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Port Charles Update Friday 12/27/02

By Beth
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Livvie tracks down Stephen, who feels harassed by her persistence. Livvie accuses him of watching her with Ricky, which he doesn't exactly deny. He tells her to find a hobby or get a pet; he just wants to be left alone. Livvie informs him that she and Tess remember where Tess came from. They remember that Caleb made Tess from Livvie. Stephen scoffs at the the accusation. "Yeah, that's exactly what I need in my life, Livvie--two of you." Livvie won't be dissuaded. She knows what happened; he loved her so much that he wanted two of her, so he made Tess. "Oh, you don't have much of an ego problem, do you?" Stephen asks. Livvie tells him she won't bother chasing him around anymore. Instead, she's going to wait for him, and when he can't fight the hunger, he'll know how to find her. With that, she kisses him, then leaves. Joshua, who had been listening, appears and tells Stephen that this has to stop, because Livvie makes him careless. She's dangerous, and Joshua wants to get rid of her. Stephen forbids him to do anything of the kind; he's the one who will handle Olivia. Joshua has no intentions of obeying the order.

Finishing breakfast, Jack tells Tess that he's going to hook up with Jamal before going to Alison's place. He adds that the wedding will probably be huge. Tess gives him a kiss to thank him for not being afraid to love her. Jack sweetly points out that she didn't give him much of a choice. He asks where Livvie is, but Tess doesn't know. As he leaves, he says that he'll see Tess at the church. Tess continues to worry about Livvie, who has been gone too long. She puts on her new sweater, which is the same one that Livvie is wearing. In her mind, she asks Livvie where she is. As if hearing her thoughts, Livvie tells her to hang on. She's startled to run into Joshua.

The sanctuary is decorated with an abundance of roses in several shades of pink. Lucy goes through the sanctuary, making sure that the flowers are all perfect. She's surprised to see Ian so early, but he informs her that he's standing up for Rafe. This is another surprise for Lucy, who is also standing up for her cousin. They decide that Rafe probably had too much on his mind to think to mention this to Lucy. She doesn't like the way things are going with Ian right now. She wants to apologize for slapping him at the hospital. Ian says that she was sticking up for her husband and that she made her point. Lucy wants to talk to him about some of the things Kevin has done, but Ian doesn't want to hear any of it. Lucy desperately tries to apologize, and if he won't even allow that, she's going to be very hurt. Ian tells her to stop. They can't be together anymore, period. She wants to be with Kevin, and if Ian had any respect for him, he could deal with it. The fact is that he doesn't respect the man, so he can't deal with it. He's told Lucy how he feels, but he can't tell her how to live her life, and he can't rescue someone who doesn't want to be saved. She should just be with Kevin, and be happy. Lucy can't believe that Ian is ready to give up on their friendship over this. Ian confirms that this is exactly what's happening. After Ian walks away, Kevin approaches his wife to ask what happened. Lucy tells him that Ian wouldn't accept her apology. Still uncomfortable with her husband, she decides to go check on Rafe. Kevin tells her that this may be for the best, but she doesn't believe it can ever be good to lose a friend.

In her pajamas, Alison pretends to walk down the aisle, then climbs on the couch to toss her imaginary bouquet. Rafe appears, urging her to toss the bouquet to him. Panicked and embarrassed, Alison climbs down from the couch and asks what he's doing. They're not supposed to see each other before the wedding! Rafe convinces her that it will be fine. Elizabeth comes in just as they kiss. As Alison runs to give her mother a hug, Rafe thinks about what Elizabeth has become. "Elizabeth, get off her!" he yells. Startled, they break it up, but neither of them has any idea why he's so upset. When Elizabeth asks what she did, Rafe orders her to get out. Rafe immediately regrets his reaction, saying that he just wants to be alone with Alison. Elizabeth offers to leave, but Alison says that Rafe should be going soon and that her mother should stay. There's knock at the door. "Hear ye, hear ye! The bridesmaids are here!" Jack and Jamal proclaim as they enter. Alison can't believe it's that late already. Jack wants to know why the bride and groom are in the same room before the wedding. Elizabeth herds them back out, on the pretext of needing their help with something outside. Now alone with Rafe, Alison asks him to tell her what's really going on. Rafe insists that it's nothing, blaming what happened earlier on nerves. Alison isn't convinced, but Rafe tells her to close her eyes and trust him. He gets out a small pouch and removes a bracelet that belonged to his mother. He wanted Alison to have something of hers today. A heart-shaped locket dangles from the bracelet. Alison loves it; it really means a lot to her. She asks Rafe to put it on her wrist. After placing it on her right wrist, Rafe leaves for the church.

