PC Update Thursday 1/2/03

Port Charles Update Thursday 1/2/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Alison closes up her suitcase and promises to call Rafe when she gets settled. Rafe tried his best to reason with her, but she insists that the photos don't lie. If Caleb really did this, she doesn't know how. Rafe can't explain it either, but he's going to find out. He's convinced that Caleb is behind all this, and he's going to prove it. He knows that Alison isn't his sister. Alison says that she can't be his wife until he can prove that. She can't even see him anymore until then.

Jack packs Livvie's belongings into her suitcase. He's worried that Caleb will come after Tess since Livvie's gone, but he won't let him get to her. Finding him packing, Tess assumes that they're going somewhere. Jack admits that they might have to go, but then Tess notices that he's actually packing Livvie's clothes. He tells her that they have to make it looks as if Livvie has left town. Otherwise, people might blame Tess for her disappearance. He wants her to tell people that Livvie left town without telling anyone. Livvie doesn't like this idea, because it's not true; Livvie is with her. A knock at the door startles Jack, who tells Tess to hide the suitcase. He doesn't notice that one of her shirts is still on the couch. He asks Tess to stay cool and let him handle this. He opens the door to Kevin, who is looking for Livvie. Jack says that she's not staying there anymore. Kevin asks whether he has any idea where she is, but Jack just says that she's not there. Noticing Tess, Kevin assumes that she's his daughter and wonders why Jack was lying to him. Jack informs him that she's not Livvie. In her own sweet voice, Tess confirms this.

Cass and Reese are trying to rehearse, but they have a disagreement about how to read the music. Joshua is impatient with both of them, because they were supposed to have known the new song yesterday. They all hear a commotion outside the rehearsal hall, when one of the security guards yells, "Somebody stop that guy!" The guard comes flying through the door, having been decked by the next arrival: Rafe. Itching for a fight, the vampire slayer grabs Joshua and pushes him violently up against the wall. The bodyguard tries to intervene, but Joshua orders him to stay back. Rafe is on the rampage. He's tired of Joshua and Caleb messing with his life, and this is just the first installment in his payback plan. The band manager tells Cass to get this "trash" out of there. Rafe drops Joshua and turns around. Cass and the bodyguard bare their fangs. Rafe isn't impressed. He takes them both out. Seeing Reese, Rafe says that he has one more to go. She uses her wiles to try to change his mind, but Rafe isn't swayed. He asks whether she's really all girl, and she shows him her true nature. Baring her fangs, she hisses at him, and her eyes glow green. Rafe knocks her across the room. He asks Joshua whether this is the best that Caleb has to offer. He's not even breaking a sweat! Joshua says that Stephen won't be pleased, and that's fine with Rafe. "You can tell Mr. Clay that I'm just getting started, and when I'm done, the son of a bitch will have lost everything," he vows as he storms out.

Although lying through her teeth, Elizabeth insists that she's telling the truth; she did not feed on anyone. She was just upset because Stephen left her alone on her wedding night. Stephen isn't convinced. He speaks soft and seductively from behind while caressing her neck and shoulders. "Have I ever told you what a beautiful neck you have, sweetheart? The veins are so full, and your bones are so brittle. I'd hate to think you'd ever lie to me. You'd never lie to your husband, would you, sweetheart?" Elizabeth's eyes are wide with fear. Recovering, she tells Stephen that she married him because she thought that he cared about her, and that they could make each other happy. She asks whether he loves her, and he admits that he thought he did. Elizabeth can't believe it. Is this going to be a repeat of her marriage to Malcolm? If so, she would rather die. She asks him to imagine what it's like to know that he's found the love of his life, only to find that she's gone. He doesn't have to imagine, because he knows more about how it feels than she realizes. He's sorry that she feels so alone. He asks what he can do to make things better. Elizabeth explains that he's turned her into something that she didn't even know existed, and now she has this unending hunger and thirst that she doesn't understand. Stephen knows all about that, and he promises to be there for her and help her through every moment of her new life. She never has to be alone; no one should ever be unloved. At her urging, he admits that he loves her a little. He carries her to bed, where he promises to make her happy. "Are you ready? Can you handle what I give in our world, in our bed?" She says that she's ready. At his command, she sleeps. Tonight, he can't give her what she needs. Thinking back to a promise he made to his Olivia, he tells the sleeping Elizabeth that they both want what they can't have. If she will be patient with him, she will have a good life, and he'll have everything he wants. As he watches her sleep, he realizes that something is wrong. He vanishes from the room and reappears behind Rafe. "I thought that would get your attention, Caleb," the vampire slayer informs him.

Kevin studies Tess in amazement, not quite believing that she looks exactly like Livvie. "You look almost exactly like her," he assesses. He apologizes for his reaction, then asks whether she knows where Livvie could be. Knowing that Tess doesn't want to lie, Jack answers him before she feels forced into it. He hates to be the bearer of bad news, but Caleb's return really freaked Livvie out, and she left town. Kevin doesn't believe him. Jack excuses himself to answer the door again. This time it's a police officer returning Livvie's wallet, which someone found down by the docks and turned in. Hearing this, Kevin assumes the worst. Jack takes charge of the situation by pretending that Tess is Livvie. Seeing her, the officer has no reason to believe otherwise. Jack thanks the officer and sends him on his way, while Tess protests. Kevin reminds him that the wallet belongs to Livvie, and he's giving him one last chance to explain where she is. He doesn't believe Jack's lie for a minute. Livvie would never leave town without telling him--or without taking her wallet. Kevin sees her shirt and suitcase, convincing him more than ever that Jack is lying. Jack tells him to leave, but Kevin grabs Tess and demands to know where his daughter is. Jack pulls him away from Tess, who screams at him not to hurt Kevin. Jack doesn't want to hurt him; he just wants him to leave. On his way out, Kevin warns him that Livvie had better be all right. Upset, Tess wants to go after him and help him, but Jack won't allow that. Tess cries that it hurts so much to lie. She doesn't want to have anything to do with Jack at the moment. She runs from the room, wanting to be alone. Jack tries to calm down. He can't keep Tess prisoner forever, but he can't deny the question that he hasn't asked her. Could she possibly have done something to Livvie? He decides that it's not possible. Tess couldn't hurt anyone; she's a gift to the whole world, and he loves her.

Alone, Alison doesn't know what to do, so she tries to call her mother for comfort. Reaching her voicemail, she asks Elizabeth to call her as soon as possible, because her whole life is falling apart. Soon, she tearfully packs her wedding gown in a box, then removes her engagement ring.

Tess returns to the docks, where Kevin soon finds her. She tells him that she comes to see Livvie. Kevin knows that she knows something; he can see it on her face. He wants to know what happened. Tess explains that she and Livvie both fell into the water, but Livvie never came up. Hearing this, Kevin accuses her of killing his daughter.

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