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Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/21/03

By Beth
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Marissa is angry with Jamal for lying to her. He shouldn't have made her believe that her mother needed her when it wasn't true. Jamal is sorry about lying, but he had to get her out of town to protect her. Marissa realizes that he's referring to vampires again, and she doesn't want to hear it, because Stephen is simply a quirky musician. Jamal adds that he also happens to have fangs. In fact, Jack saw them. This gets her attention. Marissa can't believe this is happening. Jamal reminds her that she always said the band gave her the creeps. She even said they're like a pack of dogs. Marissa points out that she wasn't including Stephen in that description. If he's really a monster, how can he be capable of such beautiful feelings? In Jamal's opinion, it's all part of the head trip Caleb lays on his victims. Caleb is obviously very smart to be able to keep coming back all the time. Jack calls to let him know about Tess, and Jamal relays the information to Marissa. He doesn't know whether or not she's been bitten, but he's going to the hospital. Since Caleb is there, he wants Marissa to go home. As soon as he's gone, she vows to stop Stephen.

Ricky throws a tantrum because Stephen is blowing off another rehearsal while the band is trying to get ready for a recording session. Caz and Reese strongly advise him to chill, because Stephen doesn't like whiners. Ricky doesn't care what Stephen likes. He's tired of taking orders from him. He thinks they should lose the front man and just be a trio. Caz says that it's Stephen's band, and they're in it for life. Ricky doesn't think this is any kind of life; they're waiting for Stephen while he's off doing his own thing. As far as Ricky's concerned, Stephen should just take his act solo. Caz grudgingly admits that Ricky isn't entirely wrong, and Reese agrees that the three of them are good together. She's frustrated about Stephen's recent behavior. Actually, she's frustrated about a lot of things around here. Hearing this, Caz looks at her suspiciously. Ricky is ready to do something about this situation. He's been working on a new song, and the others agree to check it out. Reese tells Caz that it's time to make Ricky a full-fledged member of the club. Caz warns her not to do that, because Stephen still calls the shots--especially the one about turning Ricky. Ready to play his new song, Ricky says to tell him if they like what they hear. Her eyes glowing yellow, Reese says quietly that she already loves what she sees.

Jack takes Tess out of Caleb's arms and lays her on a gurney provided by Kevin. Caleb claims that she fainted while they were talking, but Lucy doesn't believe him. Caleb and Lucy both tell Ian to do something, but in his condition, Ian doesn't think he can. Lucy wants him to try. Seeing that Tess is fading, Kevin yells at Ian to help him. Lucy offers to page Karen, but there's no time. Ian orders a crash cart. Lucy makes a very worried Jack step back and give the medical team room to work. Kevin doesn't know whether Tess is unconscious due to shock or an injury. Ian is obviously having trouble focusing, and Kevin yells at him again because of the urgency of their patient's condition. It's too late; Tess goes into full cardiac arrest. As Lucy tries to reassure Jack that his bride will be all right, she and Caleb glare at each other. Everyone is relieved when Tess gets her pulse back and begins to breathe on her own again. Unable to figure out why she's still unconscious, Ian demands to know what Caleb did to her. Before Caleb has a chance to reply, Karen checks in, and Ian asks her to take over for him. She takes Tess to a room, and Jack goes with them. Kevin is the next one to confront Caleb. "Well Houdini? You took her away from me to bring Livvie back, so what happened?" Caleb says that Livvie did come back but that Tess fought her until she collapsed. Kevin thinks that everything Caleb touches dies, but Caleb says that if he had wanted to hurt her, she'd be beyond the help of medical science right now. When Ian interjects that she still is, Caleb tells him to fix it. Lucy has to stop Ian before the situation gets any worse. Caleb says that he knows they'd like to get rid of him, but they can't. He tells them to save their strength for something they can do, like helping Tess. He walks away, and Lucy follows. This annoys Caleb. When she calls him the "big, bad vampire," he's ready with a comeback. "You think I'd come in here and bite everyone, and then fly out the window?" Lucy is puzzled. She tells him that she didn't see revenge, anger, malice, or hate on his face just now. Surprisingly, what she actually saw on his face was love.