Livvie tries to get away, but Joshua grabs her arm. He claims to have a message for her from Stephen. Livvie's phone rings, and she answers it. It's Tess, who is really worried. Livvie says that she's in the park and will have to call Tess back. She puts the phone away, forgetting to hang it up. Joshua tells Livvie that against his better judgment, Stephen does want her. He tells Livvie to meet Stephen at the docks. Livvie agrees to meet him. After Joshua leaves, Livvie hears Tess calling from the phone. Now knowing her mistake, Livvie takes the phone back out and tells Tess not to worry, because she knows exactly what she's doing. After hanging up, she turns off the phone.

By the time Elizabeth comes back inside, Alison has changed into some street clothes. Elizabeth tells her daughter that Jack and Jamal are putting Alison's things in the car. Alison apologizes for Rafe, but Elizabeth understands. Someday, they'll learn to deal with each other. She's just sorry that they haven't quite reached that point yet for Alison's special day. The guys come back just as Elizabeth gets ready to head to the church. She instructs them to get Alison to the church safe and sound. The guys take their jobs as bridesmen very seriously. They tease Alison about what they're expected to do for her. Alison says that usually, bridesmaids help the bride get ready, but they're going to be bypass that tradition. The guys won't hear of it. Jamal gets her makeup bag and removes a tube of lipstick before passing the bag to the other bridesman. Jack takes out an eyelash curler, which he offers to do her hair with. Alison has a hard time fending them off, and they chase her around the room, but it's obvious that she's enjoying this. They try to hold her down on the couch. She tells them to stop it, because they're going to get her dirty. Jack explains that they're just trying to be good bridesmen. When Alison says that she loves hanging out with them, Jack asks whether she'll still hang out when she's a married old lady. Alison promises that they can make her over anytime they want. Turning more serious, Jamal asks whether she's sure about getting married. Alison is absolutely positive. "Well, all righty," Jamal says happily. It's time to go to the church.

As the musicians prepare for the ceremony, Kevin points out that Ian still owes him an apology. Ian says that he's right. He apologizes for accusing Kevin of beating up the prostitute, the same way he had beaten her up before. Kevin thinks it feels good to say what they really feel, without holding anything back. He tells Ian to stop sniffing around his wife like some mangy, lovesick dog.

Rafe is frustrated because he doesn't know how to do his tie for his own wedding. Fortunately, Lucy comes along to help. Rafe informs her that they were right all along about Stephen being Caleb, and now he's even seen the fangs. Lucy is stunned. She asks why Rafe didn't slay him, but Rafe tells her about what happened when he tried. He also says that Caleb claims to want to love a normal life and not hurt anybody. Of course, that didn't stop him from turning Elizabeth into a vampire. Alison doesn't know yet, and she definitely won't find out on her wedding day. After that, Stephen plans to leave town. Lucy doesn't like the idea of just letting him loose on the world. She asks whether Rafe knows how he managed to come back. Rafe explains that he's responsible for that. The good news is that Rafe is starting to get more of his powers back, so they will get him before he knows what's happening. "Knock, knock. Still trying to think of ways to get rid of little old me?" Stephen asks from across the room. He's holding a glass of red wine. Rafe tells him to leave, but Stephen says that Elizabeth invited him to the wedding. Lucy tells him off, but Rafe tries to stop her. It's too late. As she tells him what she thinks, she grabs his arm, spilling red wine all over her hair and outfit. Stephen apologizes and asks for a truce. He tells her to send him the cleaning bill. Rafe refuses to let anything ruin his wedding day. Marrying Alison is all that matters.

In her wedding gown and veil, Alison looks in the mirror and assesses the situation. She looks absolutely beautiful. Jack, Jamal, and Elizabeth wholeheartedly approve. Alison is very happy, because this is the day that she finally marries the man she loves.

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