PC Update Tuesday 1/14/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/14/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

The morning after their wedding night, Jack and Tess wake up in front of the fire. Jack admits that he won't rest easy as long as Caleb is around, and he knows that things will be worse when Caleb finds out about their marriage. Tess informs him that he already knows. Jack is stunned to learn that the vampire was in their home in his absence. He tells Tess about running into Reese, who was obviously trying to stall him. That's why he rushed home. Tess says that she didn't tell him about Caleb's visit because she didn't want to spoil their wedding. Jack wants to know what he did to her. "He tried to sing to me, but I wouldn't let him," she replies simply. She assures Jack that Caleb didn't hurt her, but he warns her that she doesn't really know Caleb the way he does. "He puts people under these spells and does his thing, and then, before they know it, they're doing what he asked them to do," he explains. When Tess insists that she stopped him, Jack says that Livvie also tried to stop him but didn't succeed. She tried to change him, but instead, he changed her. He turned her into a vampire. "I will die before I let that happen to you," Jack vows. Tess apologizes for upsetting him, but Jack denies that he's upset. He elicits a promise that she'll stay away from Caleb.

Rafe watches Alison on the monitors as they talk on the phone. He comments on how beautiful she is, but Alison isn't comfortable with that kind of talk. She starts looking around for evidence that Caleb is behind their separation. Rafe doesn't expect her to find anything obvious, because Caleb is too smart for that. The best they can hope for is a clue as to where he was--and what he was doing--before coming to Port Charles. Continuing her search, Alison finds a police report inside a drawer, and it's from her father's boating accident. She has no idea why Caleb has it. She takes a look through it and learns that her parents weren't the only ones on the yacht. There was also a so-called prince who disappeared after the accident. The police never found him because he was a phony. Alison asks for Rafe's opinion. Does this mean that Caleb killed her father? Rafe doesn't know, but there's only one way to find out. He has to take a look around in Capri, where Malcolm died. Alison informs him that she's going with him. Rafe reluctantly agrees, but he insists that they travel separately and meet up in Capri. Alison has no problem with that. Rafe is hopeful about this trip; maybe they can get the proof they need so that they can be together again. As for Alison, she's actually starting to believe that now. Rafe ends the conversation when he gets a visitor. He turns off the monitors and opens the door. It's Jack, and he needs Rafe's help. "Teach me how to be a vampire slayer," he insists.

Kevin puts on his watch as he walks through the living room. "Hiya, Doc." Kevin is startled to find Caleb making himself comfortable on the couch. Caleb explains that he's simply returning the favor. "Or did you forget that you broke into my place and threatened to blow me to kingdom come? By the way, you left this behind," Caleb says, placing Kevin's lighter on the table. Caleb informs him that Livvie is very much alive. He didn't have anything to do with her disappearance, but he knows exactly where she is, and he expects Kevin to help him get her back. Kevin assumes that Caleb is keeping her somewhere. He threatens to cut the vampire's heart out if that's true. "Oh. What's with all the hostility? And it's kind of stupid for someone like you to keep threatening someone like me. I may end up having a bad day," Caleb warns. He informs Kevin that Livvie is inside Tess. Kevin doesn't believe him; Tess mentioned something about that to him, but he didn't believe it then, and he doesn't believe it now. Caleb assures him that it's the truth. He should know, because he created Tess. He fills Kevin in on how he separated Tess from Livvie. "I separated the good from the bad, the weak from the strong. The result was Tess. The Olivia that was left behind operated solely on desire and her needs," he explains. The solution was perfect until the two reunited. When the two halves became whole again, Tess came out of top. "She's not the one that I want, and I have a funny feeling she's not the one you want, either," Caleb points out.

