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By Beth
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I hope that you all enjoyed today's shows as much as I did! Updates for both of today's episodes are here. I divided the premiere of Surrender into two parts for the benefit of those who won't see the second half until late night/early morning.

Naked Eyes Finale

Tess tries to reach Livvie, unaware that she turned off her cell phone after their last phone call. Apparently unfamiliar with voicemail, she hears Livvie's voice and tries to get her to talk. She's worried, and she wants Livvie to be careful.

Fully believing that Caleb wants her, Livvie waits for him on the docks. She's not happy when Joshua is the one who shows up instead. He informs her that Caleb isn't coming; it was all a ruse to get her alone. He looks around, pleased; it's secluded, there's no one else around, and Livvie can't swim. Livvie warns Joshua that Caleb won't like this. Joshua points out that his boss doesn't always know what's best, and this is one of those times. Livvie wants to know who died and left Joshua boss. "Hopefully, you," he replies, approaching menacingly. Afraid for her life, Livvie asks what she's done to deserve being killed. Joshua has quite a list. Livvie protests that she loves Caleb, but Joshua scoffs; she's Caleb's poison, and she'll destroy everything that he and Joshua have created. Joshua won't let that happen. She says that all she wants is for Caleb to be hers. Backed into a corner, she stumbles and falls, and when Joshua tries to use that to his advantage, she strikes out. Joshua falls, and Livvie runs up the stairs. As Joshua goes to look for her, he finds Tess coming down the stairs. Since she's dressed like Livvie, he assumes that she is Livvie and throws her into the water. Hearing Livvie call out to Tess, Joshua hides. Livvie tries to help Tess out of the water, but Joshua pushes her in as well. He's very pleased to have been able to get both of them.

Stephen approaches the altar, smells one of the wedding flowers, and thinks about his own wedding to his Olivia. Using his fingers, he puts out one of the candles. "You are dead to me now. I will get over you. I'll find a way. I'll find a way," he tries to convince himself.

Outside the sanctuary, Kevin runs into Ian, who doesn't want to get into an argument right now. Kevin isn't about to grant his request. The longer Ian drags out his high school crush on Lucy, the more pathetic he looks, and it's embarrassing to see him play the martyr when all he's really doing is trying to manipulate Lucy against her own husband. "You come after what's mine again, and you may be joining Eve a lot sooner than you think," he threatens Ian. After telling Kevin that he's twisted, Ian walks away.

Alison is being attended by her mother and her bridesmen. Jack and Jamal are in tuxes for their part in the wedding, and Elizabeth is wearing black. The guys wholeheartedly agree with Elizabeth's assessment that Alison is breathtaking. Just as the bridesmen head out to the sanctuary, Amanda comes in, also dressed in black. She couldn't be happier for her granddaughter, and she knows that Alison's father would have loved this. Alison is grateful to have both her mother and grandmother, who are making the day perfect for her. Elizabeth comments that Stephen should have been here by now, which prompts Amanda to chastise her for concerning herself with that on this special day. Alison takes the opportunity to show them the bracelet that Rafe gave her, which belonged to his mother.

Lucy adjusts Rafe's tie. She always knew he was handsome, but he's absolutely gorgeous in the tux. Rafe is pleased to hear that. Lucy tries to fix his hair, then uses some of her saliva to get the desired effect. She tells him that only blood relatives are allowed to do that. Rafe says that he thanks God every day that he and Lucy are family, because she's the best. Lucy thinks the same of Rafe. She says that today is about him making new magic by marrying Alison, because they are more destined to be together than anyone Lucy knows. She stops her cousin from talking about Caleb or even saying his name. Today is about Rafe and Alison, and Caleb is not going to steal that.

The guests are gathering in the sanctuary. Chris congratulates Kevin on being a free man, adding that he won't be referring any patients to Kevin anytime soon. In the pew behind Kevin, Frank tells Karen that their own wedding is the only one he really cares about. Karen replies that although weddings can be beautiful, there's an advantage to eloping and saving all that energy for the honeymoon. Jack and Jamal stand in the entryway as Ricky arrives with Reese, who is surprised to see people she actually knows. Marissa finds Jamal and proclaims him the best-looking bridesmaid she's ever seen. Jack calls her attention to himself, and while Marissa agrees that he's definitely very cute, Jamal wins hands down. After joking that the whole contest is rigged, Jack asks where Tess is, but Marissa says that she wasn't at the house when she went to pick her up. Concerned, Jack wants to go see whether she got another ride. Jamal warns him not to disappear, and Jack promises to be back. Marissa asks Jamal whether this whole thing is weird for him, since at one point he wanted to marry Alison. He admits that he thought about that, but then he thought about how fate, luck, and God put them all where they're supposed to be. Marissa likes that sentiment and wants to use it in a song, which is all right with Jamal.

