PC Update Friday 1/10/03


Port Charles Update Friday 1/10/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy is somewhat relieved when Kevin finally comes home after staying out all night, looking for Livvie. She wishes that he had asked the police to look into Livvie's disappearance, instead of taking matters into his own hands. She thinks that, deep down, he believes what Jack said--that Livvie decided to leave town without telling him. She doesn't think he truly realizes that he almost killed Tess. Kevin insists that it was an accident. When it happened, he believed that she had killed Livvie. He was sick with grief and didn't know what he was doing. Lucy uses this to support her opinion that he should still be in the mental hospital. If he won't go back, she's going to leave him. Kevin doesn't think she's being fair, but Lucy doesn't see it that way. He almost killed someone, but she doesn't see any sign of guilt or remorse. In fact, she no longer sees anything resembling the man she fell in love with. Kevin accuses her of missing her warm and fuzzy "Doc." Lucy agrees that she does miss him; she hasn't seen him for a very long time. She asks the man in front of her who he really is, because she certainly doesn't know. "A man who loves his wife, a man who's concerned about his missing daughter, and a man who occasionally makes an error in judgment but doesn't expect to be crucified for it every time he does," he replies. He's tired of the way she's treating him. Lucy knows that he can't make any promises to change, which is why she has to leave him unless he goes back to the hospital. She starts to call the doctor, but Kevin grabs the phone away from her. He wants to know one thing. "When did you become such an unfeeling, spiteful bitch?" he asks cruelly. Lucy can't believe how much he has turned on her. She has to get out of there. She doesn't know where she's going, but she'll figure it out. She just can't live this way anymore. Kevin remarks that Ian will be thrilled. The way he sees it, Ian is the reason her bags are already packed. The guy is probably waiting for her outside in his car. Lucy informs him that he's not driving her into Ian's arms; he's just driving her away. Kevin doesn't let up. He asks whether she and Ian have worked out a signal so that he can come rescue her. Ian always did like to be the hero. Lucy is disgusted with him. He can blame her--and Ian--all he wants, but it won't help. Before begging him one last time to go to the hospital. she takes her bags and storms out. Kevin isn't worried. He's convinced that she'll come back, because she always does.

Elizabeth apologizes again for dragging Ian into this mess. Her excuse is that she was angry with her husband for leaving her alone on their wedding night. She urges Ian to drink the special water, but he claims that he can't. She reminds him that the water is the only way to hide what he has become. Ian informs her that he doesn't want to hide; he wants his life back. So does she, but it won't happen. They just have to accept that. Ian refuses to accept it. He's going to fight this, and he urges her to do the same. Elizabeth has a hard time doing that. When she's with Ian, what he says makes sense. Then Caleb touches her, and all reason flies out the window. She only feels alive when she's with him. She has certain appetites now, and Ian should understand that. All Ian understands is that Elizabeth doesn't really want to fight this. She tries again to get him to drink some water, but he throws the bottle onto the couch and tears off his coat. He's very hot, and he can't breathe. Elizabeth is all over him. She wants to take away his pain. She can ease his hunger and give him exactly what he needs. Using her fingernail, she cuts her wrist to draw blood for him. Ian won't do what she wants. Elizabeth admits that she fought it at first, but she knows that it will make him feel much better. Besides, nobody else will ever know. It will be their little secret. "I won't let you turn me into an animal," Ian insists. He struggles with this, but the desire is overwhelming. Elizabeth wants him to take just a tiny bit of her blood. She can taste his desire. Doesn't he ever get tired of being so noble? Doesn't he long to give in to the craving? Surrendering to his desire, he kisses her mouth. Drops of blood are on her lips. Ian reveals his fangs.

Lucy lets herself into Rafe's apartment. Her purse hits the remote, bringing the monitors to life. She's horrified by what she witnesses between Ian and Elizabeth.

Kevin pours himself a drink. He tries to tell himself that he should apologize to Lucy, but the problem is that he doesn't feel the least bit guilty. Guilt is so boring--and so was "Doc." He drinks to "Doc," Lucy, and Ian, then hurls his glass at the fireplace.

Jack walks along, happy about his upcoming wedding to Tess. His thoughts are interrupted by a woman's scream. Running to see what's wrong, he finds Reese with her leg pinned under a fallen tree. Seeming not to recognize her, he helps free her leg from under the tree. Claiming to feel a bit dizzy, Reese also complains that her leg really hurts. Jack thinks it was a good thing that he was walking by. Reese says that she can't move her leg, although she doesn't think it's broken. Jack wants to go home to call for help, but she insists that he stay a few more minutes. "That's all the time I'll need," she says under her breath.

Caleb wants to keep Tess company until Jack gets home. Tess informs him that she loves Jack and is going to marry him. Caleb points out that Olivia loves him; he misses her. Tess wants him to go now, but he refuses. "There will be no wedding tonight," he proclaims. To Caleb's amusement, Tess says that he can't stop her from getting married. She loves Jack, and they want to be together. Caleb tells her that Jack only wants to keep her away from him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be marrying her. He belittles the simple life she wants with Jack, but Tess insists that it's everything. Caleb doesn't believe that his Olivia would ever be satisfied with some boring little life. She needs passion and his gift of eternal life, and Tess won't be able to control her forever. Sooner or later, she'll be screaming to get out, and when she does, he'll be there. He asks Tess to let Olivia come out and see him. If she'll do that, he can make two of her again, and both couples will be happy. It seems fair to him. Tess doesn't like that idea. She tells him to stay away. She goes outside, but he appears behind her and asks whether that's what she really wants. Trying to draw Livvie out, he talks to her, not Tess. Tess says that she neither of them has to listen to him. She goes back inside, but Caleb reappears in front of her. A guitar materializes on on the couch. Caleb won't go away until she listens to a song he wrote just for her. It's called "Surrender." Caleb tells her not to be afraid. "It's just a song. It won't bite you," he promises. He wants her to let Olivia decide what to do. All his songs are for her. He begins to play the guitar. Tess tenderly touches his mouth, and he stops.

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