Kevin is highly skeptical, but Caleb insists that it's all true. He's also convinced that, deep down, Kevin believes him. After all, Kevin has seen what he can do; it shouldn't be hard to believe that Tess and Olivia could merge as one. Kevin is angry with him for playing God with his daughter's life, but Caleb says that what's done is done. Tess was supposed to live her days out in the woods, and he and Olivia were going to have a beautiful life together. Unfortunately, she got scared and killed him. Fortunately, in his world, dead doesn't always mean dead. He wants Kevin to be a father to Tess. Caleb himself can't get near her, because Tess doesn't trust him. Kevin, on the other hand, can befriend her and make her trust him. If he can get her to let her guard now, she'll be vulnerable enough to allow Caleb to do what he needs to do. Kevin clarifies this; he's supposed to make nice with Tess in order to get his daughter back, so that she can spend eternity with a vampire. Caleb says that if he doesn't, she'll be trapped inside Tess for the rest of her life, and Kevin will never see her again. "Some choice," Kevin states. Caleb gives him something else to think about. "Besides you, the only other person who ever loved Olivia unconditionally was me, and I always will. Now, isn't that what every father wants for his daughter?" he asks.

Elizabeth is surprised to find her daughter at home, but Alison says that she's about to leave for a trip. Excited about the prospect of a mother-daughter vacation, Elizabeth decides to accompany her. Alison tries to discourage her mother, gently telling her that she's going to Capri. This alarms Elizabeth, who assumes that Alison still has suspicions about her role in Malcolm's death, but Alison assures her that it's nothing like that. Her father has been on her mind lately, and she thought she might find some closure by going to Capri. After what happened with Rafe, it's probably a good time to get away. Sad, Elizabeth says that she understands, but Alison wants to know why she would even consider taking a trip, now that she's a newlywed. Elizabeth says that her husband doesn't even know that she's around anymore. She feels like such a fool for thinking that this marriage was going to be different from her first. Feeling sorry for her, Alison changes her mind and asks her to go with her after all. If Stephen can't see what a terrific person she is, then she doesn't need to be with him. Heartened, Elizabeth agrees, thinking that this will be a wake-up call for her new husband. With her gone, he'll find out what it's like to miss her. Then he can obsess about that, instead of his work and his long-lost love--someone named Olivia. While Elizabeth rushes to pack her bags, Alison worries that she did the wrong thing by inviting her mother to go along.

Rafe hates to disappoint Jack, but it doesn't work that way. "You have to be born a slayer, and even then, it takes a long time," he explains. Slayers have to hone their skills and learn their craft. It would take Rafe years just to teach him the basics. Jack says that he can learn fast. He has to, because Caleb is obsessed with Tess. Rafe insists that it won't work; this isn't a job for ordinary people. "Well, I'm not exactly ordinary people," Jack states, right before throwing Rafe across the room. Rafe is quite surprised by Jack's display of strength, but that still doesn't make him a slayer. Jack fills him in on how he became so strong. In another demonstration, he removes the closet door from the frame, which doesn't endear him any to the slayer. Jack wants to get rid of Caleb, and he knows that Rafe wants the same thing. In his opinion, they should work together. After Rafe thinks about this for a moment, they shake on it.

Tess is watching cartoons when Kevin pays her a visit. "It's me, Tess," he calls out. After she opens the door, he identifies himself somewhat differently. "It's your father," he tells her.

Her bags packed, Elizabeth is convinced that her husband will see her suitcases and beg her not to leave. Just then, Caleb comes home, taking a moment before he actually sees the suitcases and asks about them. Elizabeth informs him that she'll be accompanying Alison on a trip to Europe, if that's all right with him. "Sure," he says. Elizabeth says that she'll be gone a long time. "If that's what you want. Bon voyage," he replies. Angry, Alison demands to know what his problem is. "You have been treating my mother like she doesn't even exist. And I know that you think that you are God's gift to the universe, Caleb, but I'm so sick of you treating her like this." Caleb heard every word. "What did you just call me?" he asks. Realizing her mistake Alison claims that she called him Stephen, but he knows better. "You called me Caleb. Why would you do that?" he asks.

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