After the incident with Kevin, Ian checks in with Rafe. His arrival incites Lucy to try to leave, but he tells her not to go on his account. He makes sure that the groom has the rings and vows. Since he does have them, Ian doesn't feel that he's needed at the moment. Rafe disagrees. He wants the doctor to tell him why his heart feels as if it's about to collide with his stomach and leave his body altogether--if his knees don't fail him first. Ian offers some words of wisdom about marriage, and about how rare it is when love falls into place. He looks to "Mrs. Collins" for confirmation, and she agrees that it is very rare indeed. Ian adds that he's not really romantic anymore, but he used to think that love is like a brand-new poem. "In your own head, it's perfect. The hard part's making it come alive in somebody else. But if you recognize your soul-mate, and you're lucky enough for her to recognize you, then you're truly blessed. Don't waste a moment of that, okay?" Encouraged, Rafe hugs Ian before heading out to the sanctuary. With tears streaming down her face, Lucy tells Ian that she heard what he said, and it was beautiful.

Alison makes sure that she has all the essentials. For something old, she has the locket, and her dress is something new. Her something borrowed is the hankie that "Nana" carried in her own wedding, and for something blue, Alison is wearing a blue garter. Amanda mentions how pleased she is with the roses that the florist chose; the lilies that Elizabeth wanted are just so commonplace. Elizabeth points out that they were to be calla lilies, and they're divine. Alison wants them to stop it, and Elizabeth says that she and Amanda can agree to get along today of all days. Alison is glad, because it would mean so much to her. She and Rafe promised each other that they would only focus on their wedding and each other for the entire day. Elizabeth agrees that it's how it should be. Stephen appears, to her relief. After he compliments the bride, Elizabeth takes him outside to complain about her lot in life. She's falling apart. Stephen thinks that she just needs some of the special water, but that's not it. She doesn't want to be a vampire. It's overwhelming her, and she almost bit her own daughter! Stephen confides that she couldn't do that; vampires can't bite blood relatives. He understands her fears, because he was afraid until he learned to live with this. Now he can show her how to do the same. He suggests that they go away together after the wedding, so that he can take care of her. She likes that idea.

As the wedding is about to begin, several members of the wedding party gather at the altar. Jack is still worried because Tess hasn't arrived yet. From his seat, Kevin stares at Stephen, then at Lucy. Stephen stares at Rafe and Lucy. Rafe asks Lucy to ignore him, and although it's hard for her, she does her best. Smirking, Stephen winks at her.

Amanda thanks Alison for asking her to give her away. She hopes that Alison will always be happy. Alison thanks her and Elizabeth, whom she calls "Mom" for the first time. Elizabeth is delighted that Alison now feels close enough to her to use the more affectionate term. She hands Alison her bouquet, and as the bride holds the flowers, she thinks back to when Rafe presented her with a perfect pink rose on the train--when he had only been able to buy a yellow one. She suddenly announces that she needs to get to Rafe.

Rafe is nervous about the delay, but Lucy reminds him that these things often happen. Elizabeth appears to the side and quietly calls out to Rafe. Alison insisted that she deliver a pink rose for the groom to wear in his tux. Happy, Rafe says to tell Alison that he loves her.

Alison descends the staircase, and Christina, her flower girl, waits at the bottom. They wave to each other, and Christina enters the sanctuary. Alison is overcome with emotion. She approaches the sanctuary doors. She stands between Elizabeth and Amanda, each of whom carries a pink rose tied with a pink ribbon.

Christina scatters pink rose petals as she walks down the aisle. She's adorable, and the guests love her. She goes to Lucy, who picks her up and congratulates her on doing a terrific job before sending her to sit with Kevin. The doors open again, and Alison is ready to walk down the aisle to marry the man she loves.


Part One
Tess climbs out of the water, telling Livvie to hold on. Livvie reaches up to her, and Tess reaches down to try to get her to safety. Instead of rescuing Livvie, Tess falls back into the water.

Realizing that something is wrong, Stephen leaves the sanctuary.

The sanctuary doors open, and everyone turns to admire the bride. She looks at her groom, incredibly happy and in love. Suddenly, Alison stops. Her locket is stuck on her dress. Following her mother's advice, she manages to pull it loose, but the locket opens and reveals a photo of Rafe's mother--a miniature copy of the picture of the woman who bore Alison's brother or sister. Alison stops again, in shock. Amanda tells her that it's just nerves; she'll be all right once she gets to the altar. Memories of Rafe and their love come flooding into Alison's mind. She begins walking down the aisle, taking Rafe's hand when she reaches the altar. "I love you. I'm so sorry," she says with tears in her eyes. She runs from the sanctuary. Stunned, Rafe runs after her.

