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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/9/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian slams down the phone after giving someone an ultimatum. "I need you to find out what's in that liquid, and if you can't do it, I'll find someone who can." Chris and Karen come along, and Karen notices that Ian doesn't look at all well. A nurse informs him that his patient is in bad shape. She asks what she should do, but Ian doesn't answer. Chris takes charge of the situation. He grabs the patient's chart, sees a serious problem, and orders Karen to get the patient to surgery. He's pretty disgusted with Ian, who should have picked up on the problem. He demands an explanation, but Ian screams at him to back off.

Alison goes to the apartment in the warehouse, where Rafe has been staying. He's changed his mind about letting her stay with her mother and Caleb. Alison understands his concerns, but it may be their only chance to find out whether Caleb really did set them up to believe that they're brother and sister. She knows that he'll be watching her the whole time, so it will be okay. Rafe just doesn't want her to plant any surveillance cameras unless there's no chance of getting caught. Neither Caleb nor Elizabeth can be anywhere near the loft when she sets them up. Alison reminds him that they've been over this plan numerous times already. Her mother is on her way to the rehearsal hall to talk to Caleb, so no one else will be around when she gets to the loft. She promises to call Rafe if she needs anything, and she knows that he'll be there in a second. "I love you, Alison," Rafe tells her. Uncomfortable replying in kind, Alison reassures him that everything will be fine.

Elizabeth finds Caleb at the rehearsal hall, but he's preoccupied with his music. She's afraid that he's mad at her, but he tells her not to take it personally. Placated, Elizabeth wants to make sure that her daughter won't be turned into a vampire once she moves in with them. Caleb assures her that he has no plans for Alison; he has other things on his mind. He reassures Elizabeth that she's on his list, but as they embrace, his mind is on his Olivia.

Jack finds Tess tending to the fire. He tells her that he wants to be with her forever and take care of her. He wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy. After asking her to sit down, he gets down on bended knee. He wants the whole world to know that they belong together. He asks her to marry him. Ecstatic, Tess accepts his proposal. Jack is happy, because he wants to get married today. Tess isn't too sure about this. She knows that he loves her, and she wants to be his, but she feels more than love in his heart. She feels fear. What is he afraid of? Jack admits that he is a little afraid of Caleb's obsession over her. Tess thinks that the only reason he wants to marry her is to protect her, but Jack assures her that there's so much more to it than that. He wants to marry her because he loves her and wants the two of them to go through everything in life together. She's the most beautiful person he's ever met, and he's thankful that she came into his life. She taught him the meaning of true love, and he doesn't want to let it go. More than anything in the world, he wants her to be his wife. Tess wants that as well. Jack prompts her to accept his proposal again, and she does.

Alison lets herself into Caleb's loft, calling out to her mother and "Stephen" as she looks around. Satisfied that she's alone, she tells herself that she can do this because Rafe told her what to do. She has an hour before anyone else comes home. Getting a chair to stand on, she moves it next to an air vent, takes out a screwdriver, and inserts a surveillance camera inside. From his apartment, Rafe can see her on one of two monitors. Alison then moves the chair to a vent on the other side of the room and places a second camera inside. Now Rafe can see her from both monitors. Alison is pleased with herself. Before she can put the chair back where she found it, her mother comes back home. Seeing the chair and Alison's agitated state, she asks her daughter what she's doing. While Rafe watches, Alison claims that she was checking out the loft's feng shui. She acts embarrassed about doing that and moving things around, but Elizabeth wants her to feel at home. Alison comments on how early her mother is back, and Elizabeth says that she wanted to be there when Alison arrived. She actually didn't expect her daughter to be there yet because of all the packing she has to do. Alison says that it didn't take as long as she expected. Elizabeth hugs her, fighting the tears. When Alison expresses concern, Elizabeth says that her husband has been a little distant, and she wishes that they could spend more time together. Alison asks whether she really wants this kind of life. "But Mother, look what he's turned you into," she says, causing Rafe to worry that she'll give herself away. Elizabeth takes her daughter's statement the same way Rafe does, and asks whether she's been talking to him again. Alison says that she's not talking about the vampire stuff. She just meant that Elizabeth seems too dependent on her husband for her happiness, the same way she was with Malcolm. Alison hopes that her mother will talk to her if something is bothering her. Elizabeth appreciates her concern. Alison says that she needs to go back and pick up some more of her things, because not everything would fit in her car.

