PC Update Wednesday 1/8/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/8/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Relieved to see Tess, Jack runs and puts his arms around her. Kevin doesn't understand how this is happening. Jack accuses him of trying to kill her, and Lucy asks Tess to explain what happened. Tess replies that it doesn't matter now, but Lucy insists that it matters a great deal to her. She wants to know whether she fell into the water--and whether Kevin left her there. Kevin starts to explain, but Tess stops him. He doesn't have to say anything, because she forgives him. Kevin is outraged that Tess would have the gall to forgive him after she killed his daughter. He doesn't want her forgiveness. He just wants her to stay away from him. He's ready to call the police. Lucy tries to reason with him, pointing out that he doesn't really know what happened. Kevin says that he's following his instincts, which is what she taught him to do. Tess is still trying to help. She says that he's not really mad at her; he's mad at himself because he thinks he let Livvie down. This angers Kevin even more. Tess tells him he doesn't have to be angry; Livvie knows he loves her, and she loves him. Kevin says that she knows nothing about his daughter. As far as he's concerned, the wrong person died. Lucy can't believe that he means that, but Kevin is quite serious. With a warning to Kevin to stay away from Tess, Jack takes her home.

Kevin asks Lucy what she's staring at. She points out that although he looks like her husband, she doesn't know him at all. He has no proof of what really happened to Livvie, yet he insists on hurling accusations at Tess and making her life less valuable than Livvie's. Kevin yells that she's not even a real person, but Lucy doesn't agree at all. Tess is real, and she's a good person. She's so good that she tried to comfort him while he was tearing her apart. Kevin says that he can't look at her face and not see the face of the daughter he'll never see again. Lucy reminds him that he did a horrible thing for Livvie; he let Tess fall into the water and didn't even try to save her. His insistence that it was an accident doesn't excuse the fact that he didn't try to help. A rational person would have tried to get her out of the water. It's all becoming clear to Kevin now; his own wife thinks he's crazy. Lucy tries to soften the blow; his recovery was probably rushed, and he wasn't ready to leave the hospital as soon as he did. In her opinion, he needs to go back before he hurts somebody else. Kevin refuses to go back. He should have expected her lack of compassion, because she wrote off Livvie long ago. Lucy doesn't like what he's saying. Kevin wants her to admit to being glad that Livvie is gone, but Lucy will do nothing of the kind. Kevin is surprised that she didn't try to ship his daughter off to some institution the way she did with him--and the way she's trying to do again right now. Lucy retorts that he's not being fair. In spite of all the horrible things that Livvie did, Lucy never wanted her to die. If Kevin doesn't know that, then he doesn't know what kind of person Lucy is at all. "If you're going to dismiss my feelings as the ramblings of a crazy man, just go. I'll mourn my daughter in peace, thank you very much," Kevin says coldly as he turns his back to his wife. Not one to give up so easily, Lucy suggests working together to figure this out, but Kevin doesn't budge. She finally gives up and leaves.

Ian grabs for the blue bottle, but Elizabeth keeps it just out of his reach, taunting him with it. She knows his hunger and his pain, and she'll give him the water on one condition. He has to promise not to come back, because she can't have him showing up as a reminder of their little indiscretion. Ian orders her to give him the bottle, but she tells him that he's in no position make demands. Ian informs her that if she doesn't give it to him, he can't promise what her bloodsucking husband will find when he gets home. Elizabeth hands it to him. He takes the bottle and drinks from it, immediately starting to feel better. Ian asks what's in the water, but Elizabeth says that it's a mystery. She removes three more bottles from the refrigerator and gives them to him. She wants him to take them until she can figure out a way to get him some more. For now, he has to get out before her husband gets home. Ian remembers that this is her wedding night, and she's still missing her new groom--which is how he ended up in this situation. Elizabeth is truly sorry for what she did, but she can't do anything about it now. What's done is done. Ian is curious as to why she's so nervous and obviously afraid of her husband. Elizabeth says that if her husband finds out that she turned Ian into a vampire, he'll kill them both.

