PC Update Monday 1/27/03

Port Charles Update Monday 1/27/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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Gail tracks down Kevin as the hospital to find out whether he's heard from Lucy. Kevin reminds her that he and Lucy have been having problems, and Gail realizes that must be why Lucy needed to get away. She and Lee have the girls because Lucy went to a cabin outside of town. However, Lucy should be back by now, and since it's getting so late, Gail is concerned. She tried calling, but the phone at the cabin phone is dead, and Lucy's cell phone is out of range. She's worried, and so is Kevin, because this isn't like Lucy at all. Gail shows him a slip of paper with the contact information written on it, and he tells her that he'll look into it. She should go home and stay with Lee and the girls, and he'll call her later.

Seeing the horse and sleigh, Tess is in awe of how beautiful it all is. Caleb says he wanted to make up for what he did to her, and he thought she'd like this. With a wave of his hand, steps materialize to make it easier for Tess to board the sleigh. She allows him to take her hand as she steps up, and then Caleb goes around to the other side and sits beside her. They go for a sleigh ride, stopping where they can see the town. Caleb thanks Tess for giving him a chance to tell her how sorry he is. Tess assures him that she does believe he's being sincere. Caleb admits that he shouldn't have tried so hard to reach Olivia. He doesn't want to do anything else to hurt Tess or Olivia. Tess tells him that he and Livvie hurt each other with their love. That's why she has to keep Livvie safe inside, and why Caleb has to let her go. Caleb says that he wanted to share this place with her so that she wouldn't think he's so bad. Tess doesn't think he's bad, but he has to learn a better way to love. She gets out of the sleigh to look around. Smiling, Caleb joins her, and they look at the town. Tess thinks the city lights look like twinkling stars. She also likes the way the stars look from the overlook. Caleb shows her the lights in the park, and she sees boats on the river. She's excited to realize that she also sees her house. This is so beautiful! Caleb smiles at her.

Lucy asks Ian how he's feeling, and he responds with an energetic kiss. He's feeling great--no pain or hunger. It's as if he had never been bitten by a vampire. Lucy doesn't see how that's possible. Trying to think of an explanation for Ian's miraculous tranformation, she wonders whether Caleb could have died and made everything return to normal. Ian points out that they really don't know what happened or how long it will last. In his opinion, he has Lucy to thank for this reprieve. Lucy disagrees, but Ian is convinced that he's right, because it feels so good to be with her. He doesn't want to think about the symptoms; he just wants to think about her. They make love again.

Tess and Caleb sit down on a bench, and when Tess sees a falling star, Caleb tells her to make a wish on it. Without having to be told, he knows what her wish would be. She would want everyone to be happy. Tess admits that she thinks it's possible, if everyone could see all the beauty the world has to offer. She tells him to look at how still and peaceful the moonlight looks on the water. Lights are being turned off in houses all over town, and it's as if they're dancing. She assumes he thinks she's silly for being surprised by all these things everyone else is used to. Actually, Caleb thinks it's kind of sweet how she looks at the world with such wonderment. It's too late for him to see things that way. Tess tells him that it doesn't have to be too late. She's going to help him see the world through her eyes. She thanks him, and he admits that the stars do seem a little brighter already. Tess is glad. When she gets up, Caleb asks to take her for a walk, but she's ready to go home to Jack now. Caleb is clearly disappointed by this, but he has reminds himself that Olivia is the one he wants, not Tess. "You were just this part of Olivia I had to get rid of," Caleb recalls. "I never gave you a second thought, Tess. Amazing." He tells himself it's time to focus. He can't forget what's happening in the other half of the world.

After Elizabeth finishes off Joshua, she looks at her stunned daughter with tears in her eyes. She apologizes for killing the man. Alison is stunned by what she just witnessed. Deeply ashamed, Elizabeth breaks down crying. She's afraid that Alison sees her as a monster. She admits to lying about it all this time because she didn't want Alison to know what she'd become and start hating her. She's stunned to learn that despite her efforts, Alison has known about this for quite some time. All Elizabeth wants is to be her mother, but now she thinks her daughter will be disgusted and afraid. Alison assures her that she's neither of those, but Elizabeth tells her to get out now and forget about her. Otherwise, Caleb will hurt Alison. Elizabeth cries that she's not Alison's mother anymore. She killed a man! Alison tries to calm her down by pointing out that she saved her life. Elizabeth admits she was terrified that Joshua would kill Alison. However, it's not safe for Alison to stay. Stephen will find out what happened; he always does. Alison has no intentions of leaving. They're going to deal with this together. Alison tells her not to return to Port Charles or talk to her husband again. Elizabeth points out that he'll find her. She'll go back, but she has to be very careful, and she has to pretend she has no idea where Joshua is. She's going to break all ties to Caleb. Alison points out that they have to get rid of Joshua's body. When his cell phone starts ringing, Alison removes the phone from his inside coat pocket and sees that the call is from Caleb. They decide to let it ring.

Caleb is annoyed. It's not like Joshua to ignore his calls. "What could be more important than me?" he asks himself.

Lucy marvels at how much energy Ian has. She admits that he isn't the only one who's wanted this for a long time. She wanted it as well. She insists that there must be a reason for this change in his condition, so they need to investigate. A kiss from Ian persuades her to hold off on the investigation until later. He decides it's time for a shower, and Lucy promises to meet him there. While she grabs a bite of chocolate, she's surprised to hear a knock at the door. She gets dressed and goes to see who it is. She's stunned to see her husband. Kevin is relieved to see that she's all right. He explains that Gail was worried when she didn't come back as planned. Lucy had no idea she was worrying anyone. She informs him that her car won't start, and the phone doesn't work. Kevin is glad he came to check, because they had no idea she was stranded. He assumes she'll be going back to town with him. Lucy stalls, saying she was getting ready to take a shower. Kevin tells her to go ahead; he'll wait. Trying again, Lucy says she was planning to hike down in the morning. Kevin really wants her to go back with him tonight, because it would make the girls feel better. He's not trying to pull anything, and he regrets the way things have been going between them, but he doesn't think they should let their problems get in the way of the kids. Agreeing, Lucy tells him she needs to put on her boots and turn off the shower water. She asks him to take some of the groceries out to his car, so they don't go to waste. As soon as Kevin is outside, Ian comes out to look for Lucy, wondering what's taking her so long. Seeing that she's dressed, he learns of her husband's arrival. Ian dresses and goes out to confront Kevin.

Alison wants to get rid of the body and make it look as if Joshua vanished. She and Elizabeth lay out some plans for dealing with the body. Alison doesn't think they should move him until later, because someone might see them. In the meantime, they need to get him out of sight. Elizabeth suggests hiding him in the bathroom, but Alison has a better idea. As they drag the body to the armoire, Caleb knocks on the door and calls out to his wife.