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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/23/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian continues to work on his research, but the fact is, he's still a vampire. He's also Irish, and that helps. He pours a glass of Irish whiskey just as someone starts knocking on the door. He tells the caller to go away, but the knocking persists. Ian's anger causes him to squeeze the whiskey bottle so tight that it breaks. After grabbing a dish cloth to wrap around his bleeding hand, he finally gives in and answers the door. Lucy invites herself in when Ian doesn't do the honors. Ian is surprised to see her, because he thought she was with Kevin. Lucy explains that Kevin didn't need her after all. She doesn't even know her husband anymore, but she doesn't care about that right now. She wants to help Ian focus on his research. Ian insists that there's nothing she can do. He hasn't made any progress at all, and he just wants her to go away. Refusing, Lucy asks why he's acting this way. Apparently referring to a cure he's been working on, Ian admits that it works, but not for long, and he doesn't want to hurt her. Lucy doesn't know why Ian is being so stubborn, but she won't let him go through this alone. Going through it alone is exactly what Ian intends to do. He wants her to leave now.

Alison knocks on Rafe's door and calls out to him, but there's no response. She's worried, because he should have been back from the yacht by now. She decides to go look for him.

Elizabeth returns to her room, with Joshua on her heels. She tells him to stop asking about her daughter, but Joshua claims to be concerned. Elizabeth says that Alison has every right to stay in her room if that's what she wants. She orders Joshua to stay away from her. Joshua replies that it's Alison's choice to make. Elizabeth points out that Alison isn't interested in him, and when he tries to make her believe the contrary, she admits that Alison is still very much in love with Rafe. Joshua points out that he's her brother, but Elizabeth breaks her promise to Alison and admits that she's in Capri to find proof to the contrary. Joshua tells her not to be too sure that she'll find any such proof. Elizabeth wants to know why he's so certain that Alison won't find what she's looking for. Joshua claims that the evidence speaks for itself. He's puzzled as to why Alison lied about the purpose of her trip to Capri. Elizabeth tells him to stay puzzled. When Joshua asks whether there are any more lies he should know about, Elizabeth "admits" that they're plotting to overthrow the government. Joshua isn't amused. On the other hand, Elizabeth thinks he's hilarious. "What goes on in that measly little brain of yours?" she asks. Joshua states that the only thing on his mind is to protect Stephen. "From Alison? From me?" Elizabeth always knew he didn't approve of her, but this is ridiculous. Joshua admits that he didn't approve at first, but then he began to hope she'd be able to make Stephen forget. Obviously he was wrong; it's clear to him that she's never been able to please a man. They trade a few more insults, then Joshua suggests a drink. He puts ice cubes in a glass, but Elizabeth insists on pouring her own drink. She doesn't want to risk being drugged again. Too late, she realizes that he drugged the decanter. When she falls to the floor, Joshua happily climbs onto her bed and looks at the unconscious woman. He tells her that she needs her beauty sleep, then says there aren't enough hours in the day for that. He changes his mind, deciding that she's almost attractive when her mouth is closed. He's pleased that everything will be back to normal soon.

Lucy protests that if the situation were reversed, he would never leave her alone. Noticing his wounded hand, she asks what happened. Ian points to the broken glass on the counter, then tries to explain what's wrong. When they were in the park together--when Chris was learning to fly--he noticed his incredible strength. It came out of nowhere and allowed him to rescue Chris, and then it went away. He doesn't know when it's coming back. He can't control it. In a rage, he clears the coffee table with his arm. He's tried drinking the water, but he can't stand how it makes him feel. When he drinks it, he can't focus; he can't do research or function as a doctor. He can't even find comfort in the woman he loves, because he's afraid of crushing her. This is his life now. He's trapped like an animal, and he can't get out. Lucy decides that he needs to leave the loft and get a complete change of scenery. As tears fall down his face, Ian tries to believe it could work. Lucy thinks he should go to his cabin in the mountains. This will get him as far away from Caleb as possible, and he'll still be able to come back if he needs to. Danny is safe in New York with Tim, and the girls are staying with Lee and Gail, so it all works out. She's going with him. Ian disagrees. He needs to focus on his research, and doesn't need the distraction and temptation of having her around. Lucy doesn't want him to be isolated because she's afraid he'll go through with biting someone this time. Ian reassures her that he won't bite anyone. He'll drink the water, and when it runs out, he'll call her. Although he doesn't want her to stay up there with him, he would appreciate a ride, but she has to drop him off and come straight back home.

The captain, the same man who met with Joshua earlier, throws cold water on Rafe. "The boss" wants Rafe to be awake for the main event--when they see whether or not he can swim with chains on. Rafe wants to make a deal, but the captain tells him to stop whining. The man receives a call about a problem on deck, but promises to come back. To Rafe's surprise, as soon as the captain is gone, Alison sneaks in through another door. She wants to figure out how to get him out of the chains. Rafe tells her to hurry up and get out of there, but it's too late. They can hear the captain right outside. The captain stops before coming in, and it's clear that something's up. Rafe asks Alison what she did. She admits to reporting a fire and smashing the alarm, which should keep the others busy. She's just about out of time, though, because the captain is definitely coming back. Rafe urges her to go; he can take care of himself. In fact, he's exactly where he wants to be. He informs her that the captain is on Joshua's payroll, and Alison asks whether this means that Joshua and Caleb killed her father. In Rafe's opinion, it adds up. They must have been setting this up long before anyone knew they were back in town. Alison is stunned by this thought. Rafe assures her that it will be all right, and they'll be back together soon. They're close to finding answers. He needs her to go back to her hotel room, lock the door, and not let anyone inside. The proof they need is on the yacht; he can sense it. Alison doesn't want to leave him, but Rafe tells her to trust him. He has a plan.

At the cabin, Ian stokes a fire as Lucy brings the supplies inside. He's surprised to see a box of gourmet chocolates, because he thought she was just bringing staples. "Uh-oh. You really don't believe that chocolate is a staple?" She'll just have to change his mind. She offers him a piece of candy, but Ian prefers one of the white chocolate pieces. They taste their candies, and Lucy finishes Ian's piece. She worries about abandoning him, but he assures her that he'll be fine. They hug, but he's a little shaky. He'll just have some water. Walking over to the supply of water, he finds something very disturbing. All the bottles cracked from the cold, and every drop of water is gone.

Over the phone, Joshua tells the captain to let Alison leave, because he can deal with her. As for Rafe, he orders the captain to kill him. The captain returns and points a gun at Rafe. This surprises Rafe, who is told that there's been a change of plans. The captain won't be throwing Rafe overboard until after he shoots him. Rafe tries to talk him out of it, saying that he doesn't want to do this, but the captain takes aim. Rafe insists that the other man won't hurt anyone. He magically removes the chains, and the gun flies from the captain's hand. "What in hell?" the bewildered captain asks. "More like 'What in heaven?'" Rafe replies.

Alison runs to Room 43, her mother's room. She needs to asks her something. Joshua, hiding behind the door, closes the door behind her. He's been waiting for her; she should have come to dinner. Uneasy, Alison asks where her mother is. "You two should have left well enough alone," Joshua replies.

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