PC Update Tuesday 1/7/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/7/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe carries Alison to the warehouse to talk. There, in the space that they planned to turn into their apartment, he thinks that he can talk some sense into her. Alison starts off by demanding to know what he thinks he's doing. Rafe asks her the same thing. He tries to convince her that her mother is a vampire, but Alison stops him; she already knows that. From the second she got to Stephen's place and saw her mother, it was obvious to her. Rafe is confused as to why she didn't leave. Alison informs him that she has a plan. Even though she knows that Rafe was right about her mother and Stephen being vampires, they still don't have any proof that she and Rafe aren't brother and sister. Rafe insists that he's right. Alison hopes that he is, and she has a plan to find out. After figuring out that her mother's strange behavior all adds up to being a vampire, she started thinking about Rafe's allegation that Stephen set this whole thing up to ruin their wedding. That's when she realized that she would have to move in with them. Rafe puts his foot down, forbidding her to do anything of the kind, but Alison won't be dissuaded. She insists that the only way to find out whether Caleb really did set them up is for her to "infiltrate their camp." She claims that they can't do a DNA test because her father's body was never found. Rafe doesn't back down, but neither does Alison, who insists that it's the only way they can ever be together. She asks him to trust her, just as he wants her to trust him. She wants to get in there, find out what they're doing, and let Rafe know everything she learns. Rafe is worried that she'll get killed.

After being comforted by Lucy, Ian has calmed down, and his fangs are gone. When Kevin knocks on the door, he decides to get out of there. Lucy tells him to try to get some of Caleb's water, and she'll do the same. She warns him to be careful, but he has to drink that stuff as soon as possible. Kevin continues to pound on the door and call out his wife's name. As soon as Ian is gone, Lucy opens the door to let her husband inside. She claims she came to the hospital to look for him and then fell asleep. Seeing the look on his face, she asks what's wrong. Kevin tells her that Livvie may be dead. Hearing how uncertain that sounded, Lucy asks what he means by that. When she accuses him of jumping to conclusions, Kevin sarcastically tells her that she could be right; having the police show up with Livvie's wallet and tell him that they found it in the river by the docks could cause him to jump to a conclusion. He mentions Jack and "that creature he lives with," and Lucy wonders at first what he's talking about. She realizes that he must be referring to Tess. "Don't flatter that freak by giving it a name," he warns her. He asserts that she and Jack know something about Livvie, but that they wouldn't tell him. Lucy asks whether this means that he finally met Tess. "Yeah, I met her. Never will again, thank God," he replies as he turns his back to her. A distant look comes to his eyes as a worried Lucy demands to know what he did to Tess. "I got rid of her," Kevin states coldly.

Ian breaks into Caleb's home and starts looking for a blue bottle of water. His search is interrupted by Elizabeth's voice. Holding up her blue bottle, she asks whether this is what he's looking for.

Jack searches for Tess around the docks. Trying not to panic, he tells himself that she probably went back to the house. He's ready to go back home when he finds her bracelet at the bottom of the stairs. Picking it up, he sees that the clasp is broken. Now he knows for certain that she was at the docks.

Caleb watches over the sleeping Tess. When Tess wakes up, she's stunned to find that she's all made up for a wedding. Caleb has dressed her and applied her makeup to make her look like his Olivia. She asks where she is, and Caleb expects her to recognize the place. She reminds him that she isn't Livvie; she's Tess. "For now. But I know Olivia's inside you, and she needs to know she's finally home." Caleb reaches out to touch her face, but she pulls away. He tells her not to be afraid, because this is what they both want. Tess informs him that he's wrong, because she wants to go home. "You are home," Caleb replies. Tess seems to be somewhat creeped out by the fact that he put Livvie's wedding gown on her. Caleb remembers the first moment that he saw Olivia wearing the wedding gown. "You took my breath away." He's talking to Tess as if she's Olivia, and she wants him to stop. He can put her in this dress and take her away, but that doesn't mean that she's Livvie. She will never be her. Caleb can see that she's nervous; he knows that she can feel Olivia inside her, struggling to get out, and that frightens her. He tells her to stop fighting it, especially here. This place is powerful, because it's where he and Olivia became one and were joined for eternity as husband and wife. While Tess may not want to be here, Olivia does. She wants to come back to Caleb, and Tess shouldn't need him to tell her that, because Olivia will be more persuasive. He wants to leave her alone with the memories. Then she'll see how easy it is to keep Olivia buried. He starts walking away, vanishing before her eyes.

Alison is adamant that her plan will work. Her mother won't hurt her, and Caleb will go on thinking that she's still Stephen Clay's biggest fan. It's not open for discussion. She's willing to risk whatever it takes so that they can be together. After all, he risked his soul. If they can't be together, what he did was pointless. She's going to do this, and that's final. It would make her feel much better if he were in on it with her. Rafe really hates this. Alison understands how he feels, but this is the only way. Rafe reluctantly goes along with her plan, but insists that he has to be able to keep track of her the whole time she's there. Alison doesn't have a problem with that. Rafe also asks her to wait until they have a plan in place to keep her safe. He doesn't want her to go back there tonight. Alison agrees to that as well, but then she says that she needs to get back there before her mother gets worried and starts looking for her. Rafe wants to take her there, but Alison assures him that she'll be fine. She reminds him that they're doing this so that they can be together. Nothing matters more than that. Rafe tells her that he'll always be watching over her. If she ever needs him, all she has to do is call out his name, and he'll be there in a heartbeat. He wants to kiss her goodbye, but Alison won't let him. They promise to talk tomorrow. Alison leaves, lingering outside the closed door. Inside, Rafe is also lingering at the door, already missing her.

As Tess walks around the room, memories come back to her. Caleb is on the floor, surrounded by pillows. Several candles burn nearby. He knows that she now remembers that this is where they were first together. Before the night is through, it's where they'll be together again. He beckons her to come to him. Tess sits down with him. Caleb caresses her face, and they kiss tenderly. He's incredibly happy to have her back. Tess tells him that he didn't have to go to all this trouble just to bring her to the house. "You're an amazing man, so gentle and loving," she says. "You don't have to do anything to get the woman you want. All you need to to be yourself--be just who you are." She places her hand on his chest, telling him that she can feel the goodness inside him. Alarmed, he asks what she's doing. He pushes her hand away, but she immediately puts her other hand in the same spot. Caleb stops her again, pushes her back, and makes her disappear.

Lucy and Kevin go to the docks. Lucy is really worried, and she asks him to try to explain what happened. Kevin doesn't think it matters, since Tess isn't even real. He's not sure what she is. Disgusted, Lucy tells him that she's a very real person with feelings and emotions. She also happens to be very much connected to Livvie, which means that she's also connected to Kevin. She asks him again what happened. Remembering how Tess ended up in the water, Kevin is filled with remorse. "I think I may have killed her," he confesses. "I think I killed Tess." Jack comes around the corner; he heard every word. He attacks Kevin, grabbing him by the neck and holding him against the wall. Lucy tries to stop him, but it's no use. Jack knew Kevin was guilty; Tess was so good and pure, but Kevin didn't see that. Jack was afraid that Caleb would hurt her, but Kevin turned out to be her murderer. Kevin struggles for air, but Jack is relentless. Suddenly, Lucy sees Tess and calls out her name. Jack releases his hold on Kevin and turns around. No longer wearing the wedding garb, Tess is again dressed in her street clothes.

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