PC Update Friday 1/3/03

Port Charles Update Friday 1/3/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ian opens his eyes and focuses on a woman's lips in front of his own face. Believing that Elizabeth is after him again, he tells her to stay away from him. He soon realizes that the woman isn't Elizabeth; it's Lucy, and she has every intention of seducing him. She tells him that she's all his. Ian says that he needs her, and she tells him to take her now. Ian pulls her to him, and they kiss. Realizing that this is wrong, he pulls away. He protests that she doesn't know what he's become, but Lucy says that she knows everything about him and still wants him. She wants to feel his skin against hers. She wants to feel his fangs on her skin, and she wants to feed him. She loves him and wants him forever. She craves him. She begs him to give her his gift, right now. Giving in, he reveals his fangs and prepares to bite her. Ian awakens from his nightmare with a jolt. He's disconcerted to see that Lucy really is standing there, looking at him with concern. He tells her that he was having a nightmare. Ian jumps up and backs away from her. He's sweating profusely. Lucy is concerned about him, but he insists that he's fine. He's just doing some work and wants her to go home. Lucy doesn't think he looks as if he's in any condition to do any work. Ian tells her that he just has a fever or maybe the flu, but it's nothing she needs to worry about. She doesn't believe that; he's burning up. She wants to know where he went after she told him about Elizabeth and Caleb's unholy nuptials. Ian replies that he went home to check on Danny, then came to the hospital. Lucy thinks he's leaving something out. She thinks he went to see Caleb. Ian doesn't want to hear any more questions. He wants her to leave now. Suddenly, a sharp pain knocks him onto the table, where he writhes in agony.

Stephen doesn't care for Rafe's way of getting his attention. Instead of attacking his band, he could have just picked up the phone. Rafe wants to know what happened to the new Stephen--the guy who wanted to be a rock star and just live and let live. Stephen, whose eyes are glowing red, says that he has the best of both worlds. Rafe, on the other hand, seems to be having trouble adjusting. Rafe blames that on his nemesis. Everything, including turning and marrying Elizabeth, is just part of his master plan to mess with Rafe and Alison. Stephen chuckles. "Was it just pre-wedding jitters, or did Alison finally figure out she could do so much better?" he asks, smiling. Rafe tells him to stop, because he knows exactly what it was. He doesn't know how Stephen did it, and right now he doesn't really care, but he knows that he planted those lies to make Alison think that she's his sister. "Your sister? Is that why the wedding didn't happen? I'm sorry; that's just the worst break I ever heard about. What can I say? Sorry," Stephen says innocently, trying very hard not to laugh. When Rafe accuses him of setting it all up, Stephen points out that there are parts of the world where that kind of thing doesn't matter too much. Maybe they could move there, although having children might be a little awkward. Angry, Rafe makes his move. Stephen vanishes and reappears a few feet away, but Rafe did manage to hit him in the mouth. Blood trickles from the right side of Stephen's mouth. Rafe issues a challenge. "Come on, vampire. Show me what you got."

Stephen wipes the blood from his mouth and licks it off his fingers. He is impressed; Rafe always was pretty quick. However, he refuses to take the blame for the slayer's latest problem with Alison. Rafe insists that it has him written all over it. Stephen asks him to explain how we could have managed to orchestrate such a feat. What evidence did he plant to convince Alison to kick her "big brother" to the curb? Rafe doesn't know, but he'll find out. Stephen asks what will happen if he's wrong. It could be yet another attempt to blame him for the disaster that Rafe calls his life. "What are you going to do? You can't kill me. As a matter of fact, what the hell are we even doing here right now?" he asks, somewhat bewildered. Rafe thinks that's a good question. He wants to know what the vampire is really doing back on earth. It's not just for the fame. Rafe thinks he knows the answer; Stephen still wants Livvie. Stephen informs him that he's wrong, but Rafe knows he's right. That's how he was able to verify what he already knew about Stephen. He saw the vampire watching her making out with Ricky. That had to hurt. Stephen warns him that he's crossing the line. "What's the matter, vampire? Didn't all your little buddies in hell warn you about her?" Rafe taunts him. While Rafe's back is turned, Stephen makes his move, running toward him, but the slayer vanishes.

