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Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/15/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin apologizes for the way he's been treating Tess. Believing that he's sincere, she forgives him, then announces that she and Jack got married. She has a husband, and now she also has a father; she has a family. She and Kevin have tea together, and his stares make her uncomfortable. Kevin explains that he just can't get over how much she looks like Livvie. He's also stunned that she got married without telling him. Tess says that they didn't tell anyone about the wedding. She tells him that Livvie loves him, and that he must be a really good father. Kevin remembers when he saw her on the dock; when he looked into her eyes, he saw his daughter. He regrets not listening to his heart, but he was convinced that Livvie was gone and that Tess was the reason for that. Tess asks what he really wants from her, and he replies that he wants to start acting like a real father to her, if it's not too late. When she doesn't say anything, he says that he understands. He gets up to leave, but Tess stops him. She's certain that Kevin isn't a bad man, because if he were, he couldn't love Livvie so much. She knows how much he misses his daughter, and she asks what he would tell Livvie if given the chance. Kevin responds that he would tell her how much he loves her, and that there's nothing he wouldn't do to bring her back. Tess assures him that Livvie knows, and that she's safe. Kevin thinks that Caleb is the worst thing that ever happened to Livvie, and he would lay down his life to protect her from him. Tess hugs him and tells him to believe that his daughter is safe. Placing her hand over his heart, she says that he doesn't have to be angry or sad anymore. Touched, Kevin pulls her close to him. Before leaving, he invites Tess to have dinner at his house, and she happily accepts. After he leaves, Tess marvels that she now has a real father. She never thought she would.

Rafe turns the monitors back on to see what's happening at Caleb's loft. Alison is trying to talk her way out of a slip of the tongue, when she accidentally used Caleb's real name. She points out that he does look a lot like Caleb, and he's been treating her mother very badly. Elizabeth tries to stop her, but Alison insists that she deserves better. She accuses "Stephen" of acting exactly like the animal that Rafe thinks he is. Caleb says that he's glad she feels comfortable enough to express herself to him. Alison starts to leave, but he blocks her path. Seeing this, Rafe vanishes from his post, unaware that Caleb was just playing around. Caleb moves aside to let Alison pass, and when Alison walks out the door, Rafe is there waiting for her. Signaling her to keep quiet, he leads her away from the loft.

Caleb looks out the window, as if watching for something, and Elizabeth joins him. She apologizes to her husband, who asks whether she told Alison that they're vampires. If that were to happen, it would be very unfortunate for both mother and daughter. After assuring him that Alison doesn't know, Elizabeth asks why he threatens to kill her whenever he thinks that she's crossed him. Caleb denies ever making such a threat, but Elizabeth says that he's implied it. Caleb apologizes and says that they both have to be very careful. Nobody who knows his real identity can prove it, and he'd like to keep it that way. Elizabeth admits that she hasn't felt like his wife since their wedding day. Caleb apologizes for this as well, saying that he thought it would be good for her to go on the trip with Alison. He's still extremely busy with his record, but when he finishes the record, he'll be able to take her on a proper honeymoon. He kisses her and then feeds, causing her to fall asleep. Joshua lets himself in and assumes that he's killed her. Caleb turns to look, his fangs dripping with blood. Wiping his mouth, he informs Joshua that Elizabeth isn't dead. She's just "on ice" to give him time to think. Joshua assumes this is about bringing back Olivia to destroy him again, and Caleb doesn't want to hear it. "Your opinions on the way I live my life are completely irrelevant to me," he reminds Joshua. He orders him to accompany Elizabeth and Alison to Capri. Joshua is to use his charms to help Alison forget about Rafe. He must also keep Elizabeth from doing anything embarrassing. Elizabeth wakes up and wonders what happened.

