether he loves her, he doesn't want to bother her with his problems. Tess urges him to tell her. Caleb says that he really tried to make it work. Elizabeth tried and tried to reach him, but she finally gave up, and he really can't blame her. People think he has it all, but without love, it means nothing. Looking at Tess, he asks whether she remembers telling him that she thinks everyone has some good inside. "You think you could help find it in me?" Caleb asks. He's never asked anyone for help before. Tess acknowledges her promise to help him, but she can't. Caleb is confused. Tess explains that this is the first time he's ever failed to mention Livvie. Instead, he keeps talking about being left by his wife, even though she knows that he still wants Livvie. She knows that he wants to draw her out, even after promising there'd be no more tricks. "Shame on you, Stephen," Tess says, leaving him alone. "I got to hand it to you, Tess. You're something special."

As Elizabeth wraps up her call to the airport, Alison joins her, prepared to leave. Elizabeth informs her that they can't leave tonight because the airport is fogged in. One minute, it was perfectly clear, and the next minute, fog rolled in out of nowhere. Rolling her eyes, Alison admits that it sounds very strange. Elizabeth thinks it goes perfectly with the rest of the trip. She apologizes, but Alison assures her she doesn't mind staying a bit longer. Elizabeth suggests going to a nearby trattoria, but Alison claims to want to go to sleep. Elizabeth is grateful to Alison; her willingness to stand by her means more than anything. She's just sorry that Alison didn't get what she came to Capri for. Alison tells her that everything will be all right.

When Alison walks back into her room, she finds Rafe pouring two glasses of champagne, and this puts a smile on her face. Rafe feigns surprise at hearing about the fog at the airport. Allowing him to seduce her with kisses, Alison informs him that no planes can leave tonight. "I guess I'm just going to have to have a sleepover," she says softly. Rafe informs her that he was never going to let her leave him. He promises to spend the rest of his life making her happy. She asks him to start now, and he has no problem with that.

Casey walks around the park, thinking about how weird it is to be back. When she stops at a hot dog cart, a familiar voice calls out. "Marissa?" Jamal asks. Casey turns around to face him.