Joshua picks up after the fight with Rafe, and when he turns around, he sees that Caleb has materialized behind him. Startled, he asks his boss not to do that, because he's nervous enough as it is. Caleb is very unhappy about the way things are going. He demands to know how Joshua could just let the slayer inside to rough up the crew. Joshua points out that Rafe wasn't exactly invited. Caleb tells him that he found Rafe, then went to the villa with Tess. Joshua is clearly surprised to hear this, and Caleb calls him on it. Joshua tries to cover his treachery, claiming that he just thought that Olivia was the one his boss wanted. Caleb says that she somehow got locked inside Tess, and he was unable to get her back. Joshua is pleased to hear this, but Caleb warns him that he's in no mood for one of the manager's lectures. He will get her back. "Fine," Joshua states. With a wave of his hand, a knife materializes. Holding it out to Caleb, he tells his boss to save Olivia the trouble and slit his own throat. Caleb grabs the knife and angrily hurls at the wall. When he removes it, he warns Joshua not to say another word about Olivia. The manager wants to know what they're supposed to do. Does Caleb want to put the band out of business? Caleb informs him that the band goes on, and so does Stephen Clay. Joshua doesn't see how that will work, since the slayers know the frontman's true identity. Caleb points out that they can't hurt him physically. Besides, every time they try to tell the world who he really is, they end up looking like idiots. Joshua wants to know what he wants; he has fame, power, money, and a beautiful woman who's willing to crawl through fire for him. "Nothing matters except for Olivia. I've finally found my other half, my soul mate," he replies. After pointing out that Caleb doesn't have a soul, Joshua asks what will happen if he can't bring Olivia back. Caleb says that even purity can be corrupted, but Joshua counters that even the strongest vampire can be destroyed.

Jack and Tess cuddle, happy to be together again. Tess admits that Caleb pulled her out of the water and then took her to his beautiful home. Jack says that he still has nightmares about that villa. Tess says that he didn't hurt her, but he is upset that she's not Livvie. He tried to find Livvie but she wouldn't let him. Jack promises that she's safe with him. Tess wants him to show her.

Annoyed by Joshua's insolence, Caleb orders him to get the band together. When Joshua says that they're in no shape to play, Caleb screams at him. He doesn't care how they feel! While Joshua goes to gather the band members, Caleb plays the keyboard and speaks to the absent Olivia. "No one understands our passion, but the memories are seared on my heart, and I can't stop until I get you back." Reese and Caz report in, nursing their wounds with ice packs. They're defensive about what happened, but Caleb informs them that good vampires are ready for slayers. Ricky arrives, checks out the damage to the rehearsal hall, and callously slaps Caz on the back. He's ready to go after the guys who did this, but Caleb tells him to shut up. Caleb grabs the ice packs away from the others. He thinks that he's been too easy on everyone. They're The Stephen Clay Experience, and they need to start acting like it. It's time to rehearse. They begin to play "The Gift," but Caleb isn't happy with the others' half-hearted attempts, so they start over.

As Caleb's band plays, Jack and Tess make love by the fire. Afterward, Tess tells Jack that she feels safe with him. Jack promises to do whatever it takes to keep Caleb away from her. Tess reminds him that he can't hurt her, but Jack doesn't think it's that simple. Caleb loves Livvie, and since Tess looks exactly like her, he won't stop coming after her unless Jack stops him first.

Ian says that he's not afraid, but Elizabeth calls him a fool. Her reasons for staying with Caleb are hard to explain. He's been very good to her, and he reached out to her when she was at her lowest point. Ian doesn't see it that way. He says that Caleb took advantage of her and left her to deal with what she has become. Elizabeth insists that it was a gift, but in Ian's eyes, it's no gift. He points out that she's living in a dark apartment and drinking strange water just to keep from hunting people down. That's not a gift. He tells her to imagine watching first Alison, then Alison's children, grandchildren, and so on die, because Elizabeth will always be around to outlive them. She tells him to stop it. She knows that he's right, but this situation is permanent. Ian isn't so sure of that. There may be a way out, but he needs her help. Elizabeth refuses to betray her husband, who has already threatened to kill her. Ian says that he would rather die than live like this. Elizabeth admits that she does want out, but there's a problem. At the moment, she knows that Ian is right. However, she can only think clearly when she's away from her husband. Even though she would love to have her life back, she's not strong enough to go up against him. Ian urges her to take her life back, and to be a mother that Alison can be proud of. Aware that she's running out of time, Elizabeth rushes Ian out the back door so that nobody will see him. Ian vows not to give up without a fight, and he doesn't care who goes down with him. He's finally gone, and not a moment too soon; Caleb comes in the front door. Elizabeth runs to her new husband, who immediately senses that something's not right. She claims that it's not right for her to sit all alone on her honeymoon while she's feeling so incredibly sexy. Caleb agrees with her; that's not right at all. He wants to get a drink to keep his energy up, but Elizabeth stops him from going to the refrigerator. Offering her neck, she tells him to take her instead. Caleb lowers his mouth onto her neck. Elizabeth promises to always be there for him.

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