Ricky's song is a hit with the others. Reese's hunger for him is evident from the way she looks at him and talks to him, but Ricky is too wrapped up in his quest for fame to notice. He wants this to work, and he doesn't need anyone getting in his way--not even the great Stephen Clay. Since the boss hasn't shown up, Caz decides to leave for a hot date. He tells Reese to be a good girl, and she promises to go straight to bed. After he's out of hearing range, she adds that she won't be going to bed alone. Caz leaves, and Ricky is also ready to get out of there. Reese is suddenly all over him, saying that she's not ready for the night to end. Ricky asks whether she wants to grab a bite or something. "How'd you guess? I'm starving" she laughs. She's all over him again, and Ricky asks where this is coming from. She replies that she can't help herself, because he really turns her on. Ricky pushes her away, thinking they should keep things professional, then changes his mind. Soon, they're making out on the floor. Reese says she wants to be with him, whispering "forever." Hearing this, Ricky says he doesn't want a commitment, just a good time. Reese tells him to get ready for the time of his life. Ricky has no idea that her eyes are glowing and that she's ready to sink her fangs into his neck. "Reese, stop now!" Caz growls at her from the doorway. Reese gets up, and Ricky snarls that his timing stinks. Caz informs Reese that Stephen called and wants to talk to her. He advises Ricky to leave now, which he does. Caz is furious with Reese. "What are you doing? Are you trying to get us all killed?" Although Stephen did say that she could have Ricky, it's not time yet. Reese is tired of doing what Stephen says. Caz tells her that she'll have her chance, but she has to be patient. They walk out, and Marissa comes in through another door. She looks around for proof that Stephen is a vampire. She finds a pack and starts to open it, but Reese catches her. "Don't you know little girls who snoop get into big trouble?"

Jack paces. Ian says that Tess is still unconscious but not hurt physically. Kevin explains that Caleb did something to traumatize her, and it made her shut down. Jack doesn't trust a word he says. He wants Ian's opinion, but Ian tells him to listen to Kevin. Ian doesn't think he should be there at all, so he gets out of the ICU. Kevin starts to check on Tess, but Jack refuses to let him or Caleb near his wife again. After threatening Kevin, he visits Tess in her room. Karen is with her, and Jack thinks she looks very pale. Leaving them alone for a few minutes, Karen tells him not to stay long. Jack takes his wife's hands in his own and apologizes for not being there to protect her. He promises that there's no reason to be afraid now, because she's safe. After he leaves her room, he runs into Jamal, and they talk about what happened. Jack says that now Caleb isn't the only threat to Tess. Kevin is also out to get her.

Caleb scoffs at Lucy's claim that she saw love in his eyes. "Maybe I was just hungry," he says, quickly darting his tongue over his lips. Lucy knows that he loved Livvie very much, and now she thinks he wants to replace her with Tess. Caleb tells her she's wrong, but Lucy doesn't think so, because he truly loved Livvie. Caleb asks what her point is, and she replies that he always destroys the things he loves most. Caleb reminds her that Olivia actually destroyed him. Besides, neither of them ever really goes away. Lucy warns him to leave Tess alone. He can't take her and recreate his vampire bride. He has to let her have a life.

Forbidden to go anywhere near Tess again, Kevin sits alone and thinks. When Lucy joins him, he says that when he looks at Tess lying there, he can't help but think about Livvie. Lucy tells him to have faith and hope. Kevin feels as if he's losing everything he loves most in the world. Ian watches them briefly but doesn't interfere. Lucy tells Kevin that she isn't sure why things happen the way they do. She asks whether Jack was right to accuse him of handing Tess over to Caleb. Indignant, Kevin says that her accusation is a slap in the face. Lucy is concerned, but he tells her that it's not her concern anymore, because she walked out on him. He walks away. Jack has been eavesdropping from around the corner.

Unable to stay away from Tess, Caleb stands just inside the window in her room. "When will they learn?" Instantly moving to the foot of the bed, he finishes his thought. "They can't keep me away from you."

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