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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/16/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jack comes home from a workout fully intending to take his new bride out to dinner, but Tess explains that she's already accepted an invitation from her father. Jack doesn't like the sound of this, and he can't let her do it. Tess explains that Kevin visited her earlier to apologize for everything, and he really meant it. Jack doesn't trust him, but Tess insists that he's her father and that he wants to get to know her as herself--as Tess. Jack doesn't believe that anyone could change that fast; just a few days ago, he was willing to let her drown. Tess tells him to believe what he wants, but she knows that Kevin is hurting. They need each other, and she wants to give him a chance.

Kevin gazes at a photo of himself with Lucy and Christina, trying to figure out why his wife hasn't come back to him. As far as he's concerned, it can only mean one thing. She's obviously with Ian. He picks up the phone to call her, then changes his mind. He won't chase after her. Soon, he's speaking into a tape recorder. "Lucy, my dear wife, I had hoped I could say this to you in person, but unfortunately, things haven't worked out that way. You seem to believe that the man you fell in love with and married no longer exists. Well, I am here to tell you that I am better than that man. To you, that means I belong in a nut house, all because I wouldn't risk my life for Tess. You of all people, Lucy--you of all people in the world I thought would understand. You would have done anything--anything--to get Christina back when she was gone. Well, why can't you understand that's exactly how I feel about my child? I would fight anything, anyone to save her, to get her back where she belongs. When this is all over, you and everyone else will understand--understand that I did what I had to do."

Chris is thrilled with the changes he feels. It's better than he ever could have imagined! When Lucy tries to approach him, he jumps back. Ian tries to explain that even though it feels good, it really is a bad thing. Chris doesn't see it that way. When he looks in the mirror, he sees himself as a vampire. Lucy is very confused. She thought that the water was supposed to suppress vampire symptoms. Ian reminds her that it does that in actual vampires; it obviously has the reverse effect on humans. "I'm Dracula. Nosferatu. I'm Lestat," Chris says, dancing happily around the room. Lucy tries to talk to him, but he backs away from her again. "Stay away from me. You're going to drive a stake through my heart," Chris accuses. Lucy has no intentions of doing anything of the kind. She tries to convince him that he isn't really a vampire, but he doesn't believe her. He hisses at her, runs, and picks up a kitchen chair to fend her off. He puts down the chair to block the others' easy access to him. Growling and hissing, he manages to run out of Ian's loft.

On Caleb's private jet, Joshua tries using his charms on Alison. He pours her a glass of champagne. Elizabeth waves her glass around expectantly, but Joshua blatantly ignores her. Alison expresses nervousness about being in a plane again, considering what happened the last time. Joshua assures her that this plane is as safe as they come. In addition, he promised his boss that he would take very good care of her. As he says this, he takes her hand. Elizabeth interjects that the promise was actually to take care of both of them. Alison pulls her hand away, stands up, and hands him her champagne glass, saying that she wants to walk around the cabin. Joshua pours Elizabeth some champagne. While watching for Alison to return, she orders another glass. She doesn't like Joshua's mocking tone. Although insincere, Joshua apologizes, and Elizabeth accepts the apology at face value. His back to her, Joshua mocks her silently as he drugs her champagne.

An arm reaches out and pulls a startled Alison into a closet. She can't believe that Rafe is on the plane. Rafe explains that he won't let her do this alone. His plan to get on a different flight changed as soon as he found out that Joshua was also going. Alison protests that Joshua won't hurt her unless he finds Rafe. The slayer insists that he won't be found, but Alison doesn't see how. He can't hide in the closet the entire flight. "Well, I've flown coach before. This is kind of an upgrade," Rafe comments. Alison isn't amused. She's afraid that he'll be found and that their plan will be ruined. If that happens, they'll never know the truth. Rafe is convinced that Caleb already suspects something. Otherwise, he wouldn't have sent Joshua along to keep an eye on Alison and her mother. They argue about it, but Rafe won't budge. He's there to protect Alison. Realizing that it's futile to argue at this point, Alison decides to rejoin the others before they start wondering about her. Rafe reminds her to be careful and never underestimate Joshua.