As Livvie's life hangs on the line, Stephen reacts as if he's being punched. Tess swims down to Livvie, who is on the verge of drowning. Grabbing her look-alike, she puts her arms around her to pull her to the surface. She holds Livvie protectively, and they begin to spin.

Elizabeth wants to help, but Rafe just wants her to go away and let him handle this. When he sees Alison, she tells him that they can't get married. She shows him the picture in the locket, and he says that it's his mother. Alison informs him that it's also her father's mistress. She believes that this makes them brother and sister.

As Tess and Livvie spin, so does Stephen. Tess and Livvie spin around and around until eventually they are one. Elizabeth finds him shaking and in pain. He groans, tears running down his face. "Olivia!" Stephen yells.

Rafe thinks this is crazy, but Alison insists that he look at the pictures. She reminds him that there were also love letters. This doesn't make any sense to Rafe, but Alison tells him to just listen to her. Rafe still doesn't believe it. They've been through so much, and they would know if anything was wrong. This isn't proof that they're siblings. He tries to comfort her, but she won't let him. She can't bear the thought that they're brother and sister. Rafe doesn't care about the pictures.

Tess climbs out of the water. Scared, she huddles at the edge of the docks.

Hearing Stephen cry out, Elizabeth approaches him to see what's wrong. For that matter, what's wrong with everyone? She tells him that Alison called off the wedding, but he isn't interested. Elizabeth asks who Olivia is, and he says that she's someone he used to love. She asks whether he still loves Olivia. Stephen pulls her close and whispers in her ear, commanding her to focus on him. Under his spell, she listens while Stephen says that he and Olivia were supposed to be together for eternity. Stephen recalls the time that he, as Caleb, married Livvie--who later drove a stake through his heart. Olivia betrayed him, but he'll never let that happen again. In fact, Elizabeth is going to help him forget about her. She would even make love to him in the sanctuary if he asked. Elizabeth demonstrates her willingness to do exactly that, but the arrival of Lucy and Kevin interrupts the unholy display of affection. Lucy tells Stephen that the wedding has definitely been called off, but the vampire sees no reason to waste a perfectly good minister. He announces that he and Elizabeth will be getting married today. Appalled, Lucy tries to talk Elizabeth out of this, but it's no use. She then turns her attention to the minister, begging him not to marry them in the church. She informs him that they are vampires. The minister, now under a spell, has no problem with this. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here before God and man," he begins. Lucy tries to stop them but Stephen reaches out and pushes her back with a wave of his hand. Kevin drags Lucy out, kicking and screaming.

Lucy tells Ian what happened. He's shocked, because he had thought that Caleb was gone for good. He comforts Lucy, but this act is witnessed by Kevin, who isn't pleased about it at all. When Ian accuses him of not trying to stop the marriage, Kevin replies that he doesn't care as long as Caleb doesn't marry Livvie. "And what, the rest of us can just go to hell?" Ian asks. "No, just you," Kevin replies. Ian walks away in disgust.

At Jack's house, Marissa tells Reese that the music is on too loud, but Reese turns up the volume. Jack comes in and immediately turns it down. Between him and Jamal, they've checked all over town, but neither of them found Tess or Livvie. Ricky reaches over and turns the volume up again, and Jamal tells him to knock it off. Hearing the music, Jack gets an idea. He takes Jamal out to the porch to tell him what he just remembered.

One lone figure huddles on the docks and hums Stephen Clay's song. She tells herself that she'll soon be okay. She'll be warm, loved, and in his arms. She won't die; she'll be okay.

Back at Alison's place, Rafe looks at the two photos and the love letters. Now changed out of her wedding gown, Alison tells him that they need to return all the gifts they received. She doesn't know what to do about a dress that she'll never wear. Rafe promises that she'll wear it when they finally do get married, but she tells him to stop. She can't do this right now. The phone starts ringing, but she doesn't want to talk to anyone. Rafe turns off the ringer. He just wants to comfort her, but she won't allow it. Rafe says that he figured it out; they were set up. The timing of all this was just too convenient. Besides, it doesn't add up, because Malcolm Barrington doesn't seem like someone who would save old love letters and wrap them up like a gift. He begs Alison to think about it. This doesn't sound like her father's style, but it does sound like Caleb's. "There's no Caleb! There's not!" Alison yells at him. She immediately apologizes, but points out that her mother is with a rock star, not a vampire. Rafe finally tells her that he saw the fangs. Alison still doesn't believe that Caleb is behind this. He would have done something much bigger than just set them up. Rafe doesn't agree with that; Caleb knows that all he has to do is set up some situation where he can't come near her, touch her, or make love to her, and that would cause more pain than anything he could possibly imagine. Alison thinks about this; if it's true, it means that her mother is in danger. She picks up the phone to call her, but Rafe tells her that it's too late; her mother is already a vampire.

