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Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/22/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jack follows Kevin to his office. Kevin asks him to have mercy, because he's not in the mood to get hit again. Jack didn't come to hit him. He's just trying to figure out why Kevin has changed so much. Kevin points out that everyone changes, but Jack says that it's usually for the better. He doesn't think Kevin cares about anyone. After informing him that he cares about Livvie, he orders Jack to get out. Jack doesn't leave. He realizes that Kevin won't believe him, but he really doesn't know where Livvie is. Kevin knows where she is; Tess has her. Jack rolls his eyes and asks Kevin whether he's lost his mind. Kevin advises him to ask Tess about Livvie, but Jack says he doesn't have to, because Tess would never hurt anyone. Kevin tries to explain that he didn't say otherwise, but he gives up in frustration. It doesn't matter, since Jack will lose Tess no matter what. Jack is prepared to fight Caleb. Kevin warns that he's in for the fight of his life. Jack's ready for it. Kevin points out that even though he himself isn't going around making empty threats, he hasn't given up. In his opinion, Jack is too nice and too naive to understand how Caleb works. "Oh, and you do. What was I thinking? I guess twisted minds think alike," Jack retorts. All Kevin is saying is that it might take more than brawn and bluster to knock Caleb off his pins. Like it or not, Kevin's twisted mind may be Jack's last chance, so it wouldn't be a good idea to make an enemy of him just yet. "You know what the weird thing is, Kevin? I think I trust Caleb more than I trust you," Jack admits. Alone again, Kevin looks at a photo of Livvie and Lucy. Jack's wrong; he does care.

Joshua paces impatiently as Alison discourages her mother from going to the yacht with her. Elizabeth insists on going along to help her daughter; besides, it's the last place she saw Malcolm alive. Joshua complains that it's getting late, and they all head out the door. Alison goes back in, ostensibly for her sweater. She closes and locks the door to keep Joshua from following her back inside, then knocks on the door to the adjoining room. Rafe opens up; he heard everything. Alison admits she's not looking forward to this, but when Rafe offers to tag along, she tells him to go back to the villa and find out whether the staff knows anything about her father and his mother. Rafe just wishes that snake Joshua weren't hanging around, but Alison promises that she can handle him. Suddenly Joshua is at the door, trying to get in. He tries persistently to open the door, calling out to ask why the door is locked. Rafe runs back to his room, and Alison opens the door. "I guess that patience really isn't your thing, is it?" she asks. Joshua walks past her and starts snooping around, then picks up her sweater and hands it to her.

When Reese confronts Marissa for going through her bag, Marissa claims that she's looking for her sunglasses. She says that she left them behind, and since Reese has sticky fingers, she thought she might have picked them up. Reese calls her a bad liar and threatens to tell Stephen that she's snooping around. Marissa calls her bluff; unlike Reese, she has nothing to hide. She accuses Reese of being jealous because of the difference in the way Stephen treats them; he likes Marissa because of her lyrics but treats Reese like the major loser she is. "Someday," Reese says, but won't complete the threat; that would spoil the surprise. Marissa doesn't have time for her drama; she has work to do. She walks out, relieved to have gotten away with a roll of film from Reese's bag. As she starts to put the film in her purse, Jamal comes up behind her and scares her half to death. He isn't happy to find her there when she was supposed to be at home. Marissa claims that she just came to give notice to the band and get her stuff, but Jamal doesn't believe her. He knows she's up to something. He told her about Caleb for a reason, and he wants her to get away from the vampire. Caleb will kill her if she gets in his way. Marissa is insulted by his patronizing tone. She's not a ten-year-old child and doesn't like to be treated like one. Jamal just doesn't want her to end up like Casey, who died at such a young age. Marissa apologizes for worrying him and promises not to see Stephen again. As soon as they walk away, Caz and Reese come around the corner. Caz is surprised to see Marissa walk away, because he thought she was supposed to be working. Reese is convinced that she's up to something; they should keep an eye on her and take action if necessary. Besides, songs sell better after the songwriter dies. Caz and Reese both laugh.

