PC Update Friday 1/24/03


Port Charles Update Friday 1/24/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

After Ian and Lucy verify that all the water bottles are cracked, they decide to drive back to Port Charles for more. Trying not to panic about losing the only thing that allows Ian to function, Lucy cleans up the spilled water. Ian goes out to start the car but returns with the news that the battery is dead. Lucy picks up the phone to call for help, but it's also dead. She then tries her cell phone, but it can't pick up a signal. Ian checks the trunk of the car, just in case any of the bottles fell out, but there aren't any. He decides to hike down the mountain alone to get help, but Lucy doesn't like that idea. She thinks they should spend the night in the cabin, and then go for help together in the morning. When it's daylight, it will be warmer, and they'll be able to see what they're doing. Ian has a moment of weakness, but Lucy vows to get him through this. She makes him a tuna sandwich to try to help with the hunger, but he points out that what he's hungry for doesn't come in a can. Lucy decides to try to take his mind off the problem. She looks for a deck of cards and instead finds Scrabble. She's excited, because she's pretty good at it. Ian thinks he should just put his hand in the fire; it would make him forget that he feels as if his insides are being torn to shreds. He needs to say something to Lucy while he still can. After Eve died, he didn't think he could ever love again. He wants Lucy's promise that no matter what he says or does tonight, she'll remember that he's the man who wants only the best for her. He also wants her to promise that if things get too bad, she'll run and not turn back. As for himself, he promises to remember her as the woman who allowed him to love again. Lucy kisses him, and he pulls away. "Don't pull away from me. Let me love again," Lucy pleads, kissing him again. She takes Ian by the hand. He stops and tells her to think about this, but she doesn't need to think. If tonight is all they ever have, she doesn't want to regret not taking advantage of it. They kiss, and Lucy removes first her blouse, then his shirt. They make love in front of the fire.

After seeing what Rafe can do, the captain is really scared. Rafe demands to be told everything he knows about Joshua, Caleb, and Malcolm. When the captain claims not to know anything, Rafe suggests that a call to the police might jog his memory. In fact, the police would be very interested in hearing about how Rafe was put in chains and almost shot. The captain tries to get away, but Rafe causes the door to close on his arm. The man jumps back. "What are you?" he asks. "I'm your worst nightmare, buddy," Rafe replies. "Now, we can do this the hard way, or we can do it the easy way, but either way, you're going to fill in the blanks," he continues as the captain frantically looks around for a way out.

Jack carries Tess inside the house when they arrive home from the hospital. Tess really doesn't think it's necessary, but Jack likes to carry her; it kind of makes up for not carrying her over the threshold on their wedding night. He asks whether she'd like him to cook supper and give her a massage. Instead of answering, Tess admits that she likes being carried; it makes her feel close to him. They kiss sweetly, unaware that Caleb is in the woods nearby with a snow globe. Later, after Tess changes into her nightgown, she asks Jack not to worry about her so much. He can't lose her, because she hasn't been lost since the day he found her. She knows that Caleb won't hurt her again. Jack isn't convinced. He knows Caleb, and he knows how he operates, especially when he wants something. Tess reminds Jack that when they were in the cave, he used to tell her love stories when she was scared, and they made her feel better. Now it's her turn to tell him her very favorite love story. They lounge by the fire as Tess tells him about a girl who lived in an enchanted forest. The girl was lonely, but she didn't even know it until the prince came along. He brought her many wonderful gifts, but the girl had nothing to give him except love, so she gave him buckets and buckets of love. She married him, and they lived happily ever after. Jack thoroughly enjoys her story.

The captain, now seated, endures an interrogation from Rafe, who wants to know how he met Malcolm. He also wants to know whether it was Stephen or Joshua who arranged Malcolm's murder. The captain, whose name is Dante, is afraid to tell him anything, because his family has been threatened. Rafe points out that there are other options that don't involve the murder of his family. Dante can tell Rafe what he wants to know, and then he can take his family and go far away. The others will never find them, and Rafe will never reveal where he got his information.

"Sweet Tess, this is all for you," Caleb says as he spreads his arms wide and vanishes. As Jack and Tess sleep on the couch, a bat flutters around them. After it flies back out the open window, Tess gets up, puts on her coat and shoes, and goes outside. She walks until she finds what she's looking for. "Hello, Tess. I'm glad you came," Caleb tells her. To her delight, he has a horse and sleigh waiting.

Dante takes Rafe to the place where Malcolm is buried. Rafe urges him to take his family and go far away. He's going to get proof so that he can be with the woman he loves. He thanks Dante for his help, and the other man wishes him luck before leaving. Rafe gives him some advice about his wife and children. "Keep them safe, okay? And every day, tell them you love them. Because, really, at the end of the day, that's all that matters." Agreeing, Dante walks away. Rafe starts digging, and the shovel seems to strike something almost immediately.

Joshua informs Alison that she and Elizabeth should have stayed out of this. Alison pretends not to know what he's talking about. She wants to know why he's in her mother's room. "That big wide-eyed thing might work wonders with your slayer, but you know what? It leaves me stone cold," Joshua informs her. As Alison backs away from him, she sees her mother lying in the floor. She runs to Elizabeth and tries to rouse her. Alison demands to know what Joshua did to her mother, but he claims that she drinks too much. Alison doesn't buy that. She knows he did something to her; she also knows that he and Caleb killed her father. Joshua tells her to prove it. He informs her that she should have stayed at home. She'd be much happier--and alive. "I'm not afraid of you, Joshua. You're a nobody. You're a nothing. You couldn't even blow your own nose if Stephen weren't to give you the tissue." Joshua grabs her wrist and threatens her. He was so looking forward to having her as a friend, but now it has to end this way. Joshua lecherously tells her there's only one way to get out of this. Alison informs him that she'd rather be dead. His hands all over her, Joshua informs her that she has no choice. "I'll have my way with you, and then I'll kill you. Wham, bam, oops, she's dead. And your slayer isn't even here to save you." Alison strikes out and gets loose, but he tackles her. Suddenly, Elizabeth is behind him, pulling him off her daughter. Realizing what's about to happen, Joshua is terrified. Her eyes glowing, she bares her fangs, grabs his head, and sinks her teeth into his neck. Joshua screams.

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