When Tess insists that she didn't kill Livvie, Kevin demands that she tell him where his daughter is. He knows that Tess and Jack were lying to him before, and he wants to know exactly what they did to Livvie. They knew that she couldn't swim, so he assumes that's why they brought her to the docks. Tess explains that she actually followed Livvie. When Livvie fell into the water, she tried to help. Kevin doesn't believe that at all; Livvie told him all about what a "thing" Tess is, and she was right. Tess insists that she's real and that she loves Livvie, but Kevin is angry that she's still walking around, whereas he can't say the same about his daughter. Tess tells him that Livvie isn't gone at all. She's not dead; Tess is protecting her from everything. If she didn't do that, Livvie would die. Kevin grabs her arm and demands to know exactly where Livvie is. Tess says that Livvie is inside her. This is too much for Kevin, who asks what kind of freak Tess is. She puts her hand on his chest. Kevin seems to be completely amazed by the experience. He can't move. He wants to know what Tess is doing. Looking at him with purity and love, Tess says that he's very angry. Kevin feels something else, and Tess informs him that it's the beating of his heart. When she and Livvie found each other, Livvie was fearful like her father, and filled with terrible pain, but there's goodness inside. The light in her heart is still pure and untouched by evil. There's also goodness in Kevin's heart; Tess can feel it. She knows that he doesn't want to hurt her. She tells him to just feel, and he'll never forget the feeling. He doesn't have to be angry anymore. Kevin admits that he does feel it. Suddenly, he starts screaming at her to get her hand off him. "Don't ever touch me again, you freak!" he yells. Is that what she did to Livvie? Did she brainwash her? Hypnotize her? He wants to know how he got her into the water. "You did something to my daughter, you freak of nature!" He tells Tess that she's the one who should have died. In protest, Tess, grabs his arm, but he pushes her away in revulsion. Tess falls into the water. Horrified, Kevin yells out her name.

When the pain goes away, Ian stands up. He claims that he's better, but Lucy doesn't believe that. She still wants to know what happened. Ian says that he didn't see Caleb after the wedding. Does that make her happy? Lucy wants to know who he did see, if not Caleb. Still burning up, he tugs at his shirt. He resists answering the question, but she's quite persistent. She won't leave him, no matter what. Ian just wants her to go now, while she can. He pushes her toward the door. He can't just take her in his arms and make everything be all right. If she wants him, he can do that. He kisses her roughly. Lucy breaks free and asks whether he understands what he's doing. She has to leave now, before he hurts her. Lucy insists that he wouldn't hurt her, but Ian isn't so certain. She can't know that, because he doesn't even know what he'll do. If she's ever cared about him, she'll leave and not turn back. Lucy informs him that she knows what's wrong. She can feel the truth, and he should know that he can trust her. She wants him to show her, because she really does know. Feeling terribly ashamed, Ian shows her his new fangs.

Rafe's voice continues to taunt Stephen, who is quite annoyed by the entire situation. Stephen says that he'll have to do much better than that. Rafe talks about Livvie, and Stephen says there's nothing Rafe can tell him about her that he doesn't already know. Rafe decides to show him some of Livvie's greatest hits. Scenes of Livvie's life appear on the side of a building, like a movie. The first scene is of her makeout session with Ricky, while Stephen watches from the doorway. Stephen isn't impressed. Is this the best Rafe has? Rafe says that this is to remind him of every time his precious Olivia failed him. Stephen says that this is fascinating. If he had known how much Rafe likes dirty pictures, he would have downloaded a few of his own. Rafe then shows him his death on the hospital roof, and then the second time, when Livvie drove the stake through his heart. Visibly affected by the latest scene, Stephen has had enough. All this proves is how beautiful and passionate Olivia is, and that the only thing that stood between them was human frailty. No matter how hard Rafe studies, he will never understand their world. Rafe counters that Stephen will never be able to live in his world, because his frailty is to love someone who will betray him again and again. He descends the stairs, making his physical presence known. When Stephen asks whether the show is over, Rafe replies that he's just getting warmed up. Stephen tells him that he has a little picture of his own. He shows Rafe a scene in which he and Alison are quite cozy. Rafe calls it a cheap trick, whereas his own pictures actually happened. Stephen reminds him that his could easily happen. "Jealousy is another one of those pesky human conditions. And you're a real boy now, aren't you? This getting your attention?" Rafe admits that it is. "Well, then, how about this?" Rafe runs toward him, but he's not there. When Stephen reappears, he's behind Rafe. He grabs Rafe's head and twists it to the side sharply. Rafe falls to the ground. "You die tonight," Stephen proclaims.

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