Ricky, Caz, and Reese arrive for rehearsal, and the two vampires are drinking from their blue bottles. Marissa and Jamal are right behind them. Jamal has to go talk to Jack, and he's kind of worried that something's wrong. He cautions his girlfriend to be careful. Annoyed by their lingering, Caleb tells Marissa that he wants to get some work done. Jamal kisses her goodbye, then heads over to Jack's house. Marissa gives Caleb the new lyrics, but he takes one quick look before tearing them apart. "I wanted a song that breathes. I wanted a song that cuts through the heart, that reaches down into your soul and strips it of all the fear and doubt. Have you ever known a love like that, Marissa? One that consumes your every moment, that you would do anything for?" he asks his lyricist. Ricky has had enough. "Who appointed you God, anyway?" he challenges his boss. Caleb can't believe this insubordination, and neither can the others. Ricky won't back down. He wants Caleb to back off and leave Marissa alone. "You've got a mouth, Garza," Caleb warns his drummer. Ricky counters that his boss has a seriously bad attitude. Reese warns Ricky to take it easy, but Marissa jumps in, admitting the words do need some work. Ricky grabs the lyrics sheet and voices his disagreement. He's not as good as Marissa, but he can tell that simply making a few changes, such as adding the word "surrender" to the chorus, will improve the song. He elaborates on the changes he would make, and Caleb takes a look. He tells Ricky that he's right. Ricky takes back the paper to point out some more changes. Caleb chuckles. "What am I going to do with you, Garza?" Ricky doesn't know, but a few minutes ago his boss looked as if he would rip his heart out and bury it in the back yard. Caleb points out that no one ever stands up to him and backs it up. He tells Marissa that once again, it was his mood and not her words. She asks whether they're going to rehearse the new song, but Caleb informs her that it's going to be a solo performance.

Concerned about Ian's condition, Chris asks him whether he's all right. Karen returns with the news that Dr. Husbands performed an emergency appendectomy on Ian's patient, and while it was close, the patient will be fine. She tries to reassure him that everyone makes mistakes, but Ian says that Chris was right. He should have caught this, and by not catching it, he almost killed a man. He tells his colleagues that he's not doing well, and Karen agrees to cover his shift.

Jack and Jamal talk on the front porch. Jack explains that he knows for a fact that Stephen Clay is Caleb, because he even saw his fangs. He was after Tess, and Jack fought him off. He admits that some of his old strength came back, although fortunately the other symptoms haven't returned. He stresses the importance of getting Marissa out of the band. Jamal admits that he's been trying for weeks, but he'll need to show her some solid proof before she'll quit. He's not even sure that photos would work, because she's really caught up in the band. Jack takes a call from Reverend Ryan, and they set up a time for the ceremony. Jamal overhears and wants to know what's going on. When Jack informs him that he and Tess are getting married, Jamal can't believe it. After all, she's not human. Jack insists that she's every bit as human as they are. They're getting married, and he really doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Knowing when to be quiet, Jamal accepts this. However, he can't hang around for the ceremony; he has to go get Marissa away from Caleb. He promises to cover Jack's back. When Jack goes back inside, Tess informs him that she knows what she's going to wear. Jack says that he talked to the minister, and everything is all set. Since they still have a little time, he's going to take care of a few things. "I'll be back. Just think candles, romance, music." He kisses her before leaving. Tess is beaming at the thought of living happily ever after, just like the stories Jack told her at the cave.

Jamal goes back to pick up Marissa. He says that while his concern for Jack was a false alarm, her mother called and wants her to visit right away. Jamal can take her, since he has some free time. While sitting around drinking their special water, Caz tells Reese that she has "that hungry look." "I want him," she replies, referring to Ricky. Caz reminds her that Stephen will let her know when it's time.

Alison returns to the apartment, excited that the cameras are working. She can see Elizabeth on the monitors. She thinks that her mother looks lost, and she feels sorry for her. Rafe chastises her for almost telling her what she knows. He warns her not to forget that her mother is a vampire who is hooked on Caleb. She can't be trusted, because Caleb is the only one she's thinking about.

While Rafe and Alison talk, Ian pounds on Caleb's door and demands that Elizabeth open up. She does, but she's not happy about it. Ian says that the water isn't working for him. She tells him to get used to it, but he says that won't happen. He doesn't know what to do. Elizabeth doesn't know either. She puts her arms around his neck and starts crying.

Tess enters the living room, dressed for her wedding. The room is filled with white candles and red rose petals. She thinks that Jack is responsible. "Try again," Caleb tells her.

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