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Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/31/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

On what should have been their wedding night, Alison and Rafe kiss softly after making love. Alison is blissfully happy until she sees the photo lying next to her on the floor--the photo that caused her world to shatter. Panicked, she asks Rafe what they're doing, because for a second, she almost forgot what happened. Rafe is glad, because he wants her to forget. This angers Alison, who asks how he could possibly want that. The doorbell interrupts their argument; it's Lucy, who is quite impatient. She wants to know what the heck is going on. Seeing their state of undress, she knows that she interrupted something, so she assumes that they're okay. Alison tells her that they're far from being okay. "Lucy, I may have just made love to my brother," she cries. Lucy is stunned. Rafe insists that it's not true. In fact, he thought that they had this figured out already. Alison tearfully reminds him that he asked her to trust him, and she does, but he also asked her to believe that this wasn't possible. She doesn't know how to do that when those two photos are staring her in the face. Rafe insists that they don't mean anything to him, but Alison says that if he's wrong, they just did the most horrible thing imaginable. Lucy stops them and demands to know exactly what's going on. Alison shows her the pictures and explains who the woman is. Lucy agrees that it's the same woman in both. Rafe again tells them that Caleb set it all up, but Alison can't be rational about this. She runs from the room in tears. In her bedroom, Alison breaks down again as she sees so many reminders of what should have been. She doesn't understand why this is happening, but she knows what she has to do.

Jack and Tess try to escape, but Stephen grabs Jack and throws him several feet. Tess begs Stephen not to hurt Jack, but he couldn't care less about him. Olivia is inside her, and she's the one he wants. Stephen grabs Tess and prepares to bite her, but Jack pulls him away from her and throws him across the docks. "Damn, Jack. You've been working out. I'm impressed. Maybe you still have a little of that vampire mojo left inside you," Stephen comments. Jack tells Tess to run, but she won't leave without him. "It's a little deja vu--you, me, fighting over her? I've kind of missed it. Haven't you?" Stephen asks. Jack points out that Tess isn't Livvie. Stephen replies that they're all different from who they used to be, and some of them are much improved. He tells Tess to watch while he and Jack battle it out. Jack lunges at him, but he vanishes. When he reappears, Jack tries again, with the same results. Tess tries to help Jack by telling him where Stephen is, but it's no use. Jack gets hold of the baseball bat again, striking out at Stephen, but the vampire grabs the bat, jabs Jack in the abdomen, and snaps the bat in two. Then he grabs Jack by the neck, and Tess runs to stop him. Stephen grabs her and tries to bite her. He can't. He pushes her away and tries to understand what just happened. Jack informs him that Tess is too pure and good, and someone evil like Stephen can't get near her. Stephen admits defeat in this one, but the war is far from over. Soon, he will have her. He disappears before their eyes. Jack makes sure that Tess is okay, then asks about Livvie. Tess informs him that she's gone, and that she doesn't want to talk about it. She doesn't want to talk about anything Jack asks about. She just wants to go home. Jack promises to keep her safe.

Ian pushes Elizabeth away, demanding to know what she did to him. Showing her fangs, she tells him to just let himself go and not fight her. He rubs his fingers on his neck, getting fresh blood on them. Elizabeth tastes the blood from his fingertips. She tries her best to seduce Ian, but he pushes her away again; he can't breathe. Elizabeth tries to talk him through this, but he doesn't want to believe it's happening; it's too sick. Elizabeth persists, but he doesn't want anything to do with her. He doesn't call what she did to him a gift, and he's not going to be like her. Elizabeth says that it's too late; he can't stop it. Ian stumbles out the door. Elizabeth yells at him not to leave her, but he's already gone. She slams the door, then takes her nager out on the furnishings in Stephen's home. Before she can break his paperweight, he reappears, shaking his head in warning.

Lucy believes her cousin, not just because of her faith in him, but because of some other things that he doesn't know about. She fills him in on the wedding that actually did take place at the church earlier. Rafe is angry about this; Caleb just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into their lives. Lucy reluctantly asks her cousin whether it's remotely possible that this is all true. Rafe doesn't like the question. Ed is his father. He's one of the bosses "up there," and they don't lie! Alison is not his sister! Lucy knows that, but she had to ask. She also knows how much Caleb hates Rafe, and that's what really scares her. If he's behind this, it's unspeakable. Rafe believes that it's consistent with the way Caleb's been acting ever since returning to town. Being a rock star is the perfect disguise. He pretends to want to live free in the world, but then he marries the woman who happens to be Alison's mother. "They're married?" Alison asks softly from across the room. She's holding a suitcase. Although Rafe insists that he's just messing with them, it's too much for her. Lucy steps in to voice her belief in Rafe, saying that Caleb is just trying to ruin their lives. She tells them to listen to their hearts. Alison can't possibly ignore her heart, because it's breaking. Lucy decides to leave, hoping they'll work this out once they're alone.

Seeing the suitcase, Rafe asks Alison whether she's going somewhere. She says that they can't stay there together. Grabbing her face, Rafe begs her not to go. Alison doesn't want to leave him, which Rafe sees as a good enough reason for her to stay. They're supposed to be together. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been sent back. Alison wants to believe that, but it's so hard. She's afraid of what her life would be like without him, but until they find out the truth, it has to be this way. Rafe assures her that he is an only child; Caleb is just determined to destroy his life, and he's winning. They can't let that happen. Alison doesn't know what to do, but she wants to know the truth right now. She goes through the suitcase, hoping to find something. She looks in the secret compartment from her father's box. Inside is a photo of her father with Rafe's mother. Horrified, she keeps asking, "What have we done?"

When Lucy returns home, she hears rustling noises. This makes her nervous. She goes inside, unaware that Ian is lurking in the brush.

Stephen takes the paperweight from Elizabeth, informing her that he's fond of it. She apologizes for what she did to the apartment, but points out that she was upset because he left her alone on their wedding night. Stephen agrees that it's frustrating to be unable to have someone. Elizabeth tries to seduce him, urging him to drink from her, but he finds Ian's blood on her. "Have you been a bad girl, Elizabeth? 'Fess up, my blushing bride. Have you been feeding on someone?" Elizabeth claims that she cut herself, adding that he should know that he's the only one she wants to taste. Since he brought it up, though, she's curious about what would happen if she ever did bite someone. "It wouldn't matter. I'd find them and kill them. Then I'd kill you," he promises.

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