Stephen carries Elizabeth to his place and into his bed for a wild, provocative scene. Afterward, Stephen turns his back to her, brooding. Suddenly, he hears Livvie's voice, and she appears to him in a vision, begging him to find her. Answering her call, he vanishes from the bed, leaving Elizabeth wondering why he left her on their wedding day. He reappears on the docks, where he tells the huddled figure that he heard her calling. He tried to stay way, but he couldn't. Pulling her close to him, he tells her that he's here now.

Part Two
Jack tells Jamal that Tess was humming that same Stephen Clay tune when he first met her. He doesn't know how she could have known it, because it wasn't popular at the time. Besides, she didn't have a radio or electricity. Jack is worried; Tess saved his life, and now he's going to save hers. Jamal tries to stop him, but Jack really has a bad feeling about the fact that Stephen looks exactly like Caleb. He has to find out whether there's a connection between this and the fact that Tess is missing.

Alison wants to know whether Rafe is really sure about her mother. He says that the clues were always there; her behavior was textbook. She has the fever and the hunger, and she's dominated by Caleb. Alison breaks down. She can't believe what a day this has been. "I find out my mother's a vampire. I almost marry my brother!" she cries. Rafe insists that they were set up to believe that, but Alison wants proof. Rafe is going to do everything he can to prove this to her. In the meantime, he really wants to get some sleep now and talk in the morning, because they're not thinking clearly right now. Alison wants to know where they're supposed to sleep. He doesn't care, as long as they're next to each other. Alison is angry that he expects her to ignore the evidence provided by the love letter and the photos. She doesn't believe that he really wants to sleep. It would be too hard to lie next to each other without touching. "Why don't we just do it?" she asks in anger. She begins to remove her clothes, stripping down to her black bra and undies. Rafe puts his tux coat around her shoulders and has her sit down. He never wanted to hurt her. Alison knows that, but she doesn't know what he wants from her, or what he wants her to do. Rafe tells her to look at him. He wants her to choose him, not Caleb. He wants her to look inside her heart and see the difference between what's real and what isn't. All he's asking her to do is trust in her heart--and in him. Alison admits that she's trusted Rafe more than she's ever trusted herself. but she's still scared and confused. Rafe is trying to understand. He wants to know how to make this better. He'll do anything. Alison shakes her head, because there's nothing he can do. He walks out the door sadly. Alison's heart is breaking. She calls softly to him in her despair, and he rushes to her. He can't ever leave her. They make love on the couch, on what should have been their wedding night.

Stephen says that he didn't want to punish Olivia anymore. There's no point when he's the one who ends up in pain. He married another woman to try to forget her, but then she appeared to him out of nowhere, asking for him and needing him. "We were so afraid," the young woman tells him. "You never have to be afraid again. You and I, Olivia, together. Nothing can hurt us," he promises. To his astonishment, the young woman informs him that she's Tess.

Lucy is worried because Rafe still isn't answering the phone. Kevin tells her that she worries too much, but she doesn't think he cares about anyone but Livvie. She thinks that Ian was right. Kevin was wondering how long it would take her to get to the bottom line. Lucy wants to know what's wrong with him, but Kevin insists that there's nothing wrong with him. Ian, on the other hand, needs a woman of his own.

Ian barges into Stephen's place and grabs Elizabeth's wrist. He says that he's looking for that lunatic husband of hers. He searches for Stephen, but Elizabeth informs him that he disappeared, and on their wedding day. She wants to know what it is about her that makes men do this. Ian tells her to try and break the cycle. She knows that he would never walk out on a woman like that. She should try to find someone like him. She moans about her aching head, and Ian goes to get her some water. Ian returns with the water, then announces that he's going to take her to the hospital. Elizabeth asks him to wait, because she's still feeling a bit weak. He insists on going now, because he has to find her new husband. Elizabeth speaks softly, and he doesn't hear. Ian moves closer, and she whispers in his ear, "I can smell the blood in your veins." Ian cries out as she sinks her fangs into his neck.

Stephen asks where Olivia is, and Tess replies that she's safe with her. Stephen looks her over, realizing that they're one again. He assures Tess that he wouldn't hurt Livvie, because he loves her. Tess tells him that it's not good for him to love her. Stephen points out that he made Tess; she's the goodness that he pulled from Olivia, and she can't stop him from getting her back. Tess really wants to keep her safe, but Stephen asks how she knows that Livvie doesn't want to be with him. She loves him, and Tess knows it. Tess says that Stephen hurt Livvie, but she can protect her. "No, you can't. Olivia, come to me," he orders. Before anything can happen, Jack hits him from behind with a baseball bat. Jack tries to get Tess out of there, but Stephen grabs Jack and throws him several feet, knocking him unconscious and breaking a light. Tess begs Stephen not to hurt him, but Stephen couldn't care less about Jack. "It's you I'm interested in," he says, baring his fangs.

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