PC Update Monday 1/20/03

Port Charles Update Monday 1/20/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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In her hotel room, Alison tells Rafe how scared she was that Joshua would find him on the plane. Rafe says that he had to come up with something fast when Joshua started looking around. Alison shows him her travel alarm, which mysteriously "fell" out of her suitcase for Joshua to find, and Rafe says somewhat apologetically that it was the best he could do. Alison reiterates her fear that Joshua would have killed him, and she just wouldn't have been able to bear that. After reminding her that he's fine, Rafe informs her that he's staying in the adjoining room. She takes a look at it and is surprised that he's staying there. Rafe says that they can start looking for answers tomorrow. Alison tells Rafe that she loves him. She admits to having a hard time not touching him or wanting him, and she doesn't know how much longer she can keep this up. Their tentative hand-holding is interrupted by an insistent knock at the door. They have no idea who it could be, and Alison has to stop Rafe from going to the door himself. They learn that it's room service, which neither of them ordered. Rafe hides while Alison opens the door. The waiter enters the room with a cart filled with champagne, caviar, and chocolate "for the honeymoon couple." When Alison informs him that she's alone, the waiter becomes confused. Looking over the order, he realizes that he's on the wrong floor. He apologizes and gives Alison a flower from the cart for her trouble. After he leaves, a scowling Rafe emerges from his hiding place. He's angry because this could have been their honeymoon if Caleb hadn't shown up in town and messed with them. He's sorry that Alison is disappointed. Alison stops him; she knows that he's just as disappointed as she is, and there's no need for him to apologize. Hopeful, they agree that their own honeymoon will happen soon. While Alison freshens up, Rafe paces around the room, thinking. He gets an idea.

Ian and Lucy kiss passionately. Ian says he can't wait, and Lucy says that he doesn't have to wait. Ian nuzzles her neck, lowers her blouse down from her shoulders, and pulls her backward in his arms. Suddenly, he pushes her away and tells her to leave. He doesn't know who--or what--he is, and he's afraid of hurting her. He hopes that she understands. Lucy does understand, but she knows him, and she knows he won't hurt her. Ian isn't nearly as confident. He begs her to leave. Lucy protests, but Ian says he'll be fine. He's just going to drink some water. He promises not to let this get out of control; now he has something to fight for. He'll do whatever it takes to beat the curse, because she'll wait for him. Surprised at herself, Lucy confirms that she will wait. Deciding that it's time to go after all, she adjusts her clothing and heads for the door. Ian stops her to help with her coat, and then he embraces her from behind. They come close to kissing again, but stop themselves. Lucy rushes off.

Rafe and Alison share some fruit and whipped cream as a kind of faux honeymoon dinner. Rafe assures her that the real deal will happen soon. Alison points out that he never told her where he was planning to take her for their honeymoon. In fact, all he told her was not to pack many clothes, and that's not much of a clue. Rafe admits that he would have said that no matter what their destination was. Alison adds that he did give her a little clue by saying to pack lots of bikinis. Rafe still won't tell her. Alison is confident that she could get it out of him if she really tried, but she won't. They almost kiss, but Alison stops. She's not too sure about Rafe's intentions when he tells her to close her eyes, but he assures her that it's all right; she just has to trust him. Rafe tells her to imagine warm sun, white sand, cool blue sea, and the two of them together forever. They will have it all. Alison smiles. Rafe doesn't want to leave her, but it's time to head back to his room. The "honeymoon" isn't over; this was just a taste of what they'll have for the rest of their lives. He kisses her forehead chastely. Maybe tomorrow they can get back to the way things should be. That's all he'll be dreaming of, and they both know that dreams do come true. He goes to his room. They both linger at the door that separates them.

Jack confronts Kevin about what happened to Tess, demanding to know what kind of father sets a trap for his own daughter. Kevin doesn't have time for this, because Caleb is getting away. He doesn't understand why Jack keeps referring to Tess as his daughter; Livvie is his daughter. Jack is livid. He asks what Tess is to Kevin. "Nothing. She's nothing to me," Kevin replies. Disgusted, Jack punches him in the face, his superhuman strength knocking the man across the room.

Caleb picks up his guitar and begins to perform "Surrender." Tess sleeps as he sings, "Bring me back to life, Olivia." When the young woman opens her eyes, he stops playing and looks at her with tentative hopefulness. "What took you so long, Caleb?" Livvie asks. Clearly in love, Caleb says that he knew she'd come back. They kiss sweetly and longingly. "Take me now," she urges him. Caleb is incredibly happy. He knew it could be like this. Livvie says that she missed him, and he vows never to let her go again. Their reunion is marred when Livvie holds her head in pain; Tess is trying to come back. Livvie cries, trying to fight Tess. Caleb tells her to try harder, but it's no use. Tess is back. "I can't let you have her, Stephen. You're bad for her," she tells him. Caleb tries reaching his Olivia, but Tess pushes him away, crying. She has a flashback of pulling herself out of the river, trying to save Livvie, and falling in again, eventually merging with Livvie and rising out of the water. Worried, Caleb asks what's happening. Gasping for air, Tess collapses in his arms. Caleb lays her down on the bedding and tries to coax her awake. Listening to her chest, he finds that her heart has stopped beating. He holds his Olivia close and begs her to breathe. She can't leave him now! He just got her back! Terrified, he changes his tactic. "Tess!" he shouts.

At the hospital, Ian wheels a covered cart out of a room marked for authorized personnel only. He's being sneaky about it, and Lucy almost collides with him. They're surprised to see each other again so soon, but they agree that they have fate to thank. Ian feels and looks better from drinking the water. He's also been doing research. Lucy managed to get some things for his research, and she's hiding them in her coat. They agree that they're only borrowing these things from the hospital, but they speak conspiratorially. "Maybe I should put my stuff with your stuff," Lucy whispers. Smiling, Ian says that he would like that very much. He helps hide her things on his cart, which he then wheels back into the same room he came from. He walks her to the elevator. As they talk, Kevin and Jack get off the elevator. Kevin is already mad and shouting, and it doesn't help to see his wife with Ian. He glares at them. Lucy asks what's going on, and Kevin replies that Jack's fist connected with his face. Jack quickly informs her that Kevin allowed Caleb to take Tess. While they try to sort this out, the elevator doors open again. Caleb emerges, carrying an unconscious Tess. "Somebody, help! I think she's dying," he says helplessly.

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