PC Update Monday 1/13/03

Port Charles Update Monday 1/13/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy can't believe what she sees on the monitors. Ian and Elizabeth are both shirtless, and Ian is about to surrender to his desire for blood. Determined to stop this before it goes too far, she picks up the phone. At Caleb's loft, Ian and Elizabeth are interrupted when the sprinkler system suddenly activates and soaks them with water.

Despite Reese's efforts to keep Jack there, he insists on getting home for a really special night. "It could be a special night for us, Jack," she replies. This gets Jack's attention, because he never told her his name. He knew that she looked familiar, but now he knows where he's seen her before; she's the girl in Caleb's band. Reese denies knowing anyone named Caleb; she works for Stephen Clay. Knowing that she's expected to keep him away from home while her boss talks to Tess, she tries propositioning him, but it doesn't work. "Come on, sexy. I won't bite," she claims. Jack is determined to get back to Tess. As he runs off, Reese chuckles to herself and says that it's too late; there won't be any wedding bells for him.

Caleb prepares to perform "Surrender" for Olivia, but when he opens his mouth to sing, no sound comes out. Tess informs him that his music is a gift, and she won't let him use it to do harm. She has to protect Livvie from him. He won't be able to get to Livvie through his music, but maybe Tess can somehow get to him. Caleb has some news for her. Stronger people than Tess have tried to appeal to his better nature, but his bad side is his good side. Tess won't give up, not when he's in such pain. She believes that the real reason he made her was to help him. Tess wants to free the darkness around him. Whenever she looks at him, she sees a spark of light, deep inside his soul. Caleb reminds her that he doesn't have a soul, but Tess says that it's there, just buried. She insists that if he loves Livvie, there must be some goodness in him. Caleb doesn't agree with that at all. "There is no goodness. There's no light beneath the layers of what I've been and who I am. What you see is what you get," he points out. What Tess sees is something different. She sees someone who has been hurt, and who hurts back because he knows no other way. "Aren't you tired of being feared and hunted down? Doesn't some part of you want to be loved?" Tess asks. Touching his chest, she tells him that he has a heart capable of great love. She can hear it beating, and she implores him to just listen to it. When Jack rushes in, he finds Tess alone. Caleb has vanished, and the room has returned to normal; Caleb's candles and flowers are gone. Jack has no idea that the vampire was just there. Satisfied that Tess is all right, Jack is happy. The minister will be there soon, and Jack is looking forward to marrying her. They kiss, deeply in love. From outside, Caleb watches through the window, his eyes moist with tears.

Two firemen show up at Caleb's loft to check out the situation. They received a report of a fire, and their fire alarm activates the sprinkler system. Elizabeth and Ian are puzzled about who could have made that call--until Lucy shows up. Lucy claims that she saw the fire trucks as she was passing by, but now that she's here, she wants to give Ian a ride home. Elizabeth goes with the firemen, who need to check out the roof. Alone with Lucy, Ian accuses her of being behind this. He wants her to go home, but she refuses. "No, I am not going to leave you alone in this bat cave," she says stubbornly. She helps him out the door, making sure to take the bottle of water. When Elizabeth returns, she finds that Ian has left. She's furious with Lucy for taking him away.

After getting Ian back home, Lucy tries to bully him into drinking the special water, but he resists. He doesn't like the way it makes him feel. He wants to know how she knew that he was about to bite Elizabeth. Lucy claims that, as a slayer, she just knows these things. Ian seems to accept her explanation. Lucy is angry; if he had bitten Elizabeth, there would be no going back. He would lose any chance of having a normal life. If he tastes the blood, he will be one of them. He'll crave it more and more, and he'll want to kill someone to get it. Ian denies that he would ever do that, but Lucy reminds him that he also swore that he would never drink blood. She refuses to leave as requested. "I'm not leaving you, because that Mrs. Dracula back there can't keep her hands off of you, and I'm not going to take the chance of you attempting to go back to her." When Ian protests that it's not safe, she reminds him that he can't bite a slayer. Ian isn't talking about the possibility of biting her; he has a feeling that he could kill her in many ways. Lucy isn't worried about that. When asked what she's going to tell Kevin, Lucy states that she left her husband. She finally gets Ian to take a drink of the water. "What have I become?" Ian asks in self-loathing. Lucy thinks that the water must have helped at least a little bit. Ian tries to ask her about Kevin, but she can't talk about that now. All he needs to know is that her husband doesn't want her help. On the other hand, she thinks that Ian does want her help, which is why she's here. She knows that he's good, and she needs to believe in him.

Jack stands with Reverend Ryan as the wedding begins. Dressed in white, with white flowers in her hair, Tess walks to Jack, who takes her hand. The minister prompts them to say their own vows. "Tess, your beauty, your innocence, your loving kindness is more wonderful than anything that I've ever known. When I met you, I found my place in this world, and I promise to take care of you and protect you all of my days." Tess responds to Jack's vows. "I thought I was meant to be alone. 'Love' was just a word I didn't understand until I met you. You brought me to life. And I promise to be a good wife and to give you the family that neither of us ever had. And I will love you as long as I live." They exchange rings, and the minister pronounces them husband and wife. After their first marital kiss, Jack takes his new bride outside to look at the sky. The Ramseys find the brightest star and make a wish together. Tess wishes that everyone could be as happy as she is right now. After the minister leaves, the newlyweds have a private celebration. They share champagne and wedding cake. Tess tosses her bouquet into the air, and Jack takes wedding photos. He carries his bride to a special place waiting for them in front of the fire, where they consummate their marriage.

When Caleb gets to the rehearsal hall, he orders Reese to put on the tracks for the new song and then get out of his sight. The music for "Surrender" begins to play, but when he tries to sing, he can't. Enraged, he busts up a chair. Caleb sinks to the floor in despair. Suddenly, the door opens, and Tess enters the room. When Caleb goes to her, she puts her hand over his heart and tells him that he looks sad. "What have you done to me?" Caleb asks. He kisses her, then accuses her of destroying him. "No, Stephen. I've saved you," Tess replies. Caleb opens his eyes; it was all a dream.

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