PC Update Friday 1/17/03


Port Charles Update Friday 1/17/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian claims that he's fine, despite visible signs that he isn't fine at all. He wants Lucy to get some sleep, but she stubbornly refuses to rest until he does. She wants to help him, but Ian says that it's not possible to help him, because he can't overcome this. He's a vampire. Chris wanders in from the bedroom, confused. "What am I doing here? And who's a vampire?" he asks them. Lucy pretends not to know what he's talking about, but Chris knows that he heard them talking about vampires. "They're not back, are they?" he asks, still dazed. Lucy and Ian both assure him that the vampires aren't back. Pointing out that Chris was out for a long time, Ian asks what he remembers. When Chris accuses him of changing the subject, Ian says he just wants to make sure that he's okay. Chris remembers going to the loft. Lucy makes up a story. She says that he was drinking like a fish when he showed up, and then he passed out. Chris is surprised to hear this, but Ian backs up Lucy's story. He tells Chris to go home and get some more sleep. Lucy adds that Chris reeks a bit. Chris apologizes as Ian pushes him out the door. Ian doesn't think it will be long before everyone finds out that he's a vampire. Seeing how uncomfortable Ian is, Lucy urges him to drink more water, but he insists that he can't live that way. Frustrated with his attitude, Lucy decides to try to cool him off in a different way. She gets a cool, damp cloth and applies it to his face. Ian thanks her for preventing him from feeding on Elizabeth. He remembers the look in Lucy's eyes when she showed up at Caleb's loft, and it haunts him. Lucy says that it wasn't about the idea of him feeding or having fangs. What bothered her was the sight of him about to make love to another woman. Stunned, Ian wants her to say that again, but Lucy doesn't think it matters. She doesn't think she had any right to say what she said or to feel the way she does. She's acting as if she's jealous, but she's not. She just wants to forget it. Ian tells her to go home, but that's not really what he wants. Surrendering to their desires, they share a long, passionate kiss.

Alison cozies up to Joshua in an attempt to prevent him from discovering Rafe's presence on the plane. Joshua is suspicious, but Alison appeals to his ego. Apologizing for being so unfair to him, she says that she would like to get to know him better. Even though the sound he heard was probably just something falling out of her suitcase, she really appreciates how he jumped up out of his seat to protect her. She really needs that right now. Placated, Joshua promises to take care of everything. Listening to all this from his hiding place in the closet, Rafe is very uncomfortable with Alison's tactics. Sitting very close to Alison, Joshua pours each of them a glass of champagne. As he begins to make a toast, the plane jerks in apparent turbulence. Suddenly wide awake, Elizabeth sees Joshua with Alison and doesn't like it one bit. She demands to know whether he's trying to make a move on her daughter. Alison tells her that it's all right, and Joshua accuses her of drinking too much. Elizabeth is furious. She warns him to never underestimate what a mother might do to protect her child. They're interrupted by an announcement from the pilot, who informs them that they'll be landing soon, thanks to some unexpected tailwinds. Joshua asserts that this is impossible; they shouldn't be landing for two more hours. Alison reminds him that the pilot attributes this to tailwinds, but Joshua claims that there are no tailwinds. Between this latest incident and Alison's earlier behavior, he's more suspicious than ever. He's convinced that something is going on back there, and he's going to find out what it is. Joshua investigates but doesn't find Rafe. While he looks around, something starts beeping. Noting Alison's nervousness, Elizabeth jumps to the conclusion that Joshua did something to her. Alison assures her that it's nothing like that; she's just anxious about the trip. Elizabeth understands, because she herself is going back to the place where her husband died, and where the police accused her of killing him. It won't be an easy trip for either of them. Joshua returns with Alison's travel alarm clock, which must have fallen out of her suitcase. Annoyed, he tells Alison to be more careful in the future. The pilot again tells them to prepare for landing. Elizabeth sits with her daughter, leaving Joshua to sit alone.

Caleb listens to some music as he tunes his guitar in preparation for his encounter with Tess.

Tess informs Kevin that she brought Jack along. Jack comes inside, but Kevin isn't happy to see him. He claims that this was supposed to be time for him to bond with Tess. Jack promises not to interfere with that, because he won't be staying for dinner. He'll be right outside if Tess needs him for any reason. Kevin interprets this to mean that Jack doesn't trust him, and Jack confirms that he's right. After he goes back outside, Tess sits down. She notices an Austrian crystal on the table in front of her, and Kevin encourages her to pick it up and examine it for herself. Tess becomes fascinated with the object, as Kevin shines a flashlight on it to show her the changes made by the light. As Tess looks at the crystal, Kevin hypnotizes her. When she's out, he picks up the phone to call Caleb, but it's unnecessary. Caleb is already there. Kevin is outraged at the intrusion. He refuses to leave as Caleb requests. Caleb points out that he can't do his best work with "Dad" in the room. Kevin does want Olivia back, doesn't he? Kevin protests that this wasn't part of their deal; he'll be damned before he'll leave Caleb alone with her. "Oh, you were damned the minute you agreed to help me. Bye, Doc." Caleb touches Tess, and they both vanish. Kevin yells out in rage. Jack rushes in and demands to know what he did with Tess. When Kevin says that Caleb took her, Jack assumes that Kevin set her up. "How could you sell your own daughter out to a vampire?" he asks angrily.

At the hotel in Capri, Joshua hands Elizabeth some money to pay the bellman, pointing out that his room is across from their adjoining rooms. In her room, Alison picks up the phone to see whether Rafe left her a message, but instead, he comes out of hiding. They're both relieved to have arrived safely.

Caleb carries Tess to the woods, where he's built a fire. He places her gently on some bedding he put there as a buffer from the snow. This is where it all began, and it's where it can begin again. He created Tess from deep inside Olivia, but it's Olivia that he wants. He knows that she still wants him as well. He begins to play "Surrender," the song he wrote for her, as he recalls the vows they made to each other and the creation of Tess. The young woman's eyes open. "What took you so long, Caleb?" Livvie asks. Caleb is pleased to see that Olivia has come back to him. They kiss passionately.

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