Alison, Elizabeth, and Joshua board the yacht. Just being there brings back so many horrible memories for Elizabeth. Joshua peruses a book as the two women talk. Elizabeth says that she was sleeping here on the couch when Malcolm went upstairs for air. She didn't even hear his cry for help. Alison tells her it wasn't her fault, but Elizabeth thinks that if she'd been awake, Malcolm might still be alive. She thought the cruise was going to be a new beginning for the two of them, but instead, Malcolm was swept away in an instant. She doesn't understand how that's even possible. Alison tries comforting her with the thought that everyone has his own path, even if it's not obvious. Snorting, Joshua ridicules her for this notion. He adds that since Elizabeth has remarried, he assumed that the mourning period was over. He turns to Alison and asks what's the matter with her. She was so sweet to him on the airplane. What's changed? Alison doesn't like his attitude. She asks him to give her and her mother some privacy, because this is a very difficult time for them. Joshua complies by going to the deck. As soon as he's gone, Alison starts looking around, and Elizabeth asks what she's looking for. Alison says she's looking for something her father may have left behind. Elizabeth asks why getting closure is so important to her all of a sudden. She wants to know why Alison is really here. Alison admits that she's looking for evidence that Rafe isn't her brother. Despite the overwhelming evidence that they are siblings, she doesn't want to believe it. He's the love of her life. When Elizabeth asks whether Rafe knows what she's up to, Alison denies it. She says that she and Rafe aren't talking because it's too hard, but she seems to feel guilty about lying to her mother. She says that if there's any chance of having a happy ending, she has to take it. Elizabeth wants her to be happy, and she admits that Malcolm had many secrets. She wants to help look. Promising to keep this between the two of them, they divide up the room and begin searching for a safe with a birth certificate or anything that might tell them something. "Are you looking for something?" Acting quite guilty, the women stop and turn around when Joshua discovers them. "Maybe I can help."

Caleb watches over Tess as she sleeps in her hospital bed. Aware that he's the reason for her close call, he's painfully honest as he talks to her. He has a lot of powers, but he wishes he had the power to change what he did to her. He never meant to hurt her. He was trying to reach Olivia, and he did; for one beautiful moment, they were together. Now he knows that neither of them will survive if they're apart, so he won't try to pry them apart again. He begs Tess to come back. After he gently kisses her lips, she opens her eyes. Caleb welcomes her back to the world, and adds that everyone was worried about her. Now that she's awake, he should go. She grabs his hand to stop him from leaving. She heard what he said about being sorry. Caleb promises not to hurt her again, adding that maybe someday she'll forgive him. Tess knows that he wanted Livvie. Does he still want her? "Not if it means losing you," he admits. Tess says that she tried so hard to hold onto both of them. He always thought that Olivia was the strong one, but Tess has her own kind of strength, like a butterfly--strong yet fragile. "Every time I think I'm getting close to you, you slip right through my fingers and fly away." He tells Tess that he's the one who brought her to the hospital. She realizes that he tried to save her, but she doesn't know why. Just outside her room, Jack hears a noise and rushes in. He finds Tess alone and awake. Taking her hand, he talks about how worried he was. Tess assures him that she's okay now that he's with her. Nothing will take her away from him. Asking him to hold her, she tells him that he has a sad look on his face. Jack says he was just worried when he saw Caleb bring her in. He'd never seen her so pale. Tess promises to never leave Jack; he owns her heart. They embrace, but Tess looks past him and sees Caleb watching from outside the window. Sensing something, Jack turns around but nothing is there.

When Alison and Elizabeth can't get their stories straight, Joshua accuses Alison of never telling the truth. Angry, Elizabeth points out that they don't have to tell him anything because he's just the hired help. "Careful. You're getting hysterical," Joshua warns her. Elizabeth says that this is a difficult time, and there are painful memories to deal with. He never gives them any peace because he's always hovering around like some ominous cloud. Taking Alison with her, she decides to take a launch back to the hotel without him. "Annoying, stupid woman. I don't know how Stephen puts up with her," he says after they leave. He's immediately joined by a man who assures Joshua that he did a thorough cleaning of the yacht before they arrived. As for the elusive prince, the police have made inquiries, but the man told them that he hadn't seen Joshua. Joshua pays him off and says he'll be in touch. They walk out. Rafe emerges from hiding, telling himself that Joshua and Caleb are involved in this up to their eyes. He's immediately knocked out from behind. "Bad move, angel face. You lose," Joshua gloats.

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