Chris goes at Vista Point, a scenic overlook with an elevation of 1114 feet. Climbing up onto the overlook, he tells himself that the best thing about being a vampire is that they can fly. He's always wanted to fly, so now he's going to do just that. Spreading his arms, he prepares to take off.

Finding her mother passed out, Alison thinks something is wrong, but Joshua says that she's asleep. He thinks it's a good thing, because he wants to get to know Alison better--much better. When she sits down, he reaches over to fasten her seatbelt, which makes her very uncomfortable. She thanks him for being so considerate but says that she's actually somewhat claustrophobic. She'd prefer to be able to move freely around the cabin. Handing her a glass, Joshua tells her that champagne is good for claustrophobia. Alison would prefer to stay sober. Then Joshua puts a blanket over her, saying that she seems chilly. Alison thanks him and says that she was a little cold. When he expresses sympathy for her "recent unhappy romantic situation," Rafe is watching from his hiding place. His arm around her, Joshua admits only to knowing that she called off the wedding. In his opinion, it's for the best. He considers Rafe to be a bit too unrefined for a woman of her grace and sophistication. "Unlike yourself," Alison comments. Oblivious to her sarcasm, Joshua admits that he's often thought of as a man of the world. He's quite familiar with the regions they're travelling to, and he would be honored if she would allow him to be her personal tour guide of Capri. He mentions an isolated little trattoria on a little island just off Capri, and it's only accessible by boat. This gets Alison's attention. Joshua says that it's really perfect there, especially for forgetting all about unhappy romances. He hears a noise coming from Rafe's direction and wants to investigate. When he gets a little too close to Rafe's hiding place, Alison rushes to stop him. Cozying up, she says that she's been very unfair to him, and she's sorry about that. She lures him back to their seats on the pretense of getting to know each other better. Joshua seems suspicious, but she appeals to his ego. Even though the sound was probably just something falling out of her suitcase, she saw how he sprung up out of his seat to protect her, and she really needs that right now. Placated, Joshua promises to take care of everything.

Lucy and Ian run after Chris, but they lose him. Lucy considers the possibility that they're overreacting. Since he isn't really a vampire, he can't actually hurt anyone. Ian points out that they really don't know what the water will do to Chris. For all they know, it could kill him. A teenage boy rushes over to them with the news that some guy needs help. The guy is up on the lookout, and he must be on drugs, because he thinks he's a vampire. The boy adds that the guy says he's going to jump. Lucy and Ian rush to the lookout as Chris prepares to jump. Lucy tries to talk him out of it, but Chris says that he can't hurt himself. He's a vampire, and vampires are bats! They can fly through the night! As Lucy watches helplessly, Chris jumps. Ian is instantly there, grabbing him by the wrist. Chris is furious as Ian holds him in mid-air and then drags him onto the ground. "What are you doing? Let me go! I can fly! Let me go! You're going to pay! You'll pay, Thornhart! No, no! Let me go or I'll bite you! You see my fangs? I'll bite you!" Lucy approaches them. "No, slayer. You're not going to get me," Chris says, running out of steam. Ian injects him in his shoulder.

Kevin sets the table for two, pleased with his efforts. When the doorbell rings, he calls out that it's open. Tess comes in, and Kevin is glad to see her. Then he realizes that she's not alone; she brought Jack.

Lucy and Ian get Chris back to Ian's place. Ian reports that his vitals seem to be normal. By the time he wakes up from the shot, the effects of the water should have worn off. Lucy is relieved. She's proud of Ian for saving the life of a man he doesn't even like. Ian brushes it off, but Lucy is still impressed. She points out that he didn't even know whether Chris had the strength to pull him over, but he saved him anyway, not giving a thought to his own safety. This is exactly the way he's been his entire life, always putting others first. Although he's not the kind of doctor he wants to be right now, he can't give up, because he's still a good person. It's his instinct to be good, and he has to believe that. "What would I do without you," Ian asks, appreciative of her belief in his goodness.

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