PC Update Tuesday 1/28/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/28/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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After being confronted by Ian, Kevin chides himself for not expecting this. He should have known better than to think that Lucy actually went away to think about their relationship. She tries to explain, but he informs her that there's no explanation for what he walked in on. When Ian professes his love for Lucy, Kevin points out that her marital status must have made no difference to him. Ian remarks that Kevin hasn't been a husband to Lucy in a long time. This is familiar territory to Kevin, who recalls when Ian stole another wife from him. He accuses the other man of setting this whole thing up. Ian denies getting stranded on purpose, but he adds that they're not going to hide the way they feel about each other; Lucy wants to be with him. Kevin points out that while she says that at the moment, she'll always belong with him. Tired of the this, Lucy stops them both. She knows what she wants, and it's time to let them know as well. Kevin doesn't want her to say anything. He admits to driving her away with his unforgivable behavior. He was grieving for Livvie, but that's no excuse. He's very sorry for pushing Lucy away, because he loves her and doesn't want to lose her. He's going to sit in the car now, and if Lucy doesn't come in a few minutes, he'll leave and never bother her again. Lucy cries as he walks away. Ian takes her hand to lead her inside the cabin, but she pulls away to follow her husband.

Alison and Elizabeth return through another door and prepare to let Caleb into the room. Alison tells her mother to relax and take a deep breath, because Caleb will be suspicious if she looks nervous. When Alison opens the door, Caleb enters and asks what's going on. He points out that he was knocking for a very long time. After some awkward silence, Alison urges her mother to tell him about their argument--which was about him. Acting extremely annoyed, Alison says that if he really felt the need to send along a chaperone, he should have come to Capri himself. Caleb reminds her that he had band rehearsal. Alison isn't impressed. "Thanks a lot for sending Mr. Excitement along," she tells him. "You talking about Joshua? He can get on your nerves sometimes," Caleb admits. Alison says that the man is also unreliable. She tells Caleb that Joshua was going to get tickets for a concert she didn't want to attend in the first place. She and her mother sat around all day waiting for him, and he never came back. The last time they saw him was at breakfast. Caleb says that he'll have to find him, because it isn't like Joshua to just disappear. All Alison knows is that she's annoyed. After saying they have no idea where he could be, but Alison "remembers" that a waitress was flirting with him at breakfast. Because of how difficult it is to be where Malcolm died, she and her mother had asked Joshua to leave them alone. Caleb understands that this is a difficult time for both of them. Seeing an opportunity, Alison says it's probably why she and her mother have been arguing so much. They "make up" for Caleb's benefit. Apologizing to his wife for the way they parted, Caleb promises to talk after he tracks down Joshua. Elizabeth wants to talk now, not later. To give them some privacy, Alison returns to her room.

Alone with Caleb, Elizabeth informs her new husband that she's tired of all the ups and downs. It may be due to his artisic temperament, but she can't take it anymore. She's leaving him. Caleb's response is to grab her, kiss her, and carry her to bed.

Rafe enters Alison's room and moves swiftly to Joshua's body. Looking at the corpse's neck, he finds very recent bite marks. He doesn't know what happened, but he's worried about Alison. He covers the body just as she returns. She fills him in on what happened, and Rafe comforts her with a hug. Alison is really worried about her mother. Rafe checks the body to be certain that he's dead; there's no pulse. He's extremely grateful for what Elizabeth did, but he has some bad news. If her mother really killed Joshua, she has lost her soul and become a full-fledged vampire, and there's no turning back. Devastated, Alison blames herself for this. Rafe reminds her that Elizabeth was protecting her; there was nothing Alison could have done to prevent it. Alison is quite worried; Caleb is with her mother now, and they have to protect her. Elizabeth really wants to leave him, and Alison is certain she won't give in this time. Needing to get rid of the body, Rafe goes out to the hall for a cart. When he comes back, he wants to limit Alison's involvement in this, so he makes her turn around as he loads Joshua into the cart and covers him up. Rafe says he won't be gone long, but he wants her to lock herself in the room and not answer the door for anyone. He specifically tells her not to go to her mother's room. Trusting her to do as he asked, he wheels Joshua's body out, but Alison is too worried about her mother. Opening the door to her room, she is shocked to learn that her mother is in bed with Caleb. Quietly closing the door, she bursts into tears.

After having the roll of film developed, Marissa takes the photos to the park to find out what Reese is hiding. She's stunned to see photos proving that Reese and Caleb are vampires. Jamal was right! Caz and Reese come out of the bushes and demand to see the pictures. Jumping up, Marissa hides the photos and says that this is none of their business. Reese informs her that since the photos belong to her, they are her business. This means that Marissa stole from her, invaded her privacy, and knows too much for her own good. Reese and Caz circle Marissa like animals waiting to pounce. Marissa claims to have made copies and sent them to the paper, but they know she's bluffing, because she obviously just saw the pictures for the first time. Marissa isn't afraid of them; they can't do anything without Stephen. Reese points out that this is the problem. Stephen doesn't know about the pictures, and if he ever finds out, he'll get rid of them permanently. That's why Marissa has to die.

Ian sits sadly in front of the fire, mourning what could have been. To his surprise, Lucy walks in the door. She told Kevin that she's staying; she wants to be with Ian. Ian is overjoyed.

As Elizabeth gets dressed, she points out that this doesn't change anything. Caleb informs her that he wasn't trying to change anything. He just wanted her to know what she'll be leaving.

Marissa knows they're upset, but she promises to get rid of the pictures and not tell anyone what she knows. Reese is tired of listening to her. Caz bares his fangs, and they gang up on Marissa, backing her onto the park bench. Suddenly, Marissa hears the sound of thunder and sees several flashes of light. Time seems to stand still as the two vampires freeze into position and Marissa is able to walk between them. Casey drops from the sky. "It's not funny, Ed!" Casey shouts. "He could have shown me an easier way to get down here," she complains, brushing snow from her clothes. Marissa is stunned to see her twin. "Your guardian sister. And I got three words to say to you. What the hell do you think you're doing?"

When Rafe returns, he finds Alison crying. She admits that she saw her mother in bed with Caleb. She's really worried now, because her mother will never be able to leave. Alison wants to fall into Rafe's arms, but she can't, not without proof that he's not her brother. Rafe happily informs her that he has proof. The captain buried some papers from Malcolm's journal, and Rafe dug them up. Excited, he shows them to Alison. The papers specifically state that Malcolm's other child is a girl. Alison has a sister! It's finally over.