Ian runs an ultraviolet light up and down the outside of the blue water bottle. When the light glows, Ian dictates his findings into a tape recorder. It's just as he thought; the special water contains blood or at least blood components. Right now, it's enough to keep his desire for real blood at bay. It seems to give vampires a normal life, but since it won't reverse the transformation, he's anxious to find out what will. He's interrupted by very persistent pounding on the door. The louder he yells at the visitor to go away, the more the visitor beats on the door. Ian finally jerks the door open. It's Chris, who just wanted to thank Ian in person for the way things are going. Ian's time off forced him into a ninety-hour work week. When he sees Ian's research, he becomes curious, but Ian shouts at him to stay away from it. Chris looks at him accusingly. "See, there it is. You got this look in your eye like before, like you could kill," he points out. Lucy joins them to see what's going on, and Chris thinks he knows what Ian's leave of absence is really about. He recognizes a cozy little love shack when he sees one. Chris is tickled by what he thinks he knows. "Were you cheating on Kevin because he went crazy, or did he go crazy because you were cheating on him?" he asks Lucy. She tells him to go back to the hospital and gossip, since it seems to be his best subject. It would fill some of the hours in his miserable life. This is good ammunition for Chris. "Oh, my life is miserable? Well, let's talk about yours. First, Kevin goes nuts. Then you hook up with this guy, and then he goes off the deep end. What are you, the patron saint of insanity?" Ian has heard enough. He grabs Chris and tries to strangle him. Lucy intervenes, warning Ian that he'll kill Chris--or worse. Heeding her advice, Ian throws Chris violently to the floor. Struggling to get up, Chris wants to know what could be worse. As Ian and Lucy talk, Chris sees the bottle of water and helps himself. The others are too late to stop him.

Furious, Alison vows to kill Caleb for what he's done to her mother. Rafe reminds her to call him "Stephen," because Caleb can't ever know that she knows the truth. Alison just doesn't know how to ever get things back to normal again. Rafe thinks it's easy; they just have to figure out a way to kill Caleb. They hug each other, and snow begins to fall. When Alison returns to the loft, she finds her mother in Caleb's arms. Caleb admits that he hasn't been a good husband, but he thinks that they're back on track. Alison assumes that her mother won't be going to Capri after all, but she's wrong. In fact, Elizabeth is ready to leave. Caleb is letting them use his private jet, and it's ready for them now. Joshua returns, and Elizabeth tells Alison that he'll be going along for protection. "Isn't he a prince?" she asks her daughter. Hearing the word "prince," Alison makes a connection. Elizabeth asks Joshua to take her luggage to the limo. Joshua shoots Caleb a look, and Caleb nods an order to do as she asked. The three travelers leave, and Caleb is alone. Still watching, Rafe hopes that Caleb won't look up and see the camera. He doesn't seem to notice it. Instead, he disappears.

After leaving Tess, Kevin walks through the woods. Caleb's sudden appearance startles him. Kevin informs the vampire that Tess isn't what he expected; she's special. Caleb thinks that Olivia is the special one. Kevin knows that, but when Tess touched him and looked into his eyes, she seemed to put him in touch with every bit of love he's ever felt. Rolling his eyes, Caleb asks whether Kevin wants to call this off. Kevin doesn't want to do that, but he points out that he's not doing this for Caleb. He's doing this to get his daughter back. He walks away. "So am I, Doc. So am I," Caleb says softly.

Chris is puzzled by Ian's reaction. He insists that it's just water, although it does taste funny. Lucy and Ian worry about what effect this will have on Chris, who is tired of their overreacting. Obsessing about the water won't scare him; the stranglehold already did that. He's going to the hospital to make sure that Ian's leave of absence becomes permanent, after which he'll be filing an assault charge with the police. Before he can leave, he begins to feel the effects. In quite a bit of pain, he demands to know what was in the water. Getting his medical bag, Ian tells him that it's poison and they have to get it out of him. Suddenly, Chris is no longer in pain. His demeanor changes, and he laughs maniacally. "Wow! It's finally happened! Oh, and it's better than I could have imagined. My time has come now!" he exclaims gleefully as he dances around the room. Chris is having the time of his life. This is so much better than he ever imagined! Lucy tries to approach him, but he jumps back and orders her to stay away from him. Ian tries to explain that this is a bad thing, but Chris doesn't agree with that at all. Lucy doesn't know what he's talking about. "Oh, you know what I'm talking about, slayer. I'm a vampire." Looking in the mirror, Chris sees a very different version of himself than the others do. His mirror image is wearing a tux; his hair is slicked back, his eyes are glowing red, and he has fangs.

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