PC Update Monday 1/6/03

Port Charles Update Monday 1/6/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy examines Ian's fangs, proving to herself that he really is a vampire. She refuses to honor his request to leave, because she doesn't believe that he can hurt her. Since she's a slayer, he can't bite her. Ian is afraid that he might do something even worse, but Lucy stands firm. She tells him that he's a strong man; he can fight this. Ian wants to know he's supposed to do that. Lucy replies that they have to destroy Caleb. They did it before, and that's when everything went back to normal. Ian ashamedly informs her that it wasn't Caleb who did this to him. Surprised, Lucy realizes what he's trying to say. Neither of them wants to destroy Alison's mother. Lucy vows to think of something. Ian doesn't think she'll come up with anything, but he knows that he can do something about this. He won't allow himself to hurt anyone. He asks her to promise to take care of Danny for him. Lucy refuses to make such a promise, because she refuses to let him give up.

Alison goes to Stephen's place to look for her mother. Elizabeth explains that she wanted to talk to her after the wedding was called off, but Stephen thought she should give her some time alone with Rafe, to try to work things out. Alison says that she needs answers. She asks whether Caleb turned her mother into a vampire. Elizabeth laughs at the idea, asking where Rafe gets these ideas. Besides, she thought that Alison agreed that Stephen isn't Caleb. Alison says that there's just so much going on. They sit down to talk, and Alison shows her mother the photo of Katrina. She explains that Katrina is the woman who bore Malcolm's other child, then says that she's also Rafe's mother. She concludes that Rafe is her brother. Elizabeth is shocked; this has to be a mistake. Alison doesn't think so. She pulls out the photo of Katrina with Malcolm. Elizabeth asks how Rafe explains this, and Alison says that he just blames it on Caleb. Elizabeth stops her and asks whether he's blaming it on Stephen. Alison confirms that he is. In fact, that's when he told her that her mother was a vampire. She mentions that he also told her that the drinking water masks the symptoms of vampirism. Elizabeth calls this the most ludicrous thing she's ever heard. It's just some expensive, vitamin-enriched drinking water. Besides, Stephen couldn't have had anything to do with this. He's just a warm-hearted, loving, caring man. Alison wants to believe that. Elizabeth says that she wouldn't have married him if he weren't. She stops herself, sorry that she blurted that out. Alison says that she already knew about the wedding. Elizabeth admits that she didn't expect to marry him so soon, but she loves him with all her heart. However, that's not important right now. She thinks that maybe it was a blessing in disguise, because at least Alison found out before the wedding and not afterward. She doesn't want her daughter to go through this alone. She wants her to move in with her and Stephen. Alison protests that it's not a good idea, but Elizabeth insists. Stephen was planning to clean out the solarium to make an office, but now it can be Alison's room instead. Alison thinks about it, deciding that she can stay until she figures some things out. Elizabeth is thrilled.

Ian fights the hunger and the pain that comes with it. Lucy wants to get him some blood, which is how Jack managed when this happened to him. Ian doesn't care what Jack did; he's not going to drink blood. Lucy calls him the most stubborn man alive, but says that he's met his match in her, because she's every bit as stubborn as he is. She won't let him kill himself. Ian informs her it's not her decision to make. "I'm not drinking blood like some crazed animal," he vows. Lucy tries to think of something else. Remembering what Rafe told her, she mentions the water that Caleb drinks. The pain suddenly sends Ian to his knees. Lucy helps him to the couch. When she finds that he's still burning up, she runs to get a cool, damp cloth for his forehead. She's going to get him through this somehow. If she has to spend her entire life chasing after Caleb to get Ian's life back, that's what she'll do. She won't lose Ian. Lucy cradles her friend's head, trying her best to comfort him. As Ian remembers his dream about her, his fangs return. Afraid for her, Ian tries to break loose, but Lucy pulls him back to her. She promises not to leave him or give up on him, and she doesn't want him to give up either. They're going to fight this together. Ian allows her to comfort him.

Kevin argues with Tess, fully believing that she killed Livvie. When she touches him to try to explain, he violently pushes her away. This causes her to fall into the water. Horrified, Kevin calls out her name repeatedly, but she never surfaces. He starts to take off his coat and jump in after her, but then he stops himself, thinking that this is how it should be. As he turns to leave, he runs into Jack, who is looking for Tess. Kevin claims to have no idea where she is. Jack thought that she might have come to the docks. Kevin sees this as revisiting the scene of the crime, just as Jack is doing. Jack informs him that if he's referring to Livvie, there was no crime. He doesn't want to get into this right now; he just wants to find Tess. Kevin again accuses him of hiding something, adding that he will find out what it is. As for Tess, he doesn't know--or care--where she is. With that, he walks away.

Stephen/Caleb steps over the fallen Rafe, saying that he should have learned the first time. "You can't beat me. Give my regards to all my friends upstairs, will you?" he asks rhetorically. To his surprise, Rafe's hand reaches out and grabs his leg. The vampire slayer jumps up; he thought it might be this way. It all has to do with the balance of good and evil. He figured that since he can't kill Caleb, then Caleb probably can't kill him either. He was right; they can never kill each other. "Congratulations. Bold move, slayer," Caleb applauds his nemesis. He reminds Rafe of the little glimpse of the future that he showed him before--the scene in which Caleb cozies up to Alison and then kills her. There's no reason it can't come true. It's all up to Rafe, but if he doesn't back off, Alison will definitely be in trouble. Rafe points out that it goes both ways; he can always destroy Caleb's precious Olivia. Caleb points out that it would be against the rules. "I'm through with rules when it comes to you," Rafe asserts. Caleb still doesn't think he would actually do it; he's too human and too decent. He wants Rafe to stop the war. Otherwise, Caleb will finish it. He vanishes, leaving Rafe alone to think about what he said.

Caleb pulls Tess out of the water. He apologizes for not getting to her sooner, but the slayer held him up. Promising to make it up to her, he carries her to the home that he prepared for himself and his Olivia. Laying her on the couch, he tells her that he's the only one she can trust.

Jack returns to the docks, convinced that Tess has to be there, because he's looked everywhere else. He calls out to her, but there's no reply.

Elizabeth brings her daughter some soup, but Alison doesn't want any. She wants to go home, get some rest, and come back tomorrow. Elizabeth won't hear of it. She wants her to live there, starting now. Tomorrow, they can go together and pick up Alison's things. She doesn't want her to be alone tonight. When she goes to find a pair of pajamas for her daughter, Rafe bursts in. He wants Alison to go home with him, where she belongs. Elizabeth comes running in to see what's going on, and he says that he's taking Alison home. Elizabeth informs him that this is her home now. Rafe won't be stopped. He picks Alison up